Written by chancer

10 Oct 2009

One afternoon while I was sat watching tv, my Son and his Girlfriend called, apparently they had , had a late night of it last night, after a while of me and my lad chatting we noticed that his girlfriend had fallen asleep on the settee, he asked if it was ok if he nipped out for a bit while she was asleep to see one of his mates I said that I didn't mind, she was alright, she seemed like she'd be asleep for a while anyway, so off he went.

Time went on and I noticed that with her moving in her sleep, her baggy top that she was wearing was being stretched and pulled down, revealing a nice cleavage, her tits were only small but they formed a good cleavage.

I heard her move again but I didn't look, I could just hear her breathing, she seamed to be settled because she hadn't moved for a while , when I looked she had her head buried right into the cushions so I couldn't see her face, but what I could see was a pair of beautifully formed, small rounded tits with small but erect nipples, the loose neck of her baggy jumper had stretched right down to reveal her full tits and I hadn't realised with her top being so baggy that she wasn't wearing a bra !

I just kept looking at her tits while they were on view, my cock was getting hard and I started to rub myself through my jeans and then put my hand down the front of my jeans to feel my hard cock. She moved slightly causing her tits to wobble a little but that just made me harder, so I took the chance, unzipped my jeans and wanked myself off while looking at her tits, I grabbed a tissue to shoot my cum into, it would of been nice to cum over her lovely tits !

I put my softening cock away and she moved again this time away from me, with her lovely pert arse sticking out.

It wasn't long before my son was back and they went on their way.