Written by Rich1_2008

3 Aug 2008

Back in the late 1980's when I was a student, along with tens of thousands of others of my age, I did a fair bit of traveling (as you do) during the Summer breaks. And while backpacking through Turkey, I met up with a couple of other guys Kev and Alan from the Midlands, and an Australian couple, Sal and Ian.


Sal was Blonde, lightly tanned, just under 5ft tall, and quite curvy and busty. Above all, for a guy in his mid 20’s, I have to say I found her very, very shaggable – though to be honest I never thought I'd get a chance. What with her boyfriend (not to mention Kev and Alan) always close by.

Looking back, I think we all had the hots for her and she must have known she was fancied something rotten, becoming quite a tease. On the rare occasions I found myself alone with her, we’d talk about travel, sex, and relationships, and it became clear Ian was the latest in a long line of male friends. At the end of which Sal would head off, seductively swinging her backside from side to side as she walked away. Kev and Alan showed interest too, but in none of us got remotely close, until one evening by the beach.

We'd pitched our tents and had a driftwood fire going on the sand. It had been another very hot day but with a sea breeze soon started to cool after the sun went down. We’d all been chatting while drinking cans of cheap beer which we’d kept as cool as possible by sinking it into the sand at the waters edge. Ian was looking worse for wear. He’d been drinking heavily since lunchtime and was pretty pissed. Sal on the other hand was glowing in the firelight and looked bloody gorgeous (DDG or Drop Dead Gorgeous ). Just before ten o’clock Ian stood up, excused himself said he’d have to go and lie down, and staggered off to relieve himself and then crashed out in his and Sal’s tent. That’s it, I thought - but no - Sal decided to stay out and drink one more beer with us.

We continued to talk by firelight, the light went off in Ian’s tent, and conversation went quiet. Three horny guys and one girl, all of us away from home, sitting out under the stars, gently buzzed with alcohol …...

Then, out of blue, it started , Sal looked at the three of us and said

"I’m so hot, which of you wants to have me first?"

I don't know which of us stood up quickest, but suddenly I was fumbling with the button and zipper on my jeans, in a desperate effort to get “Thing” out of my pants before anyone else. (“Thing” because he used to pop up most unexpected moments just like his namesake in the Adams Family)

Jeans and Boxers discarded in the sand, Thing stood to attention, eager for action, any action - I'd been in traveling for four weeks and had had no relief.

Sal quickly moved over to where I was standing. Kneeling down in front of me, looked up with a smile and said “You first then Rich”, and lowered her head. Taking hold of my shaft with one hand, she put the tip of my cock in her mouth and started to lick. None of the girls I’d gone out with before had ever done anything like this. So here I was, on a warm beach in Turkey, about to get my first ever blow job from a fantastic looking lass, whose boyfriend was sleeping only15 yards away, while two other guys looked on in silence. The inside of her mouth was so wet it was delicious. As she moved her head down to take more of me in, I felt I was being swallowed up by the wettest pussy I’d ever known. And then her tounge and hands really started to motor. Running the tip of her tounge lightly over the top of my helmet, then under and around the head, alternating pressure to find where I groaned most. While her free hand gently massaged by balls. I was simply in heaven. So as her head started to bob up and down I instinctively started to move my hips, first gently, then more firmly, pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. I knew I just had to cum and thought she’ll probably push me away, maybe give me a hand job if I was lucky. But no, she kept a firm grasp and kept sucking, licking,.and slurping. Breathing heavily as I pumped I thought I’d better give her the option “Sal, I’m going to cum,” (as if she didn’t know!) But, would she let me come in her mouth ? it was too much to hope for. Then her hand gripped tighter, I pumped faster. Yes she would. “Oh God” I felt that wonderful sensation building up from the Tip down to my Balls. I started to speed up, she sucked and licked harder, and then I was gushing.

And Sal just continued to suck and slurp and swallow, only finally letting me out her grip once I started to go limp.

Sitting back, Sal picked up her beer and drank a large mouthful. "That was fantastic" I said, feeling completely drained. “I so love Cock” was her memorable response (God, at that moment I was in love, or rather in lust with this sensuous woman). Then adding "So who's next ?" I sat down on the warm sand and watched in amazement as she greedily tackled first Alan and then Kev. And watching her suck and slurp her way through them both, boy did I feel horny, so much so that before she had finished Kev off, I was back fully erect again.

It all seemed only to give her more energy. Sal took another large gulp of beer (and had a belch) before saying “My turn now !”. She stood up and started to unbutton and unzip her jeans and in a rush I helped pull them down, and tugged down her rather wet knickers, exposing a blonde bush to the open air. Sal then rolled over onto all fours facing away from me. There was no foreplay - I came up behind her and she was ready. Clearly the cock sucking had really turned her on, and as I fumbled at the entrance to her hole (I briefly wondered how many times she’s done this and whether Ian knew what his girlfriend got up to when she had the chance).

Her hand reached up between her legs, grabbed me, and positioned me perfectly. She was so well self lubricated I just sunk in to the root . “Mmmm” she felt sooo good. There was a moan from Sal as I circled my hips, just to gently stretch her a bit, before I started to pump, holding on to her buttocks for balance as I did so. I’m only average sized but that didn’t seem to matter and after a couple of minutes and taking some deep breaths, I started to get into a rhythm, with Sal (by digging her toes into the sand) able to push back against me as I pushed forward into her.

Meanwhile Alan and Kev had decided to get more involved, no standing in silence this time. They approached from both sides and rolled her top up under her armpits, giving them full access to her bra, which loosening (Sal being in no position to object), gave them the opportunity to rub her boobs and soon suck on her nipples, an opportunity they eagerly took..

Then the vocals started “Shit! Harder, fuck me harder, harder, come on, Harder” my past girlfriends had moaned or I’d catch them biting their lip, but never anything like this, surely Ian would wake. I pushed her buttocks apart, allowing me to get that bit deeper inside, and for the first time ever looking down at her brown puckered rose, I soaked my thumb in a mix of my saliva and beer, and firmly ran it around her rim which elicited a moan, and my balls now wet from her juice, smacked against her. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” was the last thing I heard, as she contracted around my cock. “Shit” I responded, as I felt myself welling up again, there was no way I could stop, and seconds later I bucked and came, spurting deep inside her, as she groaned again, before falling backwards onto the sand.

I was quite dazed from the intensity of the experience, when Alan said it was his turn, re-positioning Sal on all fours, he picked up where I’d left off. "I just love sloppy seconds" he said. And I watched as he entered Sal. He was somewhat bolder than me, and soon had a well lubricated finger up her second hold, while he ground away where I’d just come. Then Kev followed, though Sal’s knees were probably getting sore by now, she kept the same position, giving me the chance to crawl over to her to at first rub, and then getting my head under her, suck and chew her nipples, as her boobs swung back and forth with the pounding.

I think Sal would have been happy to carry on all night, but after coming twice in such a short space of time, the three of us were exhausted, so after final quick grope of Sal, we all crawled back into our tents.

Within days we’d all headed off in our different directions. We exchanged addresses (this was of course long before email became common) and I sent a card to Australia when I got back to England but heard nothing further. Well, until that Christmas that is, when a card arrived postmarked Australia, from Sal and Ian, saying that after their wonderful holiday in Europe (no mention of nocturnal activities) they’d decided to get married. I just hope they are still together 21 years on.