18 Sep 2018

After they left I drove home and once inside poured myself a stiff whiskey. And waited for a text from chelle , I was excited as well as concerned, about an hour and a half I received a text from my girl she said I'm in a taxi and on my way home to you , well I said how did it go , she said can't you wait until I get home .. I said I'm sitting here playing with my cock thinking of you being shagged by someone else and not me , she said don't you come because I want your cock in me after I've showered, I said tell me all , well after leaving the pub he drove for ages before stopping down this bumpy track , he turned off the engine and leant across putting his left arm around me and kissed me , then he said undoing my blouse buttons and freeing my tits from my bra I wanted to shag you as soon as I saw you , he fondled my tits before sucking my nipples, I was a bit wary until he sucked my nipples you know that drives me crazy, while he was sucking my right nipple I felt his hand on my knee and as he slid it higher I opened my legs to give him easier access.,on reaching my wet cunt he said you fucking horny bitch no knickers , he fingered me for a while before reclining his seat flat and pulling down his trousers he turned on the interior light his cock was longer and thicker than yours , he invited me to lay on top of him , I hitched up my skirt and eased his cock In my waiting cunt and I ride his lovely cock he said after about 20 minutes I'm coming I stopped rideing him and his cock jerked he pushed his cock as far as he could every time until his last jet of spunk left his cock , we collapsed and after a while rearranged our clothing and chatted for a while I could feel his spunk running down my legs , he said you don't mind if I drop you at the taxi rank do you , hence I'm coming home in one , oh and he gave me his phone number as he would like us to meet again but next time in a nice hotel , what do tell him ... I said we will see , his spunk is still running down my legs , I'm nearly home , within a couple of minutes a cars headlights lit up our lounge next minute chelle said key was in the door , we kissed and she said I will have a quick shower and I want you to shag me , I said I'm so turned on I leant her over the back of the settee and entered her cunt I could feel his spunk and her juices with each thrust I reached in front of her and played with her engorged cunt lips we both came and it was one of the best orgasms I've had after we came back from to earth she said if me being shagged by someone else does that to you I think ii must do it again ,,, will there be a next time , wait and see , if you get turned on by my stories let me know what you are doing while reading them , it makes a dirty old man happy amongst other things , and thank you for reading them x