Written by bricky

5 Apr 2012

Suzy walked out into the fresh air, her clit still throbbing and cunt still squelching with 2 lots of cum from the fucks she had just had in easy succession. She walked along the street and turned onto the industrial estate with a huge dark building at the far end. The recognisable sounds of fucking were coming from inside the building and they stirred Suzy's cunt so much that she immediately started to dribble cunt juices down her legs.

There were 6 men and 2 women and 6 holes being filled by the hard juicy cocks.. Suzy's face lit up with the anticipation of what was to cum and the smell of sex filled the air. The 3 men who were fucking the mouths of the women turned away and caught sight of their little sexy super slut Suzy, their cocks hardened once more, knowing that the best was yet to cum..

Suzy immediately lifted her dress and took one of the cocks and rammed it into her juicy cunt, the 1st man exploded straight away and the 2nd pushed her down to suck him, the 3rd crouched behind her and fucked her arse, he could feel the still warm spunk on his cock as it dribbled from inside her cunt and pounded into her until he added his load to the dribbling mess that was erupting from her overflowing cunt.

One of the other men pulled out of the arse of the women he had just shafted so expertly as he wanted the best fuck in town and Suzy was the girl to provide it! He started by licking out Suzy's cunt, the roughness of his tongue made her writhe with pleasure as the other 2 men held her steady. They started to paw and pull her tits and nipples, very roughly, Suzy shouted for more, they gave it to her and how!!

By now all six men had finished with the 3 women, who sat licking their fingers, which were covered in 6 lots of spunk and their own cunt juices. They had had their fun and wanted to watch Suzy have hers, they also knew that they too would taste and use her body, once the men had had their fucking and sucking with Suzy.

Suzy was carried to a bench and laid on her back spread-eagled for easy access and at the right height for all 6 men to use and abuse her body,as they saw fit.Suzy smiled as she felt the first man starting to put his fingers inside her through the oceans of spunk. First 3 fingers, twisted and edged inside, then pulled out and all 5 fingers and the thumb edging and pushing through the hot spunk, that allowed them to get his fist inside her cunt. Deep within he opened his fingers and clenched and unclenched his fist.

Suzy screamed and 2 of the men put their hands over her mouth, this was a private party and passersby were NOT welcome. As he pulled his fist out Suzy's started to ejaculate, her own spunky juices mixing with the spunk already inside her, all this flowed out of Suzy's cunt and the men and women gathered round to lap it up.

The 3 women started to smile, they knew what Suzy needed now and they would be ready willing and able to give it to her.