7 Sep 2018

Eyes wide and my attention well and truly on the two of you, i feel my jeans tighten as i harden up,  anticipating the pleasures of whats to come. Your hands, fingers and eyes explore each others bodies. One hand concentrates on your friends pussy, circling her clit and sliding your fingers inside her each time with more force and precision. The other, caresses her body, leaving no skin untouched, the softness of her tits and her nipples hardening under your touch. You both stop for a breather and you come over to kiss me, sitting on my lap, feeling my hardness pressing against your bare ass.  You tell me to remove my jeans, grabbing hold of my cock as i do so.  Your friend slides up behind you and kisses your neck as your hand strokes up and down my shaft. You can feel her, boobs pressed up against you, shes warm and before you notice, shes reach down and inserted a finger inside you from behind, pressing against the inner walls of your pussy and totally readying you for more.

I relax back as you get fully into it now, lusting for each other as if you cant get enough. She grins at you and makes her way down, licking as she does so, stopping just before the sweetspot. You both move to get comfortable. She continues, gentle at first, swirling her tongue over you, tasting you. She builds up momentum slightly, but you stop her and move to repay the favour. "Upstairs" I command, and you take her by the hand, leading her up to our bedroom. The moment your both through the door, shes on you again but you push her down onto the bed, kissing your way up her legs and then.....youre there. Shes warm and inviting, smoothly shaved and ready for whatever desires you ask of her. She runs her fingers through your hair as you go to work,  your tongue darting back and forth over her clit, in and out of her pussy and circling all over until shes as wet as the rain outside. Im sat on the futon in the corner, taking pics of the action, you both stopping to pose or allow a good angle every now and then. Suddenly, she manouvers herself under you so she can join you in the pleasuring, and you both roll to one side, each lost in the others womanhood and the sensations youre experiencing. I walk over with the small purple vibe, hand it to you so you can unleash more on her. At the same time i use the egg vibe on you, pressing it against your swollem clit as you both grind and moan with each movement.

My cock is aching at this point and i decide now is the time. I tell her to lay back and you smile at me, knowing. You dive back in, inserting the egg inside her and, whilst working it with one hand, your other hand and tongue going nuts on her clit once more. I position myself behind  you, smacking your ass as i twist myself into your already soaking wetness. With each movement, i fuck you forwards, making you move over her even more. We fuck like that for a while, steadily getting fast until i cant take any more and have to slow down.....

One more to come;)