5 Dec 2015

I am having a day at a spa as a birthday present and have loads of treatments booked. My last one of the day is an all over body massage.

The time comes for my massage and I go into the treatment room. The room is very warm and the scent of the oils hangs in the air. The masseuse asks me to take off my robe and lay face down, I feel very nervous being completely naked in front of another lady.

She starts with my neck and shoulders and as she stands in front of me, I can’t help but notice the hot musty smell of her pussy. As I relax and breathe deeply the smell of her pussy starts to arouse me and I can feel my pussy going moist. The massage continues down to my bum, as she strokes me, I let out a little murmur and open my legs slightly. The masseuse slides her hands between my legs and brushes my pussy, which she can feel is wet. I groan as her hands move to my bum and a finger probes into my anus. Her finger slides expertly in and out, I feel the beginnings of an orgasm and my anus loosens more allowing her to slide 3 fingers into I. I cry out as I cum and I feel the juices running out of my pussy.

She tells me to roll over onto my back so that she can massage my front. As I do this she slips out of her tunic and is now also naked. She stands behind my head and leans forward to massage my breasts. I can see her pussy is wet and I want to taste it. As if reading my mind she climbs up on the table so we are in a 69 position. I greedily lick her pussy pushing my tongue deep inside her. She is doing likewise but with the added bonus of having her fingers in my soaking pussy probing ever deeper.

I hear the door open but am so aroused I don’t care. As I am licking her pussy a huge cock pushes its way into her and starts to fuck her. I shift my position so that I can lick the cock and balls of this unknown man as he moves back and forth licking off her juices as I go. I feel the cock start to twitch and I know he is about to cum, with a final thrust he cums deep inside her. As he pulls out cum drips into my mouth as I lick his cock.

The masseuse sits up so I can lick her some more and the combination of cum and pussy juice run into my mouth. I feel the head of

his huge cock pushing at my pussy lips. I groan with pleasure as my pussy is stretched and filled in every space. He starts to pump slowly at first and then with more urgency. I start to whimper as my orgasm builds wanting him to fuck me harder and harder. The masseuse leans forward and starts to rub my clit bringing me to an orgasm as I cry out loudly.

The cock withdraws from me and I hear the door close. The masseuse helps me into my robe and says she hopes I was pleased with the massage and that I would come again. She points me to the showers.

I step into a steaming shower and start to wash myself all over. All of a sudden I feel someone grab my breasts from behind and then feel a huge cock pressing on my back. A voice says I never got to fill you with my cum. I turn slowly and kneel down taking the cock in my mouth, I suck his cock and deep throat him. I fill him start to twitch and turn my attention to his balls taking them into my mouth one by one and sucking them as I wank his cock. Finally he can take no more and I put my mouth over his cock and let him shoot his cum down my throat as I swallow greedily.

He stands me up and starts to wash me all over. My nipples go hard as he washes my breasts and I can’t resist him as he starts sucking them. I feel myself getting wet and it’s not the shower doing it. I guide his hand to my pussy and he expertly slides a finger in, then 2, 3 and four. He finger fucks my cunt my juices are running down his hand. He turns me around and bends me over slightly so that my bum sticks out towards him. He reaches his hand round to rub my pussy. He uses his other hand to guide his cock into my bum , I cry out as his huge cock stretches my anus, but being so hornyit willingly starts to accept him. He fucks my bum and rubs my pussy, I can feel another orgasm building and I can feel his cock twitching. I tell him to fuck me even harder as I

want his cum in my bum. We both cum and collapse onto the shower floor in exhaustion. He stands me up and finishes washing me and I return the favour. We towel each other dry as he finishes he asks me to fill out a customer satisfaction survey.

A+ all round.