Written by Hard Tom

15 Oct 2008

I am Tom i am 38 yrs old.I like to keep my self in good shape and iam very proud of my six pack.

I live with my wife Jilly and her daughter Shelly.Shelly is 19 and goes to collage.She has been dating Tony for a year now,he often stays over.Tony is also int rested in keeping fit he is 20 and is a very good looking guy ,with a very sexy body.I have always been interested in other men even though i have never done any thing about it.

I was at home on my own three weeks ago and i was feeling very horny.I have a couple of DVD of gay porn witch i keep hidden.I really needed to have a wank so i put the DVD on .I was wearing shorts no top.I lay on the sofa enjoying the two guys sucking each others big cocks on the screen wishing it was me in the film.I kept my shorts on pulled out my very hard cock and stoked my cock and balls gently.I also enjoy pulling my large nipples.

I was enjoying my self and did\'t want to cum to quickly.After a few minutes something cought my eye,i nearly fell off the sofa Tony was stood at the door way watching.I quickly sat up i a state of shock and panic .He slowly walked in to the room he looked a little confused.

All i could do was say sorry i thought i was a lone.\"That\'s ok \".He replied softly he them sat on the sofa beside me the dvd was still playing two very sexy guys were wanking each others cock while kissing passionately.To my surprise Tony sat back in the sofa and started rubbing is crouch through his jeans he then took off his jacket and shirt.We were both sat side by side i had put my cock away but was now growing watching Tony he looked at me then the film as he contud to stroke he opened his legs wider his cock looked hugh i too started stroking my self though my shorts.After a short while i took my cock out and Tony did the same we both sat wanking i then asked if he minded if i feel is cock witch was about 8inch long and very thick .

I started to wank his cock gently he then reach over and begain to wank my 7in cock.We both groaned loadly both very turned on.Tony then reached over and stroked my chest i did the same to him we had a long passionate kiss.He told me he was about to cum so i wanked him harder i too came over his hand.

We both sat breating heavely he told me he had never cum off like that before i had to admit the same.We both got dressed it wasn\'t long before my wife got home.

I leave for work early in the morings so i am the first up.I was in the kitchen just about to put the kettle on.When in walks Tony in his boxer shorts.He said hi them walked over to me and started feeling my cock through my jeans i got a st iffy straight away we begain snogging i pulled his hard cock out of his boxer shorts.He then unzipped my jeans i undid my belt and pulled my jeans down .We both breathed heavily as we kissed.\"Oh wank my cock.Oh fuck you make me so horny.\"Tony gasped in my ear.I then sank to my knees i began licking his cock i then took it in my mouth he stroked my hair i took as much as i could in my mouth i stroked his big hairy balls as well.\"Oh fuck oh that\'s so good .I am gonna cum can i cum in your mouth\"He asked i nodded with out taking his cock out .I was about to taste my first mouth full of spunk i couldn\'t believe it.Tony fuck my mouth harder he cried out as he came.

He stood panting \"That was great fucking hell.Can i suck you off?\" He asked \"Yes please .\"I replied his hot mouth en-golfed my cock it felt so good.It wasn\'t long before i came in his mouth.

I zipped up we kissed passionately.

That day at work Tony phoned me. we both wank over the phone as we spoke about what we\'d like to do to each other when we next get the house to our self.He often flashes his cock at me and i do the same to him when the girls are not looking we really can\'t get enough of each others cock.We often creep out of our rooms at night and meet in the living room for quick snog and wank session.