Written by Kt242

2 Apr 2009

My eyes are covered by a blindfold and I am laid facedown on the leather top table, I am told to grip the far side of the table which I do, the leather is cold against my breasts and my nipples are hard with that and the anticipation of what is to come. My legs are spread, I feel vulnerable but excited knowing that I am on display for the men. Someone is stroking their fingers through my hair and down my back to my buttocks and then caressing me between my legs; my pussy is wet with anticipation of what is to happen. Three pairs of hands are on me now, fingers into my mouth my arse and then at last into my pussy and massaging my clit which is hard with excitement. Something is pushed up into my bottom and I realise they are fucking me with a vibrator, I push back against it but wanting a cock in my cunt, at last one of the men obliges, he fucks me savagely and quickly whilst plunging the vibrator in and out of my bottom. The second man then takes his turn and then the third, I am pulled to my feet the blindfold pulled from my eyes and the vibrator removed, one of the men lifts me and seats me on the table with my legs pushed apart, he thrusts the vibrator into my hand - "now make yourself come for us".