7 Sep 2018

So we havnt been as intimate as we were only a few moths ago. Not as adventurous and definately not as dirty. Weve got time on our own, and im sat going through some of our pics. will i send a pic of my manhood? Or just a dirty message? I decide to send both, a few of each, letting you know of my intentions. You respond with a winky face and i know its on. Waiting for your return home, i shower, lathering up my cock, rubbing up and down my shaft, to arouse and excite, not to cum. Yet. I take a pic and send it to you, then ready myself in the bedroom. You come in from work and come upstairs, pausing as you realise that im naked, hard and so ready for you. You walk over and, taking hold of my dick, you slowly caress the end. Twitching at the touch of your fingers and shuffling back to get comfy, i order you to strip. Slow. You obey, cautiously removing each item of clothing, pausing between each one for emphasis. I tell you to turn around and bend over so i can catch a glimpse of whats instore. You stop suddenly, informing me that thats all im getting for now. I moan as you continue to to tell me about your "friend". A friend youve invited over as a surprise. A surprise for me but mostly a fun evening for you. You leave to shower, me lay there wondering what the hell and how am i going to contain myself!  We go downstairs for a while until you recieve a text and stand up." Shes here" you smile, making for the door. I pour 3 drinks, to settle nerves and such. You return to the living room with your freind. Shes definately a looker, not slim but not big either. No, shes just right for you. We get chatting about mundain stuff and things are going well.  After a few light drinks, the convo turns inevitably to sex. Positions, likes and dislikes, the usual. As you are chatting, she reaches forward gently to caress your leg with one hand. You dont even flinch and keep chatting away, but i can see youre excited. The flirting between you both moves steadily on as the sex talk gets dirtier and more personal. Before i realise whats happening, youre kissing. Slow and steady, carefully tasting each other, building a rythem. I sit quietly on the sofa, enjoying the view as her hand snakes its way over your breasts, then up your top. You both stop. You look at me and i just sit, watching. She looks at you, me, then back at you, in the eyes. Lifting your top over your head to reveal a new lacy bra, one that totally shows off your rack. Her head is now burried in your cleavage as she moves from one to the other, kissing and licking your soft skin. I see your nipples visibly harden and your hands also begin to wander, removing her top also. You both kiss again, this time more feverish and lustful as she kisses down your neck. I make my over and kiss the other side, taking her hand and caressing your breasts with it. You let out a small groan as we kiss and caress your skin. I unclasp your bra and it falls to the floor, setting free your tits. She imediately takes a nipple into her mouth, gently pursing her lips around it. I do the same with the other one, both of us intent on giving you the night of your life! Its not long until you and your friend have removed your outer garments and have  found your way into each others pants, but you are taking it slow and sensual. Ive sat back down at this point but i can see all;) I can see your fingers glide up her inner thigh, over her skin and trace their way over her womanhood. She does the same, and as i watch on in awe, your lacy new panties begin to darken, moistening under her touch. She looks round at me and slides a finger over the thin material, making you shudder. Part anticipation and part excitment cause me to order your friend to remove your, now soaking wet underwear but she stalls a short while. Still looking me in eye, she pulls the fabric aside and delves inside you. One, two, then three fingers are dancing over your clit, sliding in and out of your pussy as you copy the action and insert a few of your own, driving that lust for each other forward a step more.

More to come