Written by BelindaF

19 Jul 2007

This was the ultimate, or so I thought

As I watched them almost hidden by the trees

He was adoring her sweet naked flesh

In the undergrowth on his knees

She was whimpering softly

His cock jerking fitfully as it flexed and grew

Their race was to come simultaneously

His prick, her cunt, and a passion they knew

She unfastened his jeans and unzipped him

They quietly fell to the floor

She lifted his feet and slipped off his shoes

Smiling, he made no sound

Then I could hear her heavy breathing

As she tugged at his underpants and socks

Clamping her mouth straight over his cock head

Her speed gave him quite a shock!

Laughing as she held his prick deep in her mouth

While her fingertips rasped up and down his thigh

Sucking like a mad thing, waiting to swallow his seed

His shaft sprang back then shot forward, I heard her sigh

His tongue shot out like a bolt of lightening

The taste of her womanhood driving him mad

He drunk thirstily from her wet fountain

As he watched the lustful expression she had

Quickly cupping his balls in a feverish motion

He reached out and pulled her on top

Spreading her legs and swinging one over his head

Driven wild by her cries not to stop

I made no attempt to hide my nakedness

My nipples were very stiff and so red

All I could do was stand there shaking

Their wild activities going round in my head

Suddenly the man was watching me

To stop was impossible, a feeling I knew so well

I was also involved in their erotic game

With all that passion, I too was under his spell

Feeling as if I was lost in a naughty dream

I felt such a hunger to touch his skin

To become part of what was going on

With this thought I gave myself willingly to him

He took my hand and I followed him

Trembling, naked and shaking with fear

I looked for the girl but she was no longer there

How could she just disappear?

Turning back to him, my cunt was aching

Soaking wet with a shag on my mind

As randy as hell they had really turned me on

But he too had gone, and was nowhere to find

I was smouldering, wanting his body

Breathing heavily I was full of desire

Biting my lip hard, I closed my eyes

Lust rippled through me, my cunt was on fire

I hear myself moan with the memory of their pleasure

I had really become part of what was going on

I could sense their desire and wild excitement

Writhing and moving, my eyes blurred but they had gone

I walked slowly back into to the house alone

Bewildered and still wanting a fuck

When the doorbell rang, it was the postman

I dragged HIM inside, and I don't think he could believe his luck!

Was it all just an incredible mind blowing dream?

With me getting carried away

It helped that the postman had a ten inch thick cock though

So it WAS quite a good part of the day!