16 Sep 2018

When I first saw chelle it was love at first sight , she had long ginger hair , a fantastic figure, which she always wore sexy clothes to show it off , and it was no good if I was a knicker sniffer as she never wore any ,, we had been living together for about a year and she was a gorgeous sexy minx she wanted my cock all the time , this was fine but she was 30 years younger than me, , well sometimes my cock wouldn't do its duty which I knew disappointed chelle but she never got cross, she would just snuggle up and kiss me , one evening we went to a pub for a meal , and after eating we went into the bar and took our drinks with us and found a table , she looked stunning and when she leant forward to chat I had a lovely view of her tits , which she had to do as the bar was heaving , we finished our drinks and I said ill get us a refill ,she said no I will get them , when she was at the bar a guy stood next to her and he made her laugh and even when she was served she still carried on chatting and smiling, on picking up our drinks she looked over my way and on arriving at the table with our drinks , I said I don't know chatting up strange men smiling , she said he wanted to know if I was alone I told him no and pointed over to you , then I said to her I'm not jealous but did you find him attractive, well he wasn't bad I suppose but I'm with you I don't want anyone else , I said if you want to leave me and find someone who can give you cock all the time I understand, she said don't be silly I will always love you , on getting home my cock let me down again and she said its okay as we cuddled up and went to sleep well chelle did I couldn't and I wondered if I could stand her getting other cocks while we were together, suddenly my cock came to life at the thought of another guy shagging her I started to slide my hand up her leg and play with her cunt lips she turned over and laid on her back and said sleepily oh yes he wants to play now as I got on top of her and she put my cock in her cunt as i was shagging her she said this is so nice what brought this on I said I was thinking of you fucking other guys , do you want me to, I replied it's a horny thought ,as I came and we were chilling out I leant on one elbow and said would you do it , she said and we still live together. , yes I said , lets talk about it tomorrow with that she went to sleep................will chelle make up her mind , I will let you know next time