17 Jan 2019

The car is warm and stuffy, the journey half done and the drone of the tyres becoming hypnotic. She gazed absently out of the window, conversation run dry, the radio droning in the background as her mind begins to wander, the hills and trees in the distance begin to blur. Her mind slips back to another journey in the heat of summer...

They had left the main roads in search of a spot to have the picnic they had packed. Spying a perfect spot they parked the car and set off walking hand in hand up small hill, to a shady spot that looked perfect. The heat of the day felt good, a slight breeze rustling at her loose summer clothes, blood flowing again after being stuck in the car for too long. The shade felt good after the walk, and the spot they had chosen was a good one. She felt alive, a stirring in her starting to rise. “Shall we eat?” he asked, having spread the blanket out under the tree, she leaned over, kissing him, a hand moving to his chest and teasing a nipple through his shirt “Maybe later...” she replied.

The kiss became more urgent, more passionate as her hand snaked down over his stomach, down to the bulge she so wanted to find, to feel, to caress and cause to rise. “What if we are seen” he replied weekly. Her hand moves to remove his belt, undo the fly of his jeans and slide her hand under his pants to grasp his growing cock “maybe I don’t care” she purrs as she began to stroke him gently. He signalled his surrender as his hands moved to caress her breasts through her flimsy summer dress, finding her nipples already engorged, stiff with desire.

Moving back she moved to slide his jeans and pants down over his knees, releasing his shaft to the warm air, standing proud, erect ready for her. She moved close, kissing and licking up his thighs then along the length of his cock until she reached the top pausing before taking him deep within her mouth. His moans increased as she sucked and licked him to peak excitement, each one increasing her desire, the feeling of her juices rising within her.

She moved to straddle him, her sex pushing down on his shaft, the feelings of need increasing as the hard rod pushed against her cleft, his hands moved back to her breasts, undoing the buttons of her dress and slipping it off her shoulders, the breeze briefly caressing her flesh before his hands and mouth reached them, massaging, licking sucking sending waves of desire through her as she pressed herself against his flesh.

Unable to resist she reached down, moved aside her panties and thrust down, impaling herself on his rampant cock, crying out in pleasure as he slid deep within her sodden pussy. She began to move, slowly at first, but with an increasing pace as the desire rose in them both, their moans and sighs increasing in depth and length as they both fought back against the inevitable climax. She couldn’t hold back and her orgasm ripped through her, the thrill increased with the knowledge that they could be caught at any moment..

“And what are you thinking about?”. The question snaps her back to the here and now, her cheeks blushing as she left the past. She suddenly became aware that her hand had slipped beneath her dress, caressing her sex as she had relived the dream. She looked at him, her eyes briefly flicking to his crotch. There she spied a tell tale bulge. The redness of her cheeks receding and a smile on her lips “Oh, I think you can guess...” she purred, “shall we find a side road?”