Written by Mia_Moore

10 Jan 2014


I've just found this website and I joined, as my husband and I have been in the lifestyle for a few years. Here's a novella I wrote about a couple's first experience and introduction to the swinging lifestyle!

Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

It was the fourth time Josh was alone with Sylvia Blackmore his real estate agent. Even when she had shown houses to his wife Carrie and him, she’d made it obvious she found him was attractive. Now, doing a final walk through, on the day of closing the sale, she was blatantly hitting on him. If he didn’t love his wife so much he’d have taken her up on it.

Sylvia was around thirty, had a porn star hot body and wasn’t just beautiful, she was glamorous. In the mid sized city he’d just relocated to for work, she stood out like an orchid in a field of clover. Some of her idle chit chat as they were browsing homes showed how knowledgeable she was about actors and new films. And the chic way she dressed was for Hollywood not Black Rapids.

“I’m flattered Sylvia, but I’m happily married.” Josh removed the manicured hand from his forearm and stepped backward away from her.

Sylvia’s deep blue eyes twinkled at him and she smiled. “It’s just sex Josh. You’re hot, I’m hot and we could have a fun couple of hours—as casual as playing a round of tennis. If your wife were here, I’d suggest a threesome. If you change your mind, you have my card. My husband Byron and I love getting together with new friends and our house is just a few blocks away.”

Holy shit! He’d read about swingers and wife swapping but he’d never met anyone who actually DONE this stuff. His mouth went dry as his mind groped for some sort of suitable reply. Nope, he had nothing but a small smile in answer to her comment. Thank God the final inspection of the house was just about done and he could leave to sign the papers at the lawyer’s office.

“Thanks Sylvia for your time today. That just about wraps up all that I need.” He extended his hand to shake hers when she turned after locking the house up.

“I’m sure you guys will be happy with this house. It’s a good neighborhood, even if you don’t have children yet. And don’t forget my offer to get together with my husband and me. We could introduce you to lots of nice people.” She took his hand holding it a few moments longer than necessary as she looked into his eyes, her full lips a little pouty.

“Yes, thanks. I’ll let Carrie know.” He turned and walked to his car. What would Carrie say about Sylvia’s offer? There was no way he was going to tell her about it though. She’d have a conniption and probably wonder if he’d done something with Sylvia, while poor Carrie was finishing the final packing back home in Syracuse. No, some things were better left alone.

Still…it was flattering to have a woman as sexy as Sylvia make a pass at him. Despite the fact that he was almost thirty-four and had been happily married for ten years, he still had it. He shook his head to dispel the mental picture of Sylvia nude on a bed from his mind. However the little head, the one in his groin, was having no part of his effort to be the upstanding faithful husband he’d always been. The head of his cock had no conscience or remorse whatsoever.

He could feel the blood rushing to his face and neck when he thought of Carrie. They had gone out for a few years before he had asked her to marry him, when they graduated from college. She still looked like she was in her twenties. Exercise, an olive complexion and good genes helped with that. And she was a great wife—smart, affectionate and super organized. There was no way he’d ever do anything to hurt her with a silly affair, and there had been plenty of opportunities over the years. If he had one complaint it was that their sex life had become a little predictable and dull. But that was probably normal after ten years of marriage.

It was his lucky day. There was a parking spot just outside the lawyer’s office. He’d finish the paperwork and still be able to get back to the office to finish the report his boss had asked for.

Chapter 2

“Whoa Ma’am. That’s too heavy for a little lady like you. I’ll get that.” The young man who had been working all morning moving furniture and boxes, placed his hand on Carrie’s shoulder before scooping the box from her arms.

“I was just going to put this in my car. It’s filled with sentimental and breakable things that I wanted to take special care of.” She looked up into dark eyes that were like liquid chocolate, sweet and warm. The muscles in his tanned arms bulged as he carried the box before her, on his way to her Honda CRV. Her eyes dropped to the tight blue jeans on his long legs and tight ass.

After he loaded the box in the back of the vehicle he ran the back of his hand over his forehead, wiping away sweat. “Anything else you planned on taking in the car?” His white teeth flashed in a smile, bordered by a day’s growth of dark beard.

“There’s just my suitcase and one other box. Can I get you something to drink? There’s bottled water or cold soft drinks in the refrigerator. It’s a hot day for all this lugging around.” His T shirt had sweat marks on his muscular chest and under the arms.

“Water would be great. I’m Marco by the way. Yeah, it sure is a scorcher today.”

Carrie led the way back into the house, acutely aware of Marco following close behind her. The shorts she was wearing today were comfortable but made her ass look big. And why did she care that a young man moving her furniture would notice that? She was happily married and besides Marco probably had a dozen hot little chicklets whose asses were model thin. Why would he even bother checking out the ass of a mid thirties woman? Was she being hormonal now? Judging by the arousal the sight of this young Adonis was having on her, probably.

She opened the fridge and scooped out two bottles of icy water. When she turned to hand one to him, his eyes lifted quickly. He HAD been looking at her ass. He took the bottle and drained half of it while she was still uncapping hers. A drop of condensation dripped onto his neck and her eyes followed its path before it disappeared into his shirt.

Oh my, it was warm. She placed the frosty bottle against her neck and closed her eyes. When she opened them he was looking at her breasts, specifically the nipples which had hardened, the tips obvious in the soft cotton shirt she was wearing.

His hand reached forward and took the bottle from her. “Here, I’ll get that.” He unscrewed the lid and handed it back now looking into her eyes and smiling.

“Thanks.” She took a long drink, looking away from him. Her heart beat harder in her chest and she felt a tingle between her legs. Oh my God. Did he suspect the effect he was having on her? Surely he would think that it was the cold bottle that had made her nipples hard. Where the hell was all this horniness coming from? And for a guy so young? True, she hadn’t seen Josh in over a week but even when she was with Josh, this kind of wantonness never happened. No, theirs was a slow comfortable lovemaking. Making out with young Mr. Studly standing across from her would be anything but slow and comfortable.

“Where’s the suitcase and box you want moved? I’d better get it for you and then get back to helping the other guys. Are you staying in a hotel tonight or heading out to Black Rapids? The furniture won’t be in your new house until tomorrow afternoon.”

Was there a hidden question there? Why did he want to know if she was staying in a hotel? Okay Carrie, time to nip this in the bud. “I’m leaving after you put my things in the car. I’ll stay with my husband tonight and we’ll start the unpacking tomorrow afternoon.” There. No more naughty thoughts about handsome young men with humongous muscles and tight jeans. She led the way into the bedroom which was almost empty now. She’d be seeing Josh tonight and take care of whatever lust had invaded her body like some kind of virus.


It was almost eight p.m. when Carrie, tired and hungry arrived at the hotel where Josh was staying. Too exhausted to go out for anything to eat, she suggested a pizza be delivered to their room, while she took a long hot bath.

When she emerged from the steamy bathroom wearing only a towel around her body, the pizza box was placed on the small table, while Josh lay on the bed naked with a raging hard on, his arms crossed behind his head. Wow. He must have really missed her.

She smiled and lowered her head as she stepped toward the bed, flinging the towel from her damp body. His eyes watching her were half closed, his lips together and curled up at the corners. Normally they’d spend a while kissing and fondling each other to reach this level of arousal; this was different. Instead of lying next to him, she knelt and took his thick cock in her mouth, stroking it with her hand. Mmm, he was so drizzly, she pulled back letting a viscous thread connect her lips to the tip of his cock. His eyes were watching her mouth and his cock, his breathing faster now.

Her mouth opened wide and took him inside as far as she could without gagging. His hand gently held the back of her head, exerting a slight pressure. He’d always wanted her to deep throat him and she’d never been able to before. She closed her eyes and focused on relaxing her throat, taking him further inside. Then a little further. Her eyes flew open when her lips touched the stubble of his shaven crotch. His fist closed on a handful of the bed’s cover as his neck arched and fell back, grinding into the pillow.

She eased her body up and swung her leg over his abdomen, knee walking so that her ass was close to his face, still holding his cock deep in her throat. His fingers slipped inside her slippery cunt and then out to tease her clit. There was pressure on the front of her thighs as he pulled her ass closer to his face and licked her. He had just the right touch on her clit with his fingers fucking her cunt. And with his big cock in her mouth, her hips rolled back and forth to his face, faster and faster as she fucked his cock with her mouth. It was so decadent to be licking each other, focusing on the sensation, caring only for gratification, like a slut.

As his tongue flicked faster across her clit, she pulled back from his cock only able to feel her hard nub and wet cunt. “Yes. Lick me and fingerfuck me harder. Suck me.” His finger moved faster, alternating with tonguing her clit. “God, yes, don’t stop, there, yes harder.” Her body jerked, pushing her pussy hard against his mouth as waves of orgasm flooded through her. She quivered from the aftershocks.

Josh pulled his head up. “Carrie, that was hot. I’ve never heard you talk like that. It was so fucking hot.” He dropped his head back to the pillow. “Now me, baby.”

His fingers played idly with her cunt as she once more took his cock into her mouth, licking and sucking as if her life depended on it. She would worship this big cock, do anything to please him. That thought caused a stir in her pussy once more. She was going to blow him but she wasn’t through with his thick cock yet. It was crazy that she wanted to do this all night. She couldn’t get enough of his cock and it was exciting—a welcome change.

Chapter 3

Josh woke up early the next morning. He was lying on his side, his wife’s ass spooned in close to his stomach while his arm rested across her, cupping her soft breast in his hand. What was with them last night? It was close to midnight when they’d finally stopped making love. It hadn’t been this good since their honeymoon in Niagara Falls. Was it being in a hotel or the week long absence from each other? Or was it being so juiced up with Sylvia’s offer of a threesome? Hell, he might as well be honest with himself, right? It was all three but maybe the threesome weighed in the most.

His cock stiffened and he guided it to his wife’s pussy, brushing past her asshole. She was still wet as hell from last night. She moaned and pressed her ass into him, opening her legs. He’d always wanted to fuck her ass but she’d never been too keen. Maybe she was still as horny as she’d been last night. It wouldn’t hurt to try just once more. His cock was slippery from his drizzle as well as her pussy juice. He held the tip of his cock against her asshole and pressed. Just the tip of it went in.

So far so good. She hadn’t shooed him away with her hand or moved so that his cock was forced into her cunt. Just a little more now. He pressed harder and stayed still for a few moments letting her relax her muscle. God, it was hard not to just push and push and fuck that tiny virgin hole. His heart was pounding hard hoping he’d be able to enter her before she stopped him. He pushed harder and the whole head of his cock was now inside her.

At her sharp intake of breath he stopped. “Is it okay?”

“Just go slow and easy please. So far, it feels kind of nice. Maybe we should do this doggy style and with the lube or a condom.” She pulled away and raised herself so that she was on her hands and knees.

Holy shit! Finally, she was going to let him fuck her ass! He scurried off the bed and grabbed a condom package that the hotel had left in the bathroom. He hadn’t thought he’d need it and had almost laughed when he first saw it laying there. Thank you, Renaissance Hotel. He stood behind the bed, fingers shaking as he slipped the latex over his cock, glancing up a few times to see Carrie’s gorgeous ass waiting for him. He rummaged in her makeup case and found a rarely used tube of KY. Wrapped and ready, he went back to the bed.

He pressed the tip against her asshole and pushed gently until the head was once more inside her. The sight of his cock between her ass cheeks combined with the tightness on the head of his cock was almost too much to bear. Her hand was now between her legs playing with her clit. Again he pressed, feeling her stiffen and move back onto him. He was now in halfway. The sensation was indescribable, so tight, warm and forbidden.

She pressed back again onto him continued until he was buried to the hilt in her hot ass. He pulled out a little very slowly before pushing into her again. Her breathing was becoming fast and she was moving her hips back and forth urging him to fuck her faster. His fingers dug into the soft flesh at the sides of her ass as he started pumping her faster and harder. He let one hand free to slide to the inside of her leg and up into her cunt. She was dripping wet and his fingers felt his cock deep inside. She was writhing and moaning, fucking his cock with her ass. Oh my God! His cum exploded into her almost to her belly button. On and on it spurted till his knees shook and he collapsed onto her back.

This woman who he’d made comfortable love with for so many years had become a wild animal. It was great! Had she been reading erotica while he was away? He’d buy her a hundred of those Mommy porn books if this was the result.

Is this the start of something, he wondered? Maybe she’d be receptive to Sylvia’s offer… He’d have to think about the best way to raise the subject.

Chapter 4

It was late in the evening after a day of unpacking and arranging furniture. The hot young Marco hadn’t been with the crew who unloaded, which was a relief. She wasn’t sure how much being around that hot young stud had to do with the wild sex she’d had with Josh. It had been great last night and again this morning. If she had more energy she’d jump him again but right now the wine she sipped laying next to him in bed was hitting the spot. Her body felt heavy and wavy from all of the hard work.

“I think we’re going to like it here. I’m making more money and you’ve had a few job offers. The house is unbelievable and the neighborhood’s great. By the way, the realtor Sylvia and her husband live only a few blocks away.” Josh lay on his side, elbow bent, head propped up in his hand, looking at her.

“Yeah, I think so too. Sylvia was nice, really knowledgeable. If she lives here, it must be a good neighborhood.” She took a sip of wine, savoring the warmth of it running down her throat.

“Yeah. She offered for us to get together for dinner. I mean her and her husband of course.”

“Oh. She’s married? I didn’t notice a ring on her finger. Yes, that’d be nice.” There was an odd look on Josh’s face.

“I think she and her husband are swingers.” His voice was lower.

Her head swiveled to look into his eyes. “What? How do you know? Did she just come out and say, by the way we’re swingers. How does something like that come up in the course of a conversation when she’s showing a house? And why’d she tell you?” Her eyes were tractor beams shining out of a scowling face.

“She kind of came on to me during the final viewing. I didn’t take her up on it, don’t worry. No way. I told her I was a happily married man.” He sat up and moved closer to Carrie.

“What the hell! She CAME ONTO YOU! How dare she. I’m sure there’s some board I could report her to.” Her breathing was rapid and her lips tight.

“Well it wasn’t just me. She said if you had been there, she’d have suggested a threesome.”


“Yeah, she equated sex to playing a game of tennis, all fun and games. I just mentioned it because I thought you’d find it interesting—knowing a person who actually does threesomes and swinging. And believe me, I didn’t do anything with her, nor would I ever.” He smiled. “Unless you were there.”

She finished the rest of her wine and got up to get another. What the hell. She’d take the bottle to bed and drink half of it. She needed a few more drinks to digest what Josh had just told her.

She believed him when he’d said he was innocent. But the sex last night had been unusual for them. More lust and passion. Maybe Sylvia’s offer had made him horny. But if anyone had anything to feel guilty about, it should be her. She’d been affected with naughty thoughts of the young moving man. Who was she to cast stones?

She poured another glass full of wine into Josh’s glass when she returned to the bedroom and then one for herself before settling in next to him once more. He was silent, his eyes wide and looking apprehensive.

“Look I believe you. Maybe I should be flattered that a woman as attractive as Sylvia—“

“Never noticed.”

She rolled her eyes at him and continued. “As attractive as we both find Sylvia, would proposition US. And it’s a good thing it wasn’t just you or I would…I would. Oh fuck I don’t know what I’d do.” She took a large swallow of wine.

“Well it was both of us and that’s the only way I’d ever approach this. It’d have to be hand in hand or I’m out.” His face was set in a determined expression.

All she could do was look at him, with her mouth open. HE was actually considering this. Was he for real? Swinging? Threesomes? Orgies?

She finished her glass of wine and poured another generous helping. Should she be mad or hurt that he wanted to add this to their sex life? That he wasn’t happy with just her? Was he bored? And if that was the case how much longer till he’d be tempted to have a casual affair—something to spice things up?

And if she was really honest with herself, she’d have to admit that sex had become a little ho hum. Except for last night and this morning. The last thing she’d ever consider doing was having an affair. She loved Josh way too much to even think of that. But if they were together in this, would it be cheating when they both knew what was happening?

“Look. This is all too much for me to take in tonight. I’m exhausted and a little drunk. I’m not saying no to this but I’m not ready to say yes either. We’re a couple and there’s nothing I ever want to do to jeopardize that. Why don’t we do some research and find out more about this.”

“You’d honestly consider this? We don’t have to, you know. If you were the only woman I ever had sex with for the rest of my life I’d die a happy man. You’re all I need. So I am going to leave this totally up to you. You do the research and let me know what you want. I’m good either way.” He had moved close to her holding her cheek in his palm as he looked into her eyes.

God, what a man. He’d said all the right things to reassure her that everything was good between them. The least she could do was be open to this. Hell. Who knows? Maybe she’d like it.

Chapter 5

The next day Josh was up bright and early. There was still so much to do with settling in with the unpacking. He dressed and decided to surprise Carrie with breakfast in bed, even if it was just take out from a fast food joint. It had to be take-out; they hadn’t had a chance to go grocery shopping yet.

He let himself out the door, taking care not to wake her. His mind was still in a bit of a whirl from the talk the night before. Granted, they’d killed the bottle of wine and had been a little sloshed but she was actually considering this swinging thing. How would he react if she were with another man? It was hard to picture but when he did, he was aroused imagining it, instead of feeling jealous or threatened. Another guy wanting to fuck his wife was a turn on. He and Carrie loved each other and her having sex with a guy while he watched had nothing to do with love. It was just erotic.

He pulled into the drive-thru of the closest fast food place and ordered two breakfasts with coffee. As he waited he thought of Carrie with Sylvia. His brain was going to explode. He had to adjust his cock as it was becoming painful in the constriction of his jeans. Girl on girl was every guy’s fantasy and the thought that one of the girls was Carrie had the tip of his dick oozing.

He took the paper bags and coffee from the clerk and paid. All the way home, pictures of Carrie and him at a swinger party kept flitting through his mind. What actually went on in those places? The possibility of finding out kept him stiff the entire drive. When he arrived back at the house, his wife was still sleeping. He placed the packages on the dresser and peeled off his clothes to slip in beside her warm body.

His hand slipped over her stomach and in between her firm thighs. Her legs stiffened and quivered as she stretched awake like a sleepy cat. His fingers separated her pussy lips and found the spot that would drive her wild. Her body rolled toward him, her hand reaching for his hard cock, but he was already easing himself lower on the bed. With how horny he was thinking of an orgy, there was no way he wanted her hand on his cock. He had to get her up to the same level of arousal that he was feeling because he was sooo ready to fuck her and come right away.

His mouth found her clit and sucked it between his lips, flicking his tongue across it rapidly. She sighed and pushed forward into his face spreading her legs wider. His fingers entered her, fucking her as he licked her clit. He tasted her sweet juice as she became wetter. He could be any man eating his wife’s hot cunt. He could see this in his mind and suddenly licking her clit and finger fucking her was something new. He wanted to devour her until she came.

Her fingers touched the side of his head, pulling him upward. “Fuck me. I need a cock inside me.”

He rose from licking her and guided his cock into her tight hole. The woman he loved and knew as intimately as he knew himself was now new to him. He was at an orgy with her and he was not her husband anymore. He was any man, aroused and wanting to fuck Carrie like she’d never been fucked before.

Her fingers clawed at his back and then snaked between them to rub her clit as he dove deep inside her. She was bucking like a wild horse under him, moaning and urging him on.

“Fuck me harder! Shoot your cum inside me. Oh, yesss.” Her body clung to him holding him deep while her muscles clamped down on his pulsing cock. He clutched her ass, pulling it tight to him as he exploded inside her.

“Oh my God, that was good.” She sighed and fell back flat, arms spread out, eyes looking at the ceiling. After a few moments, she lifted her head and smiled at him. “NOW, we’ve christened the new house.”

“Agreed. Very hot.” He smiled back at her, his eyes half closed. “I got you breakfast by the way.” He pulled himself off her body and walked on rubbery legs to the dresser to get their breakfasts.


They each tackled different rooms that day, unpacking and trying to get the house in order. After the TV and internet service guys finished, Carrie took a break and booted up her laptop. She checked email and then did a search on Swingers. Her eyes opened wide as she read about the number of happily married people who spiced up their love life by swinging. And what was really interesting was that in ‘the lifestyle’, it was the women who set the limits and who were mainly responsible for a couple’s participation. The most important aspect seemed to be the trust and closeness a couple had before dipping their toes into this area of sexuality. Baby steps, rather than jumping in head first were the recommended approach. Judging by the people involved with swinging, it wasn’t such a weird thing at all.

There were many clubs listed for a couple to visit. The most important aspect of behavior there was respect. No one was to touch another unless permission was granted. And there would be no coercion or pressure to participate if you weren’t ready for that. This seemed pretty reasonable. It wouldn’t hurt to visit a club in another city and see how comfortable they were with this. If it was awful, they could leave. That was something to think about while she went for a jog around the neighborhood.

As she was getting dressed in her running clothes she noticed Sylvia’s business card on the dresser. She opened up the laptop and did a search to find her address and map of the subdivision.

She left the bedroom and called out to Josh who was still sorting through files in the office. “I’m going running for an hour to clear my head.”

With that she did some stretches and bounded out the door. The day was beautiful with the sun close to the horizon and past the scorching heat of mid-day. She started off at a fast trot, working her way up to a full run up the street past gorgeous homes set on large acre lots. After about ten minutes she came to the street where Sylvia lived. Her house must be gorgeous with her being in real estate, finding great buys before anyone else. The rambling ranch bungalow was set back from the street with professionally designed landscaping. There was a tall cedar hedge surround the backyard and voices could be heard coming from there. She must be having a BBQ or some sort of party. Would it be the Swinger gang?

Carrie could see that the house backed onto a park or green space. Perhaps if she went around the block she could enter the park and maybe see some of the goings on at the party. She sprinted and rounded the corner in record time, entering the park behind the house. Her face fell when she saw that the hedge also bordered the back of the property. The only way she’d be able to see over it was with a ladder or…. She used to be a tomboy when she was a kid and could climb trees like a monkey.

She stopped and looked at the trees in the park. Most of them were fir but there was one large maple with low branches. Her eyes scoured the area to see if there was anyone in the park or about to enter. Nope.

She ran to the tree and began to climb. The tree had many branches and lots of leaves that would cover her from sight even if someone were standing directly under it. About halfway up, she looked towards Sylvia’s house and could see the heads of about a dozen people, Sylvia’s blond head included. She’d need to go higher if she wanted to see what they were doing or wearing. She climbed as high as she dared on branches that had become narrower.

Her eyes popped open wide now that she had a full view into the backyard. There was a swimming pool with a hot tub off to the side. She couldn’t make out faces but it was clear that everyone was naked. A few were in the pool swimming while there was a man sitting on the side, legs open and dangling in the water. In front of him a woman was bent over, giving him head. There were two guys with a woman on a chaise lounge. One was fucking her while she was sucking the other one’s cock. Oh my. There was a bar off to the side with a few people standing near it having drinks.

She stayed as still as a statue holding the branches of the tree watching the party for a few more minutes. What was surprising was the casualness of it all. They were laughing and chatting and if it weren’t for the couple at the pool and the threesome in the lounger, it could have been just any party. Well, it would if they were wearing clothes. But what had she expected? A mass of bodies in a heap having an orgy?

Her face felt warm as she started to climb down from the tree. What the heck was up with her, so interested in this swinging thing that she was climbing trees and becoming a peeping tom? But she couldn’t wait to get home and tell Josh what she’d seen.


In the early evening, they were driving to a grocery store when Carrie decided to tell his about Sylvia’s party.

“What! You climbed a tree to spy on them? Carrie, what if you’d fallen or someone had caught you? Are you crazy?” He stared at her with mouth agape. The silly woman could have been killed and here she was giggling and blushing like a school girl.

“I was perfectly safe. Don’t you want to know what I saw? Okay maybe you’re too shocked for me to say anything more. We’d better pick up some more wine at the grocery store.”

“Tell me.” He shot a scowl at her grinning face.

“They were all naked, in the pool, standing around having drinks and laughing. One guy was getting a blowjob while a woman was getting hers with two guys.” Her words came out in a rush.

“Did you see Sylvia? What was she doing?”

“I think she was at the bar. There was a blonde woman there but I couldn’t make out facial features. I’m pretty sure it was her.” Her eyes were sparkling in her excitement. “Bet you wish it was YOU in that tree checking her out.”

“No. I mean…it would’ve been interesting is all. When he looked at her, he could tell she was teasing, not jealous.

“I did some research online about this. They recommend that you go to a club and just watch before you really do anything. I figure it wouldn’t hurt to visit one, right? If it’s sleazy, we can always leave.”

“Where? Is there a club in this city?” This was unbelievable how interested Carrie was in this to do research. And spy!

“Yes but I think we should go to another city and stay the night. If nothing else, it’ll be a weekend away and a break from all of this moving and unpacking. We could go next weekend.”

Next weekend? Oh man!

Chapter 6

It was a frantic week for both of them between the unpacking, Josh going to work and Carrie going to three job interviews. In addition, they didn’t have a clue what they should wear to a Swinger’s Club. When they read on the websites that sexy clubwear was recommended they knew they’d have to go shopping. They were like two horny teenagers again—having hot sex every night.

Finally Saturday night arrived and they were parked outside the Swinger’s club in a city two hours from their home. Carrie sat immobile in the passenger seat, her eyes wide with a ‘deer in the headlights’ type expression. Josh was also nervous but trying his best to conceal that fact.

“Okay we’re here. We don’t have to do this Carrie. I will leave right now and we can have fun in our hotel room.” He looked at her, grabbed her hand to squeeze it and get her attention.

“No. I’ll be fine. But if I’m uncomfortable with anything, I think we should have a signal between us. If I ask you to get me a Bloody Mary drink, it means I want to go, okay?” Her big blue eyes were staring intently at him.

“Okay. And if I want to leave, I’ll ask you if you’d like a Bloody Mary. Just in case we’re talking to some people and don’t want to be rude or offend them. Ready?”

When she nodded he opened his door and walked around to her side to get hers. God, she looked hot! The leather skirt just barely covered her ass and her legs were bare above the stiletto heels. When she took his hand to get out, she bent, revealing a generous view of her cleavage in the push-up bra and low cut top. It would be fun to watch the other guys checking her out, wishing they were him.

Chapter 7

An woman with spiked hair in various pastel shades was sitting behind a counter when they entered the club. She looked up and smiled. Her manner was warm and friendly when she asked if they were members. While Josh answered the woman’s questions and filled out some paperwork the woman placed before him, Carrie looked around. The entrance area was softly lit, with a couple of nude Greek sculptures set off in one corner.

At the sound of dance music she took a few steps and peeked into the bar area. There were people standing at the bar laughing and chatting like they knew each other. Perhaps they were regulars. Many of the tables surrounding the dance floor were occupied. The men were mostly in dress casual but the women were in sexy club wear—lycra skintight, short dresses over dark stockings and stilettos. Well, at least she didn’t look out of place in her leather skirt.

She gulped when a young couple sitting at a table nearby caught her attention. They were staring at her, smiling. Should she smile in return? Would that be interpreted as an invitation that she was open to their advances? And would they hit on her and Josh? Did she have to decide right now if she was going to have sex with them? Her face got warm and she started to turn away. Was it rude to not smile back?

She startled when Josh took her elbow and turned to see a shorter blonde man with tattoos up both arms grinning at her.

“Carrie, I’m James.” He extended his muscular arm and hand towards her. “Since this is your first time at the club I’m going to take you on an orientation tour. It’ll only take ten minutes. It’s early for things to really start heating up, so you won’t miss much.”

She shook his hand noting that he looked so young—maybe only in his mid to late twenties. Although the website said that there would be people of all ages at the club, she had thought that there wouldn’t be many in their twenties. Swinging was supposed to spice up a couple’s sex life after some of the excitement had worn off. So how much excitement would have worn off the sex life of a guy in his twenties?

James led the way past the dance floor where only a few people, mostly women, were dancing. It seemed as if all eyes were staring at her and Josh as they followed behind James. She walked up a few stairs and James stopped dead in front of her.

“This is where the DJ sits. If you have any requests for songs, he’s pretty open to that.” He turned and they followed him to a door that he tapped lightly on.

Carrie looked at Josh wondering how he was taking all of this. He smiled at her and put his hand on her arm. He looked pretty casual, not nearly as nervous as she was feeling. Easy to do when it’s not your boobs almost falling out of your top.

James opened the door and gestured for them to enter.

“This is a change room with lockers where you can stow your gear. It’s not unusual for some women to have two or three changes of outfits in one night. Plus you can leave any toys you brought with you until you need them.”

The room was about ten feet by twelve, lined with lockers and a couple of long benches. They wouldn’t be needing the lockers as she hadn’t brought a change or any ‘toys’.

James motioned for them to follow him and led the way to another dimly lit room. There was a king sized bed in the centre of the room and off to the side was another large bed with a curtain half concealing it. On the other side of the room, was a sofa, two overstuffed chairs and a coffee table forming a conversation pit.

“If you’re into exhibitionism, you can use the bed here in the open. If you want privacy, the other bed can be curtained off and no one will interrupt you.” He stepped away. “Come along.”

Oh my God, if they did anything it certainly wouldn’t be on the bed in the open for anyone to stand and watch them. At least not the first time here. At least not the first time? Did she just think that?

James walked through an open doorway into a large room with many curtained areas, with beds on different levels and a circular bed in the centre. There was also a double wide lounge chair that curved almost in a letter ‘S’ shape. “This one’s fun.” He ran his hand over the curved surface and grinned at Carrie. She looked the chair over. Fun if you’re a gymnast maybe? She gave a small smile back.

James strode on. “If you need a break from playing, here’s a pool table for you to use.” He continued past the bar again leading the way to the other half of the building.

“This place is huge.” Josh commented.

“Yes. It was an old warehouse that we’ve kinked up, as you’re about to see.”

He opened a door and they entered what looked like a dungeon, with manacles on the wall, a large X shaped cross and various benches. Carrie gasped when he pushed a button and a swing slowly lowered from the ceiling. “You can adjust the height of the swing to whatever works for you. Just use your imagination.” He grinned and his eyebrows wiggled up in a lecherous way.

Carrie’s eyes were round as she noticed the leg straps that extended from the seat of the swing. Yes, if a woman was sitting on one of these, legs in the straps, she’d be pretty open to whatever would come up. A lot more than just open minded.

“And last but certainly not least for you Carrie, is our Sybian machine. We ask that you use a condom to protect yourself and others who use it.” It was a waist high box, almost barrel shaped, with a saddle, except that in the centre of the saddle was a large mounted dildo. He flicked the switch and turned the machine on.

There was a hum and the dildo began to vibrate. “Feel this.”

Carrie and Josh touched the saddle with their fingertips. When James turned a dial their mouths dropped open and they grinned. They could feel the power surge of the vibrating machine even in their feet.

Yes, this was something that she’d like to try.

“Well, that’s about it. Any questions?” James turned the machine off.

“What if a couple wants to have sex with us and we aren’t attracted to them? How do people normally handle that?” Carrie bit her lower lip and looked at James. Should she ask about smiling at strangers?

“Normally you chat or dance together long before that comes up. If you aren’t attracted to them or they to you, you probably won’t be chatting or dancing with them so you won’t have to come right out and say, no thanks. You’ll find a good crowd here. They’re all show respect to each other.”

“Thanks James. Carrie and I will probably just watch for our first time.” Josh put his arm around her.

“That’s cool too. Just enjoy. Now if there are no more questions, I have to get back and spell the bartender for a half hour.” He grinned and left them.

“What do you think? Time to take each other’s temperature…” Josh looked into her eyes.

“So far so good. C’mon, let’s get a drink and find a seat.”

Chapter 8

A couple of drinks later, Josh noticed that Carrie was much more relaxed. She was watching the couples on the dance floor and returning the smiles and looks of people who walked by their table. She touched his sleeve and pointed to the bar.

A pretty and curvy brunette woman was perched on the bar doing a pole dance. Her large breasts were exposed above the rhinestone G string and dark thigh highs she wore. Her movements were mesmerizing as she straddled the pole between her thighs and slid downward. As she stood again her legs were wide open, only her pussy against the gleaming pole. She was in her own world, caught up in the music and sensuousness of her dance with the large phallic symbol.

Carrie’s hand was on this thigh, inching upward towards his crotch. He was aroused by the pole dancer and some of the women on the dance floor who had shed their dresses, now wearing just G strings or garter belts. He tore his eyes from the pole dancer and looked into her eyes when her hand rubbed his hard cock through the fabric of his pants. Good. She was smiling invitingly at him, not jealous.

The DJ changed the song to one of Carrie’s favorites. “Let’s dance.” Her grin was pure evil as she stood and grabbed his hand.

He took a deep breath and let her lead him to the throng of bodies gyrating and groping each other. Sure, he had a hard on. That was the point of this place wasn’t it?

They found an open spot next to a voluptuous blond and her tall beefy boyfriend. He’d never seen Carrie dance this way—touching her breasts, rolling her hips. He pulled her body close to his and danced closely, while his other hand pulled the back of her skirt up, exposing the lower half of her ass cheeks.

The beefy guy and the blond grinned and gave Carrie’s ass a thumb’s up sign. Or did the gesture mean higher? Josh pulled the skirt so that it was bunched around her waist, her firm ass cheeks now totally exposed. The blond leaned over and whispered in Carrie’s ear. Carrie smiled and the blond woman ran her hands over the round globes of his wife’s ass. She turned Carrie so that now the two women were dancing together while the men watched them.

Wow. Carrie was really getting into this. She was pulling the blonde’s ass towards her and the two women were rubbing their crotches into each other. The tip of Josh’s cock was dripping pre cum watching the blonde kiss Carrie’s lips while one hand cupped her breast. He quickly glanced at the boyfriend and then back to the women who were moving sensuously together. Yeah, the boyfriend was enjoying this as much as he was.

When the song ended, Carrie and the blonde exchanged a long deep kiss before returning to their partners. The next song was a slow one thank God. He held Carrie tight as they swayed to the music.

“That was hot.” His lips brushed her ear, inhaling her spicy perfume,

“Why don’t we invite them to sit with us?” She pulled her head back and looked into his eyes. “I don’t think I’m ready to do a full swing, but I’d like to get to know them.”

“Are you attracted to them? He looks like he’s well built, handsome in a rugged kind of way.” He moved closer, his voice low, speaking into her ear.

“Yeah, he’s sexy. And her boobs? They’re real.” She whispered and smiled up at him.

He squeezed her ass cheek hard and then tapped on the boyfriend’s shoulder. The guy turned, his head cocked to the side.

Josh pointed to the table they had been sitting at, mimicked a drinking motion and circled his hand indicating the four of them.

The guy glanced at the blonde and then nodded his head.

Carrie led the way off the dance floor and they sat down at their table once more, moving their chairs closer together to make room for the couple who were joining them.

“I’m Josh and this is Carrie. Have a seat.” The blonde was looking into his eyes while the boyfriend was gazing at Carrie.

“Hi, I’m Keith and this is Dani. What are you drinking?” He held out a chair for Dani.

“Just white wine. But let me get that.” Josh started to get up but Keith put his hand on his shoulder.

“No man. You get the next round.” He smiled and then was gone.

“Are you and Keith members here?” Carrie asked.

Dani not only had a great body, her smile was friendly, set in a face with high cheekbones and dark blue eyes. “We come here about once a month when we can do an overnight and get a babysitter. Is this your first time here?” Her eyes flitted between Carrie and his.

“Yes. It’s great. The atmosphere is so erotic and the people all seem pretty friendly. I don’t know what I expected but I’m pleasantly surprised.” Carrie’s words gushed out.

Dani laughed and said. “Do you mean your first time at this club or any club?” She looked up and accepted the dark drink that Keith handed to her.

“You guys are newbies?”Keith handed the wine to Josh and sat down.

“’Fraid so. First time to any club.” Josh put his hand on Carrie’s knee.

“Well, if there’s any advice I could give a first time visitor, it would be to go at your own pace in small steps and always touch base with each other. If you do that, it’ll work out great. I’ve seen disasters happen when one person rushes ahead before the other one is ready.” Dani looked more at Josh when she said this.

Yeah, that made sense. This was like walking in a minefield in some respects. If he and Carrie weren’t in total agreement, this could blow up in their faces. As tempting as getting together with Keith and Dani was, he and Carrie had agreed that they’d just watch for their first time.

“When we started, it took us maybe five visits before we were ready to do a full swing. We’d come here, have awesome sex with each other, watch others people having sex. That’s still a blast.” Keith looked at Carrie and then took a sip of his drink.

“How did you handle watching your partner have sex with someone else?” Carrie’s question was directed at Dani.

“As long as I’m part of the scene, I love it. I thought it would be hard but when you’re ready, it’s actually pretty erotic. You’ll know when you’re both ready.” Dani grinned and the look she gave Keith was joyful. Obviously, these two were a solid couple, and that was reassuring.

“I’d like to try making love alongside another couple who are also doing that.” At Carrie’s comment Josh’s breath hitched and eyes opened wide looking at her.

Keith looked at Dani and some sort of silent communication passed between them.

“Would you like Keith and I to join you? We’d like that. It’s called soft swing—each with their own husband.” Dani focused her attention on Carrie.

It was obvious in this area, women took the lead. His cock was almost ripping his cotton trousers it was so hard at the thought of making love to Carrie while watching and being watched by another couple.

Carrie looked at him before she answered. “Yes. You guys are attractive and nice. It’d be fun, I think.”

“Before we do, we should talk about limits. For example, is it okay for the other couple to touch you while you’re making love with your partner? And if it is, what places are out of bounds? Your ass, your breast, cock? It’s important to know your limits and communicate them so you don’t get unpleasantly surprised.”

“I’m okay if Dani touches Carrie anywhere but maybe not Keith touching her.” Carrie turned her head and looked at Josh, surprise in her eyes.

It was true that the idea of a man hitting on or making love to Carrie was a turn-on, but better to go slow at first. There was time for that down the road if they wanted to do it.

“And I promise to keep my hands off you Josh. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose.” Dani smirked at Josh.

“Let’s drink to your first time and get the hell over there.” Keith’s green eyes sparkled, his lips smiling ear to ear as he raised his glass.

Chapter 9

There was one king sized bed with the privacy curtain option open when the four of them entered the swinging area. The sounds of moans, deep breathing and flesh slapping against flesh could be heard as they made their way through the reddish hue lighting in the room. Carrie glanced at Dani when they stood next to the bed they would soon be on. Should they take their dresses off here or in the closed-in bed area? When Dani slid the G string down, over her thighs and stepped out of them, Carrie lifted her top and pulled it over her head.

She couldn’t stop admiring Dani’s large breasts with the hard dark nipples. She’d always been proud of her own rack, a healthy D cup, but Dani must be double D. When she had held Dani’s breast in her hand she had been surprised by how supple the soft flesh felt. It had also been a turn on kissing her while Josh watched, knowing this was getting him hot. It was the first time she had ever groped another woman’s breast. It was exciting. She snaked out of her skirt and stepped forward placing her knee on the bed. Dani and Keith were kissing but stopped to watch her enter.

She laid a few inches away from Dani and waited for Josh. The first thing she noticed when he climbed onto the bed was his huge cock bobbing against his stomach. The dance with Dani had made her wet and the talk at the table had made her even wetter.

Josh kissed her tenderly and rubbed her breast, teasing the hard nipple with his thumbnail. His cock pressed against her inner thigh, leaving a drizzle of pre-come. She reached for it and stroked him while at the same time pulling him so that it was closer to her pussy. He eased his groin away from her and took her nipple into his warm mouth, flicking his tongue across its pebbly surface. From the corner of her eye she saw Dani rise so that she was kneeling next to Keith’s hip.

As Josh kissed and licked his way down to her pussy, she watched Dani lean over Keith and take his thick cock in her mouth. When Josh’s tongue licked her clit, she sighed and glanced over at Keith. His eyes alternated between Dani sucking his cock and watching Josh eat her pussy. My God this was hot! She opened her legs wider to allow Josh to kneel between them. In the process her calf brushed against Dani’s ass. The next thing she knew Dani’s hand was sliding up her waist to her breast, taking it in her hand and rolling it. She raised herself on one arm and reached for Dani’s ponderous tit. Her hand grasped it, rolling it in her hand.

The jolts of pleasure that Josh’s tongue was sending through her, coupled with watching Dani suck Keith had her grinding her hips forward, thrusting harder into Josh’s mouth. She gasped when he pulled his mouth away, rising up to lie next to her. It was now his turn to watch their bed partners.

Carrie swung her body over and knelt beside him. She positioned herself so that Keith and Dani would be able to see as she took Josh’s cock deep into her throat. Knowing that they were watching, she opened her mouth wide, breathing through her nose to relax her throat enough to take all of him. It was decadent doing this, almost as if she were some porn star. Josh strained upward to drive his cock deep into her throat.

There was a rustle and Carrie’s eyes shifted to Dani’s beautiful round ass settling on the bed as Keith rose to mount her. She could see a glimpse of Dani’s shaven pussy lips before Keith’s ass covered her view. Keith’s cock slid into Dani and slowly pumped in and out.

It must have been too much for Josh as his hand touched her head urging her up on the bed. She rolled over so that her head was close to Dani’s as she lay waiting to be filled. Ahhh…It was heaven when Josh’s big cock slipped inside her slippery folds, the tip of it brushing against her cervix. He was huge filling her up. A hand grazed up her hip and inched in between Josh and her, pushing downward to her pussy. A soft finger, Dani’s finger, vibrated her clit, pressing and fast.

Her breath was fast, hissing in her throat, being fucked while another woman played with her clit. She wanted to do the same for Dani—give her the same pleasure but her heart was pounding hard, her body caught up in wave after wave of wet pleasure. She pulsed deep inside from the hard cock that was shooting a load of cum into her. Just as she thought it was over, she was overcome with another orgasm. There had never been anything like this—so forbidden and depraved.

It was glorious.

When her orgasm subsided, her eyes turned to see Keith pounding deep into Dani like a piston. Josh collapsed beside her and turned to watch the other couple as well. Carrie’s hand left Dani’s tit and travelled down her stomach to find Dani’s clit. The only clit she’d ever felt was her own and Dani’s was like that, a hard little nub. She stroked it softly the way she liked her own clit to be touched, rewarded by deeper moans from the other woman. Faster now that Dani was so close, not stopping even when Dani’s body jerked upward in a huge orgasm.

Whether it was her hand so close to his cock or Dani’s orgasm that tipped the scale for Keith, he grunted loudly as his body jerked deep inside his wife.

Josh’s arm went around Carrie, pulling her close to his body as they watched the culmination of the lovemaking next to them. Carrie felt eyes on her skin and glanced at the curtain which had only been pulled slightly together. What the four of them had just done could have been witnessed by anyone walking by. In fact there was a middle-aged couple standing a couple of feet away, arms around each other, doing just that.

“Wow. That was good. We should fuck together more often.” Keith chuckled as he pulled out of Dani. “I see we put on a good show.” His head jerked towards a couple who were watching.

As if on cue, or maybe they’d overheard, even though Keith’s voice was low, they walked away. Now the athletic couple on the bed in the centre of the room could be seen. They both must have been body builders from their muscles. He was on his back while she straddled him, raising and lowering her cunt on his cock, using her powerful legs. It was graceful, like an erotic ballet as with only one foot planted on the round bed, she spun, so that her ass was facing his head. She continued riding his cock, his fingers now dug deep into the woman’s ass, until both of them reached a moaning orgasm.

“We’d better go back to the bar and not hog this bed. Other people may want it and I’m pretty well done for an hour anyway. I don’t have the stamina of a teenager anymore, dammit.” Keith looked at Josh and Carrie.

“I hear ya Bro, but this was awesome. C’mon Carrie, we’d better get up.” Josh leaned over and softly kissed Carrie’s lips.

She crawled to the edge of the bed and bent down to pick up her thong and skirt. It was a wonderful feeling to be naked in front of other people and not be self-conscious or shy. She glanced at Keith and Dani who were slipping into their clothes, as naturally as if they had just finished a round of tennis and were in the change rooms getting dressed once more. And yet, there was a deeper level of companionship. All of them had stripped to their bare essence, enjoyed the ultimate in sexual play; the familiarity and comfort was now on another plane.

Nakedness really was the great equalizer—it didn’t matter what Keith and Dani did for a living, how much money they had or didn’t have, all four of them had been just sexual people together.

“Let’s have a drink in the bar. This round’s on me.” Josh was already dressed, waiting.

When they were seated again in the bar area, Dani put her hand on Carrie’s thigh and asked, “Well, what did you think? Was it a disappointment? Hot or what?”

Carrie gave a little giggle before she replied. “It was incredible. Watching you guys fuck, knowing you were as aroused as Josh and me amped things up sooo much. I would never have guessed how powerful a turn on that was.”

“Yeah for us too. I hope you guys come back to the club next month. There’s a couple who we normally are with, but they couldn’t make it tonight. You’d like Sylvia and Byron.”

Josh was just returning with the round of drinks and must have overheard Dani’s comment from the swift look he shot at Carrie. He set the drinks down in front of each person and took a seat.

“Is Sylvia a real estate agent?” He asked.

“Yes. She lives in Black Rapids. Do you know her?” Dani’s head was tilted, eyes looking from Josh to Carrie.

“She’s our real estate agent. We just bought a house through her. Maybe we can carpool.” He laughed.

Chapter 10

“Oh my God Josh, I can’t believe how much fun that was.” Carrie waited by the door to their hotel room while Josh slipped the key card in the lock.

“And it’s not over yet.” He opened the door and then followed her inside, reaching forward to pinch her round ass.

She turned and threw her arm around his neck, pulling his head down to kiss him while her other hand slid to the crotch of his pants.

“Mmm…I can see that you found the evening exciting as well.”

He pushed his groin into her hand and reached around to unzip her skirt. If anyone had told him a month ago that he and Carrie would be at a swinger’s nightclub and groping at each other like horny teenagers afterwards, he’d have told them they were off their meds. Now here he was, having had a mind blowing orgasm just over an hour earlier and ready to fuck the woman he’d fucked for years, as if she was brand new to him.

He pulled her skirt and thong down and lifted her top over her shoulders. There was a snick of her hand lowering his zipper and then pushing his pants down. He kicked his shoes off, still kissing her and stepped out of the pants. His hands cupped her ass and he lifted her as if she were a doll, loving it when her legs circled his waist. His breathing was raspy as he set her down on the dresser and her hand guided his meat to her cunt. She was so wet that the tip slid in easily. This was a first time doing it this way for them.

“Oh God…” he groaned pushing hard into her tight opening, made tighter by her body weight pressing down. His hand slid across her stomach and his finger played with her clit. She was now moaning and pushing her hips back into him. She was close to coming and it wouldn’t be long before he exploded in her again. When an image of Keith and Dani fucking beside him flitted through his mind, he drove deep into Carrie, cum pulsing out in an orgasm that seemed to go on and on. Carrie’s fingernail tore at his shirt as she became a wild animal in her orgasm. Oh my God, this was so fucking hot.

His mouth left hers and his head drooped on her shoulder. “Woman, you’re killing me and I love it.” He lifted her once more and walked over to the bed to set her down. She raised her arms over her head and pointed her toes, stretching out like a sexy satiated feline. As his fingers undid the buttons on his shirt he looked at her and smiled. God, he loved her!

She pulled back the covers and eased between the white cotton sheets holding the edge up for him to join her. She had never looked more sexy or happy than she did that very moment. He dimmed the lights and climbed in next to her, his arms enfolding her as he leaned forward to kiss her deeply.

“I love you.” He murmured into her ear, breathing her perfume.

“Josh, tonight was really good for us. I think it’s revived our sex life and brought us closer together. Would you think I’m a slut if I said I want to do this again?” Her lips brushed like a feather against his neck.

“Hell yes.”

Her head jerked back and she looked into his eyes.

“If by slut you mean Sexy, Lustful, Unadulterated, Tantalyzing. I want you to stay this way for me. And I want to do this again as well because I’m seeing a side of you I love. You’re like a butterfly opening her wings.” His hand slipped to cup her breast and fondle her nipple which was becoming hard again under his touch.

“What about full swinging? Do you think we could handle that?” She laid her head down on his broad muscular chest.

He was silent for a moment before he answered. “I’m okay with soft swing or even no swinging. I love you and that’s all that matters. If you want to try full swing, I think we should try it in small steps. Maybe touch a member of the opposite sex, go on to kissing, giving head or eating them out and see how that goes. If we both are okay with that level, then we’ll see about full swing.”

There was again a silence between them for a few minutes holding each other in the darkened hotel room. Josh rolled over and taking his hard cock in his hand, rubbed it against Carrie’s stomach.

“I was just picturing Keith fucking you doggie style while Dani and I watched. Can you tell how okay I am with that picture?” His words breathed into the hollow of her neck.

She turned away from him and raised herself so that she was on her knees, elbows resting on the bed. “Like this?” She turned and looked at him a mischievous smile on her face.

It was like he was Keith, seeing his wife’s bare ass inviting him to fuck her. He got behind her and drove his cock up to the hilt. When Dani entered the picture in his head, she and Carrie were kissing and fondling each other. Carrie was bucking like a bronco under him. Was it possible that in her mind, it was Keith fucking her?

“Fuck him Carrie. Squeeze that hard cock as hard as you can. Show him what a sexy slut you are.” The words were out of his mouth before he had a chance to think.

“Yes, fuck me hard for Josh. I’m his slut. He wants me to fuck you. Fill me with your cum.” Her words surprised and turned him on even more. He drove deep into the woman on the bed, knowing she wanted him to fuck her hard. A force and velocity was unleashed in his hips as he banged the woman who was now his slut.

“Uh…uh” he grunted as his cum shot deep into her, rutting like a wild animal. Her muscles were squeezing him, in her orgasm.

He pulled back and slipped out of her before collapsing in a gooey heap beside her.

She turned into him and threw her leg over his thigh, cum oozing onto his skin. “Well, that answers that. We definitely have to dip our toes in the full swing pool. Maybe I’ll give Sylvia a call this week and get together with her for a drink.”

Josh drifted to sleep with a smile on his face.


Stay tuned for the second book in the Swinger Club series, where Josh and Carrie try a full Swing.

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