Written by Harry_22

12 Sep 2011

I stepped into the living room and Dan, his back to me as he sat on the sofa, shut the top of the laptop down quickly and looked up flustered, “Mate,” he said, “What the... I thought you were at it!”

“I wish,” I replied, “she's passed out! And after all the promises of 'treats'” I joked putting the word in inverted commas with my fingers.

Dan had taken my offer of staying over after a quiet drink in the pub had turned into quite a session. Jill (the now passed out Jill!) and I left him on the laptop and I could only guess what he was up to slam it shut so quickly, hell we have all been there!

“So, what you been googling?” I asked, giggling, “let me see, I am a bit worked up!”

He laughed nervously, “Right mate!” he said, but I leant across him and lifted the screen. He say frozen as the screen lit up and revealed a site, paused – only a pinky blur on the screen. “Oh I know this site I added,” as I clicked on the screen and let it play on. I leant down on the sofa, a foot to the right of Dan and watched with him in silence as a compilation of come-shots played on. My cock was hard and I enjoyed rubbing it while we watched. All I could hear was our breathing and I wondered if my hand moving on my shaft gave any noise off, “Add some volume mate,” I said, “haha, there is no way we will wake Jill!”

He turned it up just as the clip ended. “Pick another one, Dan”

“Oka” he said then coughed to clear his throat, “Okay,” he carried on clearly, “Same again? Er you missed most of it?”

“Ah, yeah, cool” I answered, “I do love come-shots” I patted his shoulder and noticed that he did not look around as I walked off. “Beer?” I offered as I stood at the fridge and then added before he could answer, “oh no, I know...”

I returned with two shot glasses. “Grab these mate,” and I handed him the glasses, “I have been waiting to break the seal on this!”

“Come shots there,” I said and popped the lid off, “Sambucca shots here!”

I took mine back off him and watched him neck his and then followed suit. Silence fell again and after a couple more juicy come shots on screen I filled our glasses again.

Dutch courage kicked in so I let out a couple of gentle moans as the screen showed another come clip.

“You know, come-shots will nearly always get me worked up,” I said and to my surprise Dan answered,

“Yeah, I know what you mean!”

“Ooh nice” I commented as a girl took a load over her tits, “So hot! I love 'em”

“Tit shots are good,” Dan added and I guessed that his Sambucca was kicking in as well. I edged forwards a little and with the laptop on the coffee table as it was, I could see him ever so slightly rubbing on a lump on his inner thigh.

“Have you got a favourite?” I asked.

“What, favourite clip?”

“No,” I chuckled, “I meant favourtie sight you like to see, is it tits, pussy, what?”

“Oh right, yeah.” And he chuckled too, “I love coming on arse or mouth/face.”

“Haha,” I laughed, “Well I meant what do you like watching, but now I know how you like to come!”

“Oh shit, yeah, bu...” I interrupted with another pat on the shoulder, “It's okay,” I said, I am messing about.”

Silence fell again, except of course for our moaning porn stars! Dan shuffled in his seat. I reached for the bottle again.

“What about you?,” he enquired as I filled the glasses, “What is your fave?”

“Well,” I replied and then gulped down my glassful, “Well....”

I paused for a second while a big load fired across a girl's stomach. Dan turned and snapped me out of it.

“Shit fella!” he nearly shouted, “What are you wearing!!” and he laughed out loud. I had forgotten that I had stepped out of the bedroom having grabbed the only thing I could see in the dark, Jill pink dressing gown.

“Oh, yeah. Shit.” Was all I could think to say. But then the courage hit me again, “but it is you who is over dressed for this time of night!”

“True!” he answered.

“Tell you what, here, you have this,” and in one swift move I landed the gown on his lap, I will try something else on. “I need the loo, back in a bit...” I gave him my glass and added, “Fill these again, and find something racier to watch!”

I was not expecting to have gone this way, but I was even more horny now and knew exactly how brave I was feeling. Though of course that could easily have been stupid, not brave!

I slipped into the bedroom and a few minutes later emerged into the living room. The light had gone out and Dan was only illuminated slightly, from the laptop screen. I resumed my position behind the sofa. And leant forward to take the shot glass from Dan.

“Hmm thanks,” I moaned.

“Will you fucking sit down mate?” Dan said, “you make me nervous there”

I obliged and moved round the sofa. I watched Dan's head follow my movement and was cringing inside. I sat down deliberately close to him and suddenly felt disappointment. Surely I had not got him so drunk that he did not notice my outfit?

“You did not answer my question.”

I watched the screen in self aware horror, “Question?” I stumbled.

I had my eyes glued to the screen, but they flicked to Dan's lap as he continued. “You know,” he said and he pulled the gown slightly aside to reveal his semi hard cock, “What do you like seeing most in the some shot clips?”

I was transfixed by his cock now, it lay on his leg and I swear it looked a nice thick six inches.

“Well?” He prompted and I felt my heart jump and my breathing shift as he took it in his hand.

“I like the cocks” I mumbled.

“What?” he said, “Did you say cocks?” and he pulled up his length a little as he said it.


“And did you think that if you came out here like that, then you might get some!?” He moved away from me slight and put a hand on my thigh, “Stockings?,” he lifted his hand, “knickers?” and he moved his hand further still, “and bra!?”

“Yes” I said quietly.

“Well, well, well...” he said and I watched him squeezing his cock in his fist. “It sure feels like my cock could use the help tonight.” I was itching in my seat now as he rubbed his hand on my stocking top, “this porn has got ME worked up and I knew I could hear you wanking back there!” He moved his hand to my crotch, my cock was soft with nerves and it and my balls seemed to have merged into one.

I was worried I was losing it, and losing control as well... “Well can I?” I put on a husky voice, “Can I help it please?” I slid a hand across him and into the dressing gown letting my finger tips trail to his nipple. He breathed out a long slow breath and shifted his bum on the seat. I led my hand by the finger tips down his chest and over his stomach to the base of his shaft. I felt his hand slide out of the way and I replaced it with mine around his girth.

“Oh my,” I whispered, “that is nice and thick, hmmmmm”

I slid on to the fllor and knelt by his side, “Now you just watch your porn and let me take care of this.”

My thumb and forefinger just touched as I closed my fist around it and I slowly wanked it up to the top. I was wrong, it was more than six inches and I could not wait any longer. The only thing I like more than hard cock in my mouth is when I get to make a cock hard in my mouth. Or as was this case, make it harder!

Dan groaned as I slipped my mouth over the top. And so did I, I have never had one where my mouth feels so full so soon and I realised very quickly that it was hitting the back of my throat and I still had hand around the base!

Dan was moaning loudler now as I eased the hard fat helmet in and out of my mouth.

“So big,” I said as I broke it from my mouth briefly. My cock was hard by now, but it twitched as he placed his hands on my head and encouraged me to take him back in my mouth.

“Enough talk,” he said, “you need to use that mouth to wank my cock off!” And so I did, letting his shaft push a little further in my mouth as I fought back against my gag reflex.

“hmmm yeah,” he groaned again, “Swing up here will ya”

I moved to kneel on the sofa and saw him pulling on his nipples as I moved. I bent down, hungry to get his hard meat back in my mouth and to my delight I felt his hand on my bum, rubbing over my panty-clad cheeks. I balanced on one arm and worked his cock with my mouth only now. I allowed my own hand to slip down to let my cock out where I wanked it.

“Oh that is nice,” Dan said, “Wanking off while you suck me... ooh yeah”

The thought seemed to plant a seed in him... a seed that he needed to release. He moved a hand again and then I felt him grasp my hair, it kept my head still and I realised what it meant.

His hips started thrusting and quickly his pace changed to be fucking me rather than me sucking him. My body tried to push back off him as his cock pushed with urgency as deep as it could get. Twice I was nearly sick and then suddenly he stopped, he froze in my mouth and I wondered what was wrong. I felt it throb in my mouth, my eyes open expectantly, but unable to see anything in the low light. Then very gently, he pulled me up off his cock.

“On the floor,” he said, “you can make me come now, lick it, rub it and suck it”

I got into position between his legs and looked up at the tower of his hard cock, the tip glistening like a lighthouse. I lifted up and lowered my self down.

I put my hand on the base again, it felt even harder now and lapped under his helmet feeling it try to twitch away every time I hit the sweet spot. And lap at I did, getting off on the sound of his groans coinciding with my licks. I sucked his tip in once more and let my tongue get as sloppy as I could and rub it on him as I plunged on and off it.

And then he was moaning louder and I was amazed to feel it swell even more in my mouth, catching me off guard, I was nearly sick once more as a blast of hot semen hit my mouth. I swallowed to level myself off and then sucked hard and took more pulsing shots in my mouth.

I was sure he had finished, but his hard cock had not seemed to subside at all. I slipped off him, still keeping suction in my cheeks so I did not lose any I closed my mouth as I imagine a comedy 'boing' sound as my lips released his hard rod. I looked up and coughed, spat out my mouthful of spunk, spraying it over his cock and stomach. Looking up, I was met not only by his hard breathing gaze, but also Jill, her head resting atop his from behind the sofa, her hands draped forwards, her hands rubbing on Dan's chest.

“You naughty little slut,” she said coolly, “I think you had better clean that up!”