10 Mar 2018

I never saw or heard from my new acquaintance until a few days later when I received a text from her inviting me around her house , she said if I was free on Sunday as her husband was taking their children to see his mother , which he did once a month . Sunday as it was hot I was wearing a t- shirt and shorts , I knew the road where she lived was where money people lived and the houses were mainly up secluded drives and unseen from the road , hers was no exception , as I walked up the drive and admiring the ornamental trees ,the house was in front of me , I rang the bell and after a while there she was beautiful as I remembered , wearing a loose patterned dress which had buttons from top to bottom , she surprised me by kissing me on the cheek and ushering me into the house , after getting to her kitchen she said why don't you go into the garden and I will get you a drink , is lager ok , that's fine thankyou I said as I went into the garden , there was a large patio with a table and six chairs , some steps leading on to the lawn where there was a double lounger, she joined me with our drinks it was a good job I was sitting at the table because as she leant over my shoulder to give me my drink I turned around and could see her tits as her dress was undone letting me have a view down the front of it , I could feel my cock getting bigger , she sat next to me and put her hand on the top of my leg and kept it there , I was trying not to think about it as I knew eventually my cock would push against her hand , it was too late she suddenly said grabbing it through the material I want that , she was like asex mad slut not that I was complaining as she grabbed my hand and led me to to lounger , on getting there she unbuttoned her dress and let it drop to the ground , she stood in front of me naked two beautiful big tits with massive erect nipples , and she was shaved no pubic hair in sight , I took my t shirt off and my shorts , my cock fully erect , she was laying on the lounger , no foreplay she wanted a cock , she said please shag me I haven't had a cock in my cunt for ages , I slid my cock in her pussy she was so wet , you could hear her juices with each thrust of my cock , she said don't cum in me I want to drink your spunk , I couldn't hold on , I told her now removing my cock , she put her mouth over it and it felt so good knowing each twitch of cock was giving her more to swallow , we both collapsed , and lay there , she said you know we can't do this again don't you , I said I know . She said I must try and make this stale marriage work for the children's sake , it was such a memorable shag