Written by mav1970

8 Dec 2012

I wander into the clearing, just far enough away from the footpath to be out of sight but close enough to hear anybody coming, and I spy the lovely lady blindfolded and spread-eagled on a fallen log. Her t-shirt tight across those glorious breasts, her arms stretched lanquidly above her head exposing the base of her breasts and an expanse of flat tummy with a hint of white just flashing above the top of her skirt. The skirt is a deep black, extremely short and is riding high on her thighs as she spreads her legs either side of the log, feet positioned to the side so as to slightly bend her knees up.

I move round to the front of the log, catching the leaves as I do and a slight gasp leaves her mouth as she realises somebody is there; glancing up I can see the taut linen of her panties against her already moistening cunt, moving forward I gently rest a finger on the tip of her knee, she flinches slightly but settles as I slowly trace a line down her thigh, easing the skirt a little higher to expose her to the elements, I trace the line of her knickers around her thigh smiling as I notice she breathes a little deeper and her thighs part just a little more.

Over the top of her pubic mound and I outline the shape of her lips with my fingers as her juice starts to seep through the fabric, I lean forwards and run my tongue over the wet cloth, tasting her, a light moan escaping her lips. My tongue roams over her, tasting her moist sex, licking and kissing her inner thigh, I reach up and pull her forwards on the log, her pussy right on the edge, exposed, tight and wet through, the skirt clean up around her stomach her feet almost placed backwards as she arches forwards, thrusting slightly.

I kneel before her, gently easing her panties to one side to expose the juicy lips, my tongue darts out, sliding along them, curling the lips and allowing me to suck them deep

into my mouth as my thumb works it’s way onto the clit I suck and tongue and explore her deeper, probing sliding tasting of the sweet nectar as it flows over my mouth.

I reach into my cool-box and remove the small champagne bottle, opening it I pour a little into her mouth and then return to that glorious wet, aching cunt where I add a little champagne for taste before a slip a cold fresh strawberry just inside her lips and begin to eat her out in earnest, the juices mingling as I add a little more champagne, my tongue searching out her clit, rolling it and sucking it in deeper, hearing her moan at the slight nips. My mouth now locked over her gleaming cunt, tongue extended and pressing deep inside, darting in and out, sharp, deep, then retreating to lap the full length of her. Her hips jutting forward, forcing herself onto me, grinding her cunt deep into my face, steadily, rhythmically until her stomach contracts and with a deep moan she squirts the most tasty strawberry/champagne/cum smoothy all over my waiting lips and tongue.

I pack my bottle away and quietly retreat to the path to be on my merry way.