3 Jan 2019

well even though it says fiction the start of this story is fact so here goes i love being naked around the house in the garden flashing in the supermarket any were there are not kids so i seen on the internet about women flashing and answering the door naked to delivery guys so i said i wanna try it as we dont order take away i decided to do it to the postman so i started of small we have security cameras at the front and back of the house so i can see were the postman is on my road so i got naked and waited i seen he was next door so i stood in my front room window with the curtain slightly open as he has to past it to get to my door then it was time and bang he saw me he posted the letters and left i sat on the sofa with my heart racing and pussy soaking wet and from that moment i was hooked so everyday i did something different and this went on for about a month and i couldn't wait for him to come to my door and by the way he ran up to my house i could tell he enjoyed it as well so the Friday of the 5th week i decided to take it to the next stage when i seen him at the end of my drive i opened the door stark naked just as me bent over to post my letters as he was bent over he looked up at me so i grabbed his head pulled it to my pussy he smelled it and as he was about to taste it i pushed him away and closed the doors the rush was better than before so i did this for a few days until he got wise so like before he posted the letters and i was there naked i pulled his head to my pussy and as i went to push him away he grabbed my ass and pulled me close to his head and he started to eat my pussy i managed to push him away closed the door and was shocked at what just happened but really turned on so i sat there thinking can i do this to my hubby so i maid up my mind the next time i see the postman i am going to fuck him so the next morning like always i stood in my front room naked waiting then i seen him next door then he was walking up my driveway till he was at the door i opened it grabbed him and pulled him inside my house closing the door behind us i grabbed him and kissed him he pulled away then all of a sudden he kissed me and are hands were all over each other he was grabbing my tits and ass as i grabbed and pulled his cloths of until we were both stood there naked his cock was so big alot bigger than my hubbies and it was thick and hard i was looking at it thinking how am i going to take that in my pussy it is going to stretch me so wide and i was worried that my hubby would feel the different in my pussy but then he grabbed my head and pushed it down to his big hard cock i grabbed it in one hand and and put it in my mouth i could only take the tip and it felt like it was getting bigger so after fumbling around for a while he stood me up and bent me over the sofa and in my head i was like shit he is going to shove it in it is to big it is going to hurt but then he put the tip in and then slowly inch by inch till he was balls deep i could feel my pussy getting wetter and wider with every inch we both didn't do or say anything for a few seconds then he said are you OK i said yeah and then he started like an old stream train slowly at first then faster and faster and i was the train whistle screaming out loud and he was at full speed i could take it so i tried to move forward but he followed still banging my dripping wet pussy as we walked around the front room then just as i was about to tell him to stop he pulled out grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth and came like a volcano in my mouth i was gagging and trying pull his cock out and he wouldn't let me all i could do was swallow he finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and he sat on the sofa i was on the floor pussy dripping cum dripping out of my mouth make up a mess feeling used and abused i looked at him and he was there cock still hard and twitching with little drips of cum still coming out he searched for his cloths get dressed and left without saying a word i heard the door close as i sat on the floor then i heard the door again it was my hubby he saw everything from the window and he loved it as he walked over to me undressing he grabbed me put me on all fours and shoved his cock in to my stretched wet pussy he fucked my pussy hard over and over and over again till he filled my pussy with his cum he pulled out sorted himself and said to answer yes i can feel how stretched you are he went upstairs for a shower as i lay there in shock of what just happened i haven't seen the postman again but there is a new hotter black postman on are route now so watch this space