Written by Mr and Mrs Average

29 Nov 2010

The air was thick with the smell of sex. Dave carefully picked up my wife and carried her to a long coffee table. Beth took a deep intake of breath as she was lowered onto the cold wooden surface, but willingly opened her legs to allow Dave to see her tight little fanny.

Using two fingers he softly played with her clit and enticed the juices to flow even more. Her eyes rolled in ecstasy as he pushed past the moist lips. Two, three and then four fingers entered her haven. Bit by bit she was opened up ready to take his large cock, ‘Laura, let her taste you.’

To my surprise, Beth gladly dragged Laura onto her face. It was like my wife had done this before. The show was brilliant, I loved every minute of it, but I was confused. What had happened? I was supposed to be the experienced and adventurous one. I was supposed to be the teacher and her reluctant naive student.

Beth had turned into a sex kitten that lapped at Laura’s fanny like it was full of delicious cream. Ravenous she sucked and playfully pulled at the puffed up lips. To my amazement she surfaced for air and stared at Dave, ‘Are you going to fuck me or what?’

His solid cock was as hard as iron. Inch by inch he slid it inside my wife. I moved closer and saw her lips painfully stretch wide as he eased it in. At six inches Beth let out a little whimper, but Dave still gently pushed deeper and deeper. Eventually he stopped and Beth took advantage of the lull, but it was short lived. He began to thrust his cock in and out, slowly at first, but soon picked up speed. At the same time Laura forced her fanny onto my wife’s face. Again and again Dave rammed his cock into Beth, his balls swung wildly back and forth as he tried to get even deeper.

Beth’s whimper turned to a scream as she desperately gripped the table. Then things slowed down. Everyone seemed to relax. Dave pulled his cock out and a torrent of cum run from Beth’s fanny and spread across the table. Her body lay exhausted.

For a moment I awkwardly looked round the room, not knowing what to do. A small photograph on top of the mantelpiece caught my eye. It was a holiday snap. Dave and Laura posed alongside some ships in a harbour, maybe Spain. My heart stopped. It was impossible! Beth stood to the right of Laura, both wore a ‘fuck me or lose me’ top. Was I part of a set up, was this a bloody set up?

Beth saw that I had spotted the photo and immediately raced to my side, ‘I can explain.....just give me a chance.’

‘Am I just a play thing?’

‘No... ‘, Beth paused, ‘When I met you I turned away for all of this. I thought that if you found out you would have left me. Getting stranded near Laura’s house was an accident, like fate was telling me to do something, so I textedher, called in a faviour. You have continually begged me to act out your fantasy, well I did. Please forgive me!’

‘Forgive you’, Dave rubbed his eyes, ‘I could kiss you. Blood hell, it is the most fantastic thing anyone has ever seen. I just wished I had a chance to join in.

She placed her arms around me and held on, ‘I love you’, and then turned to face Laura, ‘I am sure we can sort something out.’ Beth wiped the remains of cum from her fanny and mopped up the mess on the table with some kitchen role.

I watched Laura walk over to an old wooden chest and take out a bag. Inside was an array of sex toys ranging from a medium size butt plug up to a massive 12” black dilo. She laid out a few other items that I had never seen before and a lot of lube. This was going to be interesting.

The double doors to the next room were already open and Dave and turned on the light. Inside was a sex sling that hung from the ceiling. Laura slipped her legs and arms through the straps and got herself comfortable, then lifted her legs high to reveal her nut coloured anus. Dave fingered some lube into her hole, ‘She loves this, maybe a little too much. Laura’s a minx, beware!’

Beth had already started to kiss Laura’s large firm breasts and gave me an encouraging smile as I penetrated into her tight hole. Naively I thought that my cock would have trouble forcing its way into her, but it slipped in like a hot knife through butter. My balls soon reached her pert arse and I begun to fuck away. Wow, anal sex was much better than I imagined. Working alongside my wife was a real turn on, like we were made for it.

‘Look what I have got for you, my little bundle of joy’, Dave waved a thick pink dildo at Laura.

‘Yes please’, Laura lay back in anticipation.’

Dave handed me the dildo and drizzled some lube over the tip, ‘Once she has had this in her arse, then she’s game for anything.’

Anything covered a lot of sins and I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

To be continued. Hope you enjoyed my imaginary story.