Written by barty

6 Mar 2008

Last year my girlfriend (19 years old) and myself went on a trip to Africa. It was quite hot and as we wanted to explore this continent we left the hotel where we stayed in and fucked the first night.

8 miles into our journey to another village we were stopped by a UN soldier who said that we could not go any further as it was too dangerous. He suggested that we go to the army camp where they stationed to chill out a bit. After a while a truck with 3 other soldiers pulled up and they ordered us to come with them.

Thy were looking at Kate as if they had not had a fuck for ages (and bet they didn’t)

Kate wanted to go and wash her face while I stayed where we arrived.

So, how are you guys keeping here? Soon the conversation got around to sex and they boasted about how many local e to be fucked senseless to get an EU, Canadain or Australian passport because of being up the duff. “We fuck the bitches but make sure to remember either to put on the condoms or withdraw before the big bang. But as we have no more rubbers left, we fuck them and offload outside their cunts.”

A Canadian (Mark) said that one village girl was so tight around the bottom of his helmet when he was pummelling away at her cunt that he struggled to drive out. “I thought she’d not let me go, she was keeping me like a dice.” The whole conversation got me hot and I wanted to drill my girlfriend there and then.

A few more squaddies joined us. We cracked a few beers and continued our conversation. I said that I was here with my girlfriend and that she is gagging for some hot action, but as one of our bags with rubbers was stolen, I had to be extra careful. “We are in the same shit” added another German soldier.

Then it dawned on me that Kate was not back yet. Where is she? I asked.

When we entered the tent I could not believe it.

All I could see now was my girlfriend. She was sitting with her legs wide apart on Bartek who lied on the table. His legs were wide apart. Quite big legs I must say, similar to rugby lads’ legs. Between them was a huge sack. What the fuck I thought.

The others stood around and were obviously enjoying the show.

Kate wanted to be fucked badly. Her body language said yes, but she kept on saying “No, please you are so big,” can you fuck my cunt with a smaller dick guys?”

After she said that, I wanted her to be fucked badly. She deserved that! She was probably going to be impregnated I did not care.

The guy on the bed grabbed his cock; it was so thick he could not put his hand round it. It looked like a can of beer with a straw that ran along the shaft. At the top was the biggest helmet I had ever seen.

The first attempts missed. Bartek’s dick sprung around to the sides. The others laughed. “No please not with your cock!” Shut the fuck up.” Then, one of the soldiers came close to her face and pressed her face against his bulge. Then he unzipped his trousers, whipped out his dick (another monster) and placed it at the opening. Suck it good; if you do we will give you a good treat, let’s see how good of a cocksucker you can be.”

They all laughed. Then he ground his dick against her lips. In no time was he ramming it down her throat. He was gentle at first, but the soldiers around him made him angry and he started thrusting like some kind of machine. Kate was trying to catch some air. “Now lick my helmet and I will bust a nut into your tongue bitch.”

Mike withdrew and shot what must have been the strongest load I had seen. Even though he was quite away from her month the blast was so powerful that the entire load landed in her mouth. She swallowed all of it.

In the meantime one soldier edged closer to Bartek’s tool to get a better view of his cock and Kate’s’ pussy lips. “She is a tight fit guys. She is either a virgin or did not have a good rough fuck.” I said that the first option was true and asked to be gentle.

I had a major boner at this time and wished I could ram it into her sopping cunt. “Grab your cock and work around her pussy mate, just get a mental picture of the landscape Bartek” said Mike. He did as was told.

By now Kate was hot and scared to s his dick seemed so big! Bartek finally found the opening to her cunt and positioned his head at it. “Well done mate now ram it a bit in.” The resistance was too strong. He could not enter her. He was a quick learner though! He repeated what he did before and now managed not only to part the pussy lips and feel that entry, but also ram in the first 2 inches of his meat.

Fuck! she is a tight fit one of the soldiers said. Fuck it mate, just keep on ramming and stretch that cunt! That pussy was born to be fucked!

I watched (as everybody did) as his cock was starting its journey again. “When you get to the point where her pussy muscles give you the strongest squeeze, do not give up, press home mate.”

Kate’s pussy muscles were quite good at keeping him out, but she could not keep them working as long as Bartek could stay where he was. He pressed a bit more in vain.” Not now (Bartek was a virgin so needed some guidance) Just keep it pressed in until she yields to your rod mate. When that happens just keep on driving in!”

Soon this moment came, at which point Bartek did as he was told. In that split second when she relaxed a bit he drove in. He cried out, but felt neither pain nor discomfort. She gripped his shaft right under the head. “That’s it. Ram it in!”

He was so far deep inside now that she could not prevent him from thrusting towards his goal. He tensed his muscles and drove his dick a bit more inch by inch! “Slowly mate, she cannot get out now, just keep on working to the bottom.”

As she became more aroused now, his tool was covered in her pussy juice.

The soldiers were now desperate for a fuck and did not want to wait ages for him to offload. Come on mate! give her a good fuck!

After a while he eased his dick in more and soon was half way in. Then withdrew a bit and rammed it in. Kate loved it. Fuck this pussy she shouted. Bartek hit the bottom and let rip. He offloaded and pulled out. Everybody whooped and congratulated him.

In the meantime the other soldier placed his cock in her mouth. The other got underneath and landed where Bartek was in no time. He grabbed Kate and turned her over. She was on the table laying on her left side, his cock penetrating her cunt. He moved like a machine. His fucking was so strong that it threw her off balance and she used both hands to hold herself steady. “Now bitch I will give you a hard and steady fuck. “said one of the other soldiers.

He edged closer, grabbed her upper leg and pulled it to the front. The pussy was more exposed now. I thought he was going to get a better view of the fucking that was going on, but as he dipped his cock in her juices, I knew that she was going to be doubled.

He pressed his knob close to the opening, and waited for Jack to withdraw “Stop thrusting” he said and then he guided his cock towards the opening. Kate cried out, but she loved it. To keep her quiet the other soldier placed his cock in her mouth and drove it inch by inch till she started gagging. Groans followed and three loads of cum were deposited in her pussy.

Mike (seargant) went out and I heard him say “you tell the ones on guard to come if they want to relieve themselves. Soon I had a replay of the situation. But this time Kate had two cocks in her ass. The guys worked in a nice rhythm. When one was one the other was in, both of them were in towards the end.

Kate enjoyed it very much and wanted more cock. Mike said that “the platoon was on his way back from the village and that the guys have gallons to share. Your cunt will receive all the man-batter it needs. They all woke up very early today and did not have a chance to jerk off yet.”

Kate was visibly aroused by it all and desperate to receive all the hot, strong and sticky cum that was on its way.

Soon I added my seed. It was really wet inside. The fucking her pussy received made it a bit loose but still it was quite tight.

The others offloaded on her tits. Kate was as happy as a sand boy now and not all. Just needed more cock!

We all heard a truck approaching and male deep voices filled the air. They entered one by one. Fuck me! The jizz, pussy juices were in the air. It did not take the guys ages to start unzipping. We all fastened our eyes on his cock. It was massive. I mean mine had 7 inches in girth, but this one seemed to be thicker about 9”.

Kate was so hot that she said fuck me! She did not know what was to come about though and was glad that her pussy had a proper warm up before.

John fucked her upper wall with one, then three, and then four and then with her fist. She loved it. His cock was as thick as a man’s hand! Then he sat on the bench. Two soldiers raised her from the floor and came closer to the meat steak. He parted her pussy lips. We all watched. I thought that they would lower her slowly; instead they let her go. Kate screamed and whimpered. Soon Jason drove his cock in her mouth to silence her and keep her another hot rod to explore. In the meantime John swung his hips and stretched her to capacity. His piston sucked out more and more blasts deposited inside while his dick pushed away her lips on the way out and nearly took them in with it on the way home. Fuck! I was hard as steel (as everybody was). 5 seconds into the hottest action he started thrusting with abandon. His seed blasted up her cunt soon afterwards.

We all had another go. After we were spent they drove us to another village.

We had a repeat of this performance on the way back!