Written by Poolman

18 Sep 2009

It was two weeks later and the night of the real sex party. Everyone turned up on time. We started with warm sake and sushi. Later we took the sake to the big Japanese bath. Placing the sake by the bath, we started by washing each other and rinsed off.

We sank into the bath, up to our necks. The water was not as warm as I liked it, but it never was. However the sake was warm and kept coming. People were beginning the warm to each other. Chat was strangely not about sex, apart from the odd double meaning.

Finally Sue ran her hand down Charlie’s leg. He washed water over the edge as he moved to kiss her. He dropped his heavy sake cup into the bath. It was what others needed; they started to put arms around each other. There were four men and seven women. It was not planed that way, it was just everyone we could invite.

Charlie was pulling Sue to him, water washing over the edge. “Not in here.” I told them.

Sue pushed him away and stood up. Water running down her body, slowing to dribbles, she stepped out of bath and walked towards the door, patting her self with her small towel. We all started to follow.

We were back in the living room, some had put on robes. We had more sake, perhaps to much. Charlie was taking up where he left off, Ann joined them. We all looked on. Some paying attention to each other most eyes locked on the threesome.

Some how threesomes were forming up; Bob, his Sue and Jane; John, Mary and Shelly; Carol and myself. There was limited space, after Charlie had finished, rather quickly we went up to Sue’s room.

Earlier before anyone had arrived we had gathered all the mattresses on to the floor of her bedroom. Tossed the duvets over them and hoped not to work our way between them.

Carol and I took centre stage, I removed her robe, and someone took it as it fell. We were standing on the mattress. Carol kissed me, her mouth wet, lips open, tongue searching, entwining with my own. We knelt and then lay together. Someone passed a condom to me. I pulled the wrapper open and squeezed it into Carol’s finger. She rolled it down my hard. She came back to kiss me. Her lips were warm and wet. I pushed in. As my manhood eased into her pussy it did not resist. From her open mouth her tongue searched my mouth, pushing in deep, even as I probed her pussy. My tongue slipped in alongside hers and ran along the inside of her mouth, just as my hard ran inside her pussy. The others seemed to disappear, even as I felt hands run over my body. There was only Carol, yielding to my probes as I yielded to hers. My dick was deep in her, she felt free, relaxed. I pushed deeper, feeling her body, knowing I was going to last for ever. She was on her back, then her side and then on her back. We moved together in harmony. I felt myself grow close to coming, then fall away again. How much later I do not know she came. We were still moving. Again I came close and stayed pleasantly there until she came again. Then I let myself go.

Slowly I became aware of Bob fucking Jane and John being given head by Shelly. Mary was running her hands over him. It took time for me to part from Carol.

Charlie kissed Carol, he said something to her.

The two Sues were close to me, touching. There were hands everywhere. Charlie had Carol on her back and soon she was coming again. I was becoming hard even as Carol called for more. It was Bob’s Sue I turned to, finger fucking her. Feeling the breath of my own Sue on my back, her hands running over my chest; I took Sue nipples in my mouth. Ann was attending to my hard, rolling a condom down its length. I eased myself up Sue’s body and removed my fingers as I pushed my cock passed them and into her. Even as I was removing my finger she came. She arched her stomach to my own and let out a sigh. I pushed in as deep as I could. Feeling her back fall to the mattress, I moved inside her. I came while she was still working towards her second time.

At times I ran a hand over a body, brush someone with a kiss or just lay back and looked on. Carol placed her head on my stomach; I placed a hand on her. As things started to quite down someone asked if there was anything to eat. We went down for more light-bits and more drink.

Mary was the oldest, by ten years and as far as I was aware had not had a lot of attention. I put an arm around her as we went down. There was a lot of chatter; who had done what; can you believe we/he/she/I did that?

We did not eat much before Ann lay down and placed sushi on her body, from tits to pussy. No invitation was needed; Bob picked one up and eat it. Charlie just bent over opened his mouth and eat it right off her mound. Bob took another off her tit and then everyone was kissing and touching.

I took Mary in my arms and pulled her to me. My hard prick was in the small of her back, she turned to face me. I kissed her and she took my hand and led me back up stairs. Others followed and I lay down on the mattress. Mary sat over me and inched her way down my shaft. She started to move. Ann sat beside Mary and guided my hand to her fanny. Jane leaned over and kissed me. She started rocking, it was John, he was fucking her doggy. Jane’s breasts brushed my shoulder and cheek. Ann was now sitting on my finger; I let Mary do all the moving. It was Ann who came first. She pulled her fanny away from me and kissed me. I knew that everyone was fucking someone, but I was surrounded by tits and bodies. I came just before Mary. I had to stay just where I was. Jane was over me, still taking John’s cock in her. Mary was sat on me and now in the middle of this mass of bodies, I could not believe what was happening, but it was.

I do not know when we all fell asleep, but I did wake twice, aware that others were more than awake. Once I woke, finding Jane along side me. I entered her, half aware of who she was, until I was fully awake. Somehow it did not matter, in that mass of flesh any woman would do. I know that sounds bad, but we had already done so much that night. Yet somehow it was different than anytime before. We made love, trying not to wake others. As we drifted back to sleep I remembered how it all started; how far we had come. Only three years earlier Jane, Ann and I had the first threesome in the pool.