Written by Penfold

8 Feb 2014

I had always been close to my sister in law, picking her up from nights out when drunk, holidays & even seeing each other naked obviously both drunk on holiday. So being around her was not an issue or a problem, we were just relaxed in each other's company and never had any sexual thoughts towards her at all. However she was due to get married then had a massive bust up, me and my wife had to go sort her out. Her partner wanted her out of the house and said that everything was off!. We took her to ours and she was devastated, after lots of crying we took her to her mam's and they sorted her out, collecting her things and cancel various wedding things. This was 5 days ago!

Saturday had arrived and my wife had gone prom dress shopping with her other sister, a task I had got out of thankfully. All set to watch the match on tv when in walks my sister in law asking where Tracy was, told her she had gone shopping blah blah blah. Then she sat at the table and stated crying, knowing she was a tad mellow dramatic and not wanting to fan the flames I left her for a while trying to watch the football. After 15 minutes I could not bloody concentrate with her crying!! So switched the volume down and wet over to her. I told her that she has to get on with her life and try as hard as it may be at to moment to keep busy and not think about it.

I placed my hand on her back whilst she had her head in her hands on the table, gently rubbing her back and trying or thinking that this would do the trick as a guy would do who ain't got a clue of how to deal with the situation. Then she turned to me and cuddled me, now I'm stood up she is sat down so her head is now resting on my stomach and sobbing away. Little awkward for me to deal with especially as don't know what to do to help her. I just rubbed her back but as I did I could feel she never had a bra on which just sent messages to the brain and in turn to my cock! Now Sam is by far the better looking of the 3 sister and the youngest. So having her head inches from my cock and no bra, well it happened!.

I could feel myself getting hard and now not rubbing her back like a Neanderthal man more stroking and caressing. What seemed like ages must only have been a minute or 2 and I was fully hard and trying to hide the fact as either she knew or was likely to feel it too. I tried to move away gently saying I will make a drink but she just held her hands behind my back. Then without saying a word her hand moved and began to rub my cock through my jeans, I just gasped, mouth open and looking down at her wanting to to step back but yet needing her to carry on. She never said a word and neither did I as she undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and took my ridged cock from within, slowly stroking me.

She just kept wanking me slowly, pulling my foreskin back and forth looking at my cock. I had now started to caress the front of her body, no attempt to stop me as I began to play with her tits. The feeling of her hard nipples under her dress was such a turn on and find it erotic when a woman is wearing no bra. Then the feeling of warmth on my cock made me gasp again as I looked at her taking me into her mouth, slowly gliding up and down her tongue rolling around the head of my cock. She was a master at sucking cock, I could see her tongue licking the head and was now in full lust mode, I stood her up then lifted her onto the table I was going to fuck her weather she wanted it or not. I kissed her, not softly but wildly both no in wild lust. My hand slide between her legs and began to rub her pussy, her panties wet her pussy ready to be fucked. My fingers slid inside and could feel her smooth wet lips, my thumb rubbing her clit. Then her body stiffed her head flinging back as she moaned loudly as her orgasm ripped through her body. I struggled to get my jeans off snore or less ripped my tee shirt off as she took her dress off both insatiable for each other. I pulled to the edge of the table and guided my cock to her waiting pussy and thrust hard into her again and again. She laid down on the table as I slid my cock into her, her tits bouncing with each thrust.

I could see her wet lips sliding up and down my shaft, my fingers squeezing her nipples and knew I would cum soon, then I felt her pussy gripping my cock the look in her face and her legs n heels dug into my back pulling me in deep as she was cumin. I could feel that moment coming where I could not last any longer pulling on her hips as began to cum, slow deep and hard as each spurt shot inside her. My legs now like jelly as I leaned forward to suck her nipples to give my legs a rest. Then both laying motionless letting the moment sink in, I took my cock out of her and went to toilet looking in the mirror thinking what have done or started! When I came back downstairs she had gone.