21 Sep 2018

It was a couple of weeks since chelle was shagged by we will call him John , our sex life had been great no problems in erection department, we were still getting a high on chelles experience, then one night while we were shagging I said could you get used to having different guys cocks , we always spoke about our fantasies while shagging, it added a bit of spice to our sex life , mind you we never carried any of them out until the John episode , she said I was very nervous to start with but yes I did enjoy it as I was thinking of you being turned on by it , when she said that couldn't stop myself from coming, after I had finished shooting my spunk in her gorgeous smooth cunt , I fingered her to an orgasm as she hadn't cum , as we lay there with chelles head resting on my chest , I said to her would you like to meet John again , she replied do you want me to, you do don't you , I said I did get so fucking turned on with the thought of someone else enjoying my girls body and knowing she would come back to me , then she said it would be nice to have his big cock in my cunt again , I said you have his number, give him a call , what now , why not , are you sure , yes call him now , she got out of bed and got her phone out of her bag and joined me on the bed , she dialled his number she held the phone so I could hear , John answered , she said hi it's chelle how are you , he said hold on , we heard him say oh it's work , I'll answer it in the other room , me and chelle had a job from laughing, then he said sorry about that , chelle said that's fine , I just wondered if you still want a hotel meet , yes I would , chelle said I want to feel that cock of yours in my cunt again , when she said that she held my cock and started to wank it , he said are you free this weekend, I'll book a room in a hotel but it will have to be in town , chelle said I'm looking forward to it , he said I'll call you back with confirmation , okay chelle told him , as she rang off she said I wonder if he will call back ,,