Written by Adam

5 Oct 2009

We had talked about a threesome for a long time, but it was while watching a film that my wife finally said “Yes, so long as I can choose the other person.”

It was three weeks later; on a Friday afternoon that she called to say she was bring me home a present, Sandy, and I was to make sure the bedroom was fit for visitors.

Sandy and Eve got out of the car. Sandy turn out to be a man. Oh, well. Not what I was expecting. He was in his early twenties and that made him a good five years younger than both of us.

I was coming down stairs as they came in the front door. “Take Sandy into the living room.” She told me, and went off towards the kitchen.

“Have you known Eve long?” I asked as we went into the living room. I was still shocked that the threesome was an extra guy.

“Just a couple of days.” He replied, almost as shocked as me.

We did not have long before, before we were shocked again. Eve came in the other door. She had three glasses in one hand, a bottle of wine in the other with a string of twelve condoms hanging between her fingers, and that was all she had. She was starkers right down to her feet. She rested one hand against the door and struck a pose, her nipples hard and dark. “Who gets me first?”

My mouth almost dropped open. “Sandy, guests first?”

He just stood there. Eve walked into the room and put the glasses down, handing me the wine at the same time. I copt a grope with my other hand. In return I got a kiss. She was wet at both top and bottom. I pulled my hand free and put in to my nose, enjoying her scent. Then I tasted my finger and put my fingers to her mouth. She sucked. Eve had never done anything like this before.

I filled the wine glasses. It was a sweet Spanish red. Turning to Sandy, offering a glass, I asked, “Wine or something sweeter?”

Eve was undoing his shirt. He was bulging, so was I. As she pushed her hand down the front of his trousers, he lost control, gripped her shoulders and pushed her to the carpet. Eve pushed his trousers down took hold of his cock and held it away from her cunt. She pushed him off and tore a condom open with her teeth. Sandy put the condom on, as I looked into Eve’s eyes. She mouthed I love you and pulled Sandy to her. He pushed into her as she opened her legs. He was unable to control himself. He moved fast and hard, and lasted less than two min. Eve just laid there and took it. When he had done she took his head in her hands and kissed him.

I was still fully dressed, I had just looked on. I knew she was no virgin when we met, but now she had just fuck a guy in front of me. It was the first time I had seen her have sex with another man, and I was so had, I had to get up her.

I started to strip off. Sandy left her and Eve came to help me strip. I wanted her, I wanted to do a better job than Sandy, but I doubted I could. I was so excited Eve pulled my trouser down and started to suck at my cock. I came quickly and she swallowed my cum. Then she rolled a condom on and I knelt close to her. Running my hands over her, kissing her, she opened her legs and my hand returned to her now wetter and now stretched pussy. She lay back on the carpet and I replaced my hand with my cock. I pushed in easily and found her warm and loose. I pushed deeper, her tits pressed against me. They were warm and I felt her nipples on my chest. Each thrust pushed deeper into the dark vault. Then she came, her stomach rose to me, her legs squeezed tightly and I pushed even harder, but that was it I came, kissed her harshly and clasped her tit.

We relaxed and I kissed her again. I sat back, my cock dropping, the condom full of cum. Sandy was drinking; he had empted the glass and refilled it. I did not know where to look. While I was fucking I knew what I was doing. Now I did not know what to say to who. I drank my wine. Eve had done well, I needed to say something. “She’s some fuck, Sandy.”

It felt wrong as soon as I said it. “Let’s go up.” Said Eve.

She took Sandy’s hand and I followed, putting a hand on her backside as she climbed the stairs.

She gave him a seat on the side of the bed. Parted his legs and bent to lick the last of his cum from his cock. I knelt beside her. Her tongue ran around the head of his cock. She bobbed and his cock disappeared into her mouth. I was hard. I ran my hands over her. I wanted her to bring a woman into our bed, but this man was not a disappointment. I ran two fingers along her valley. She almost choked on his cock. She let go of it, and pulled away from me. She knelt on the bed. Took his cock in her mouth again and raised her ass. I knelt behind her; pushed my cock slowly into her cunt. I looked over her at Sandy’s contorted face. As she sucked I fucked. I would not be spit roasting her if she had picked a girl friend. Would I? I never imagined she would ever do this.

Sandy reached for her head as he came. I heard her slurping at his cock, then she lifted her head and I started to fuck harder and faster, harder and faster. Her tits must have been swinging in front of Sandy. That was it, I came, bursting, flooding cum into her. I kissed her backside. She turned and pressed her body into my own. “Is that what you wanted?” she asked.

“Kind of, yes.” I told her. Eve rolled on to her back and asked louder, “Be a dear and lick me out Sandy.”

He did then we lay down each side of her, touching and kissing her till we fell asleep.