17 Sep 2018

As I awoke first I went downstairs to make a us a cup of tea , chelle was on her side with one lovely leg outside the duvet , after making the tea and taking it back to our bedroom chelle was laying on top of the duvet , looking at her gorgeous body I thought what a lucky fucker I was to love and be loved by such a lovely woman , I gently nudged her saying darling a cup of tea , she opened her eyes and said hello sexy , we kissed then she took her cup of tea , and after taking a sip she said did you mean what you said last night about me shagging other guys, I said yes , she said you know I would do anything you wanted me to do , but I don't want to loose you , you have no fear of that happening your my girl and you always will be ,I said I tell you what I will take you to a pub tonight and leave you but stay outside in the car , you can text me on what if anything is happening, if nothing occurs or you don't want to do it come out to me and I'll take you home, she agreed, in the evening she got changed and we set off as I was driving she crossed her legs revealing a stockinged leg showing a bit of white thigh , we arrived at the pub and had a kiss and cuddle, she said are you sure you want me to do this, I said yes your sexy body needs plenty of cock not just mine , she laughed and kissed me on the cheek , then she said I will text you whenever I can , she closed the door and entered the pub , about half hour after I got a text , ,,,just young guys and you know I prefer older guys , I will have another drink and if no one older comes in I will leave and have your cock tonight , .... then a bit later she said ......still young guys that think they are gods gift to women , hold on an older guy has just come in ..all went quiet then I got another text we have had a drink he has gone for a piss , he's married lives local and his wife doesn't understand him bla bla , lol he wants me to wait in here as he doesn't want anyone to see us leave together , he's coming back , .... he's just left apparently he's got a Mercedes, I text her back I just saw him get into it ...she text me saying well here goes , I watched her get into his car and they drove away .............I'm waiting to find out what happened I will tell you later