Written by Loveslime

5 Jan 2018

Another day another dollar and today she'd earn it...... a new staff member to show the ropes too. How she hoped they weren't glum and woe is me. She had arranged to pick Toni up..... as she reached the car park a text came through could she pick up from home address .... what a joke, great start Toni was having to new job.... first lesson would be puncuality....

Reaching the said address she looked towards the house, not a glimmer of any one , hell what's wrong with people for pity sake. She stepped out the car straight into a puddle of dirty water splashing up her stocking covered leg for fuck sake now she'd need to use the bathroom before they went to first appointment.

She reached the door a stupid wind chime dropped water over her as she waited..... the door opened.... a man with piercing blue eyes answered, hi she said I've come for Toni is she ready?

Looking her up and down she felt a warm glow radiate from her face ..... hell he was gorgeous Toni was very lucky..... come in he said.... May I use the bathroom she asked I've mud up my legs......he pointed her in the direction and followed her in with a wet cloth to rub her stocking clean....

It's ok I can manage she said he took no notice and started to rub her down her body tingled under his touch as he brushed u her leg touching her ass with his chest.

She didn't stop him as his hand moved up her leg towards her wet hot pussy..... he delved in and felt her wetness she gasped..... he pushed her skirt up above her hips and teased her ass with his tongue before pushing his tongue up into her wet hot pussy

She reached back and felt his hardness he unzipped his trousers and with one thrust he entered her pushing her down over the sink...... he teased her more as she let out a moan

Then she felt him enter her tight ass..... omg she loved it she bucked and pushed back loving the full feeling as he delved deeper she squirted her juices over him he pulled out and squirted his warm jiz over her bouncing pert tits.

Is Toni ready now she asked...... oh yes he said I'm more than ready by we get to our appointment youil be begging me for more