Written by sam1uk

19 Oct 2008

I am a 20 year old skint student, very hot and sexy but has no job to help psy fou uni!

I get a home help where i clean old peoples houses and do their washing. I got sent to a house where two old men lived, both around 70 called bob and brian. I wear my cleaining uniform but its slightly too short for me. I get to the front door and am let in by bob, he is a fat hairy guy with a beard and intoduces himself to me whilst constantly eyeing me up and down, i feel a litle uncomfortable but am polite. Brian introduces himself and shakes my hand,he is grinning in a pervy kinda way whilst looking at my bum. I say i will start at the top of the house and work my down down. They both let me get on with my jobs. after an housr of bending over and scrubbing the bathroom and floor, bob walks upstairs and starts chatting to me, at this point i am aware that he has his eyes fixed on my short dress and it trying o catch a glimps of my knickers. I stand up to talk to him. i tell him how broke i am and am doing this to pay for uni...he says that i am a sexy girl and could earn a better wage doing other things. I agree, not realising what he was getting at. After i finish the upstairs i go to the living room where bob and brian are sitting in there arm chairs. i start to polish the tv then brian pipes up \'do you want to earn som good easy money?\' wel...erm..that would depend on what it was i had to do, i said! bob walks over to me and stands close, he puts his hand on my arse and squeezes it raising my dress up at the back, his hand nearly touching my knickers. I feel nervous and vunerable. Well we are two very dirty horney old men who hasnt seen a naked young girl in a while...we have lots of cash too!!!!

We want you to do as we say and we will pay you genrously! I think about it for a minute, well it would help pay my bills....OK, then i said, what do u ant to do to me? i started to feel a little wet, didnt know why as the old men disgusted me!!

We want you to clean the floor on all fours with no knickers on and we want to watch you take them off sexily in front of us. slowley i walked over to them, turned round and slid my knickers down bending right over so they could get a good eyeful of my tight pussy. Bob wet hi fingers and began to stroke me and finger my tight arsehole.....it felt good and i let out a moan. Brian got his camera out and filmed the whole thing whilt wanking. then told me to carry on cleaing thr floor with my wet pussy on show...after 5 mins they told me to stand up and strip off. I did as they said, then bob had the camera and filmed me sucking brians cock...his belly was in the way, it was horrible but made out i love it. they then told me to sit on a chair in the middle of the room and masturbate...that gave me a vibrator and i preformed sexs acts on muself whilst they wanked over me and filmed it. Bob then started to lick my went pussy whilst brian groped my tits and called me a dirty whore...i then bent over the chair and bob fucked me hard, his belly hitting my arse, then brian had a go and fingered my arse whilst bob licked me and rubbed my clit!! they both came over me and left me in a heap on the floor. they told me they needed there house cleaned same time next week but their other friend who be there too. Hopefully this way i will get a good degree!!!