Written by Nickdomino

18 Mar 2010

Just to recap, Fiona and Dave are friends of mine and I was staying over for the second weekend in a row. Fi is slim and size 10 with nice tits and has shown me that she loves to shave her pussy which Dave does not know about. Dave is a bit tubby but it is his birthday soon and has asked Fi for a threesome, so I was hoping that I would be lucky. Earlier this evening Fi had flashed me when I was in the bath and then insisted on getting my cock hard and shaved me bald like her pussy, saying that it was the only way I would ever get to shag her. She had then assisted me to wank into the bath, leaving me to clear the mess up as Dave had returned from shopping.

Fi put us to shame as she had her full makeup on, a tartan skirt and a white top as we were just in the usual jeans. We were due to go to see a band play which they bought tickets for so I offered to drive there and back. As it happened, the band arrived late and when they began playing they were crap. As we had been there for 2 hours, Dave and Fi had had a few drinks so I suggested we went into the other side of the pub to play pool. They played first and Fi beat Dave easily, so I set the balls back up and was gutted that Fi beat me as well. Dave then set up saying to Fi, lets play for a prize, if you win I will get the beers in, as it was your turn but if you win I want you to go commando for the rest of the evening. As Fi was already confident she said Deal but mines a double and the game commenced with Fi losing on the black ball. Dave said, go on then, and don’t forget the round in on your way back. Fi came back with an arm full of drinks and put them down on the table and then produced a black G String and placed it in her bag. How do we know whether they are not just a spare pair of panties your girl keep in your bag I said, but Dave who was behind her put his hand up her skirt from the back confirmed that she was bare. We sat down and had our drinks and then Fi said she had had enough and wanted to go home and that it was unfair on me in that I had not had any alcohol. I drove back and instead of getting a taxi for the babysitter, I offered to take her home and duly arrived back 20mins later. Taking my coat and shoes off I walked into the front room to find the lights dimmed and the TV on with Dave and Fi necking on the sofa with her top lifted over her tits. I said “Is this for me” and reached for a pint on the side table. They quickly sat up with Fi pulling her top back down and Dave apologising saying they had not heard me come back. Dave then asked if I had seen Fi’s tits and I said only a glimpse but they were very nice to which he turned to her and said if he had already seen them why not allow us both a proper look as it was his birthday soon. She sighed and put her arms behind her head and OK help yourself but be gentle with them. Dave gestured to me to sit on the other side of her and she lifted her top off revealing her white uplift bra and bent forward for Dave to unfasten it and then she leant back. You are a very lucky man I said as I began to stroke her lovely warm breast and cupping it in my hand. After a few minutes playing with a breast each and sucking on her full on nipples our attention went to her skirt. Without a word Dave moved his hand around her back and unfastened it, and she lifted her bottom allowing him to pull it slowly down revealing her shaved pussy and black hold ups. She just opened her legs and closed her eyes to let us touch her inner thighs moving forward on the sofa to give us better access. Is this what you really want for your birthday? She said to Dave and he just nodded. Dave moved his hand over her shaved mound and told me to kneel between her legs and watch. I moved round in front of her and saw that her pussy was very open and wet and I watched as his fingers moved over her clit and pulled the top cover back making it appear even bigger. He began stroking and rubbing with the occasional finger into her hole making her buck and push her mound up, into his palm until she said she was cumming. Dave said get close and watch, and for the first time ever I saw a pussy almost turn inside out and then Fi spurted out onto my face with a spray of pussy juice. I had never seen anything like it before and she was exhausted after it and the carpet was soaked. God that was good she said and slid off the sofa kneeling up and then said I want to see your cocks now and told me to stand in front of her and get my trousers off. No sooner had I undone my belt she pulled down my boxers and leant back to see my cock, rubbing her left hand over my freshly shaved pube area. Her right hand went back to Daves and began to wank him off. She kept this up for afew minutes comparing us and then said I need one of these in me now and moved round me and laid down and pulled her legs open behind her knees exposing her inner lips and pussy hole which looked very pink. I looked back to Dave and he said go ahead and continued to wank, I want to watch. I did not need asking twice and I pushed my cock as far in as I could and began to fuck her bald pussy, looking down at her face. After a few minutes Fi told me to get on my back and she got up and hovered over me facing Dave and guided my cock back in. Can you see Simons cock going into me she asked Dave as she rode me leaning back as I helped her by lifting her bottom up and down and then put my arms round to stroke her nipples so that Dave could see my hands on his wifes breasts. I could not hold back any longer and shot inside her as her pussy muscles gripped my cock. She leaned forward showing me her nice round bottom and took over Daves wank making him come on his belly. I slid out of her and cum began to run out of her pussy as she stood up saying to Dave, look what Simons done to my pus. She went into the kitchen and came back with a towel wiping herself and took her hold ups off, sitting back on the sofa and began to stroke Daves cock. I enjoyed that she said but I soon found that the night did not end there and I watched as Dave fucked her doggy style while she sucked me back hard.