23 Sep 2018

We hadn't heard from John for a long time, but me and chelle enjoyed some really horny times , and after one of them she said you know I get SAMs shopping once a week , sam being our old next door neighbor, yes I said , well he said if only I was younger, I said oh yes and what did you say , she said she just laughed and called him a dirty old man ,I said do you tease him , no she said , why not , well he's an old man , what difference does that make ..she said nothing I suppose ...I said tease him see how he reacts ... I can't she said ...okay I replied .... We went to bed ... When I was about to leave to go to work I kissed chelle and winked at her and said have a good day .....when I got home in the evening chelle rushed up and kissed me saying there's a cup of tea for my hard worker in the other room , I sat down and took a sip of tea and said what's my girl been up to today ......well I've been a bit of a naughty girl ....why what have you been up to ......I have had a bit of fun with Sam .....have you tell me all ..she sat on the arm of the chair and told me what happened, she said once you left I had a shower and as the water cascaded over my tits making my nipples hard I started playing with my cunt and thinking of Sam next door I ended up having an orgasm , anyway I got dressed and put on that very short mini dress you like because it buttons up in the front , I phoned him up and he said hello sexy , I told him to behave , he told me what to get and I went to the shops, when I returned he was looking out for me from his kitchen window, he waved and I waved back , he undone the door and went in the living room to sit in his arm chair, I put his shopping on the side and shouted to him if he'd like a cup of tea .. he over his cups of tea , ..I unbuttoned a couple of buttons on my dress so he could see down the front of my dress . I could feel my cunt getting wet again look what you've done made me a sex maniac lol , I took in his tea and put it on the table , he looked at me and on looking at my undone top said is that for me , it might be I said .... He said pull up a dining room chair up close to me ....I seemed to be under his spell , I sat on the chair he leant forward and undone more buttons exposing my tits , he grabbed them roughly tweaking my nipples, it felt so good though, then he told me to take my dress off , while I did he took out his cock , he wasn't very big but very thick , he said easing himself forwards can I shag you ....I straddled him and he eased his throbbing thick cock up my cunt , it was the thickest cock I've seen not counting the porn guys , I used the arms of the chair to lift me up and down on his shaft , he lasted a long time before I felt him tense before releasing his spunk in me .....she was tossing my cock while telling me and I said fuck I'm going to cum , she said don't waste it as she put her mouth over my cock to swallow my seed , after we calmed down chelles phone rang it was John... until next time...