3 Aug 2017

I was exhausted after my long day at work and travelling home on the underground in the stifling heat. I longed to slip off my thin cotton dress and plunge into the bath. I stepped into the dorm grabbed my towel and headed to the bathroom. The water was so inviting. I jumped in, laid back and started to doze.

I woke to hear the door opening, and one of the exchange students walked in wearing only a towel. I froze. I looked at his crotch and realised he was very pleased to see me. He leaned over and began caressing my breasts. Fuck, it felt good! I slid my hand out of the water, reached under his towel and slid my hand up the inside of his thighs. My fingertips brushed against his balls and he let out a sigh. He bent over and kissed me on the lips. My right hand continued to explore under the towel. I grabbed his dick. It was massive! I moaned as I thought of what it would feel like inside me. His towel fell off and I could see him in all his naked glory. I could hardly believe my luck! I sat up and began to kiss his big hard cock and balls. I kissed the end, then started sucking him. He moaned with delight and his legs started to give way.

Suddenly, he was in the bath with me. He leaned over and began to kiss me passionately. I relaxed back, and I could feel his massive hard cock pressing against me. I longed to feel its full length inside me. I opened my legs and felt him slip inside me. It was amazing. I let out a scream and he continued to thrust deep inside me. The ecstasy! I’d never felt anything like this before. The delicious mixture of pleasure and pain. I writhed in pleasure beneath him for what felt like an age. I felt him come inside me, throbbing over and over.

He collapsed exhausted on my chest. We just laid there in this wonderful embrace, enjoying the intimacy of each other.

He got out of the bath, dried himself with a towel and left, just as suddenly as he appeared.

I did not even know his name or speak his language but at this moment that did not matter.