Written by Angelcakes

14 Nov 2012

By now I was breathing heavily through my mouth with my teeth clenched tightly together, my nostrils felt flared and my eyes popping out of my head. I suppose I am painting a picture of a scared, petrified cornered animal! I was and do you know what? I was excited at the same time. To say I was turned on or horny would be wrong but deep, deep down my stomach was in knots and i didn’t know what was happening and through the mental games that were being played on me I loved it! I can’t explain why I just wanted the next thing to take me by surprise.

“Viv, it’s Brian and Terry! You know BLT2?” “What?” I said sharply. “Brian and Terry! We were camming with you last Friday night and the week before” God, I did know who she was and for the first time, although dark I could make out the shape I had watched bouncing on her husband’s cock on cam a few days ago and in fact on several occasions. She had watched me and hubby doing the same!

“Your okay Viv hunny” she said in a soothing voice putting her free hand inside my coat and rubbed my shoulder. As soon as her fingers touched me I knew how turned on I really was, the slightest touch was so intense, my senses had been heightened, I could hear every little noise, smell every little smell from the mats in the car to Terry’s perfume. I felt alive! “where are we?” I asked. “Take a look” It hadn’t occurred to me to lift my head till this point, as I did I was surprised and started to laugh. We were parked on a drive, a nice gravel drive outside a large house. “Welcome to our home Viv”

Hubby got into the driver’s seat; I was relieved and went to kneel up to speak to him. “No hunny” Terry said “We haven’t started yet, don’t anger him or he may not take us” I looked round “This is Chris, my husband, not a syco!” I replied. Terry was very still, I pulled at her arm with mine and the cuff clanked. Chris turned round “Okay you two silence!” I wanted to kiss him and say how he had surprised me yet again but instead I did as I was instructed but with a little smile on my face. It was only seconds ago I was scared out of my wits, now although my heart was still thumping I was feeling a bit giddy. “Sir, please sir” I asked politely “where are we going. At this point Brian opened the passenger door and for the first time I saw somebody smile. “Hi” he said cheerily, “Viv, at last, how are you?” how am I? How look? I thought. “Answer the gentleman darling” Chris said in a commanding voice. Right here’s my chance to tell them I have been bundled into a car, driven to who knows where, petrified to a point of needing to pee, chained to someone I have never met and screamed and swore till I hyperventilated! How am I HOW FUCKING AM I! “Fine Brian, how are you?” I said sweetly trying to hold my hand out to shake his. “Good Viv, good. Didn’t know if you were with him or not. He didn’t say” I looked at hubby “Darling?” I said in a puzzled tone towards Chris. At this point hubby’s dom persona dropped as a smile, the best smile in the whole wide world spread across his face. “You like so far?” He asked “well!” I said “We will tell you on the way then, come on you two out and let’s put the seat up for you!”

With that Brian opened the back of the car and helped us both out. We were still cuffed together and Terry found my hand with hers and squeezed it, I squeezed back. Chris had put the seat up and we shuffled into the car. “I will follow you Brian!” The engine started and as Brian’s Land rover moved off, we were following right behind. Now I soon found out Terry is a talker, nonstop but really nice with it. She told me that Chris had spoken to them on line about dogging as he knew they enjoyed it and that she and Brian had remembered what I had said a few times about being in a situation where you could not work out what was happening and everything was out of my control. I remembered only too well how it went as I have a continuing fantasy about it. Not being afraid because you know the person with you would not let any harm come to you. Apparently this was the second time they had set this up by hubby chickened out and had not started the ball rolling(bless him) so when we got to Brian and Terry’s house they didn’t know if they would be going off on their own or whether I was in the car. They had seen our car from down the lane and come out of the house. When they saw Chris on his own they assumed he was on his own. He didn’t say anything until he checked I was still okay. It was all a plan and I fell for all of it.

At this point even I worked out what was coming next, but I still needed a pee “two minutes and we will be there hun” Chris told me. Along unlit roads we followed Brian till he indicated, pulled into side road then turned again through what looked like a farm entrance. The lights from the car lit up an opening with several cars dotted about. I was getting excited again and as Terry squeezed my hand tightly I put my other hand on my chest to feel my heart beat. Hubby stopped and let Brian go to the far end on the open area before revering to the side of him. Car stopped, engine off, silence! So silent it hurt your ears. I could then hear a noise, from in the car. Terry wasn’t talking, she was panting, then I realised, so was I! I broke the moment. “ I need to go!” Terry opened her door which was nearest to Brians car and we shuffled out. Brian opened his door “Wait a moment if you want an audience!” but I needed to pee. Shit French knickers! “I am going to need your help Terry” I said “No problem” and we both hitched my dress up and eased my knickers down. Big boots, big problem, I squatted the best I could with my spare hand holding on to the car door. The noise was going to be embarrassing, lots of liquid and a long way down. God, am I glad i had brought tissues in my bag! The knickers were staying off, Terry helped open my bag and passed me some tissues. Chris had come round the car by this point and opened the front passenger door. If anybody came to see what was going on, they would have to und the back. He came up to me and stood toe to toe, he bent down and kissed me, mmm! My mouth opened and he searched out my tongue with his. His arms went inside my coat and he pressed his body against his, I drew away a little and started to suck on his bottom lip, I could taste my own lipstick on him. My hand made an involuntary movement towards his crotch. Involuntary as Terry was moving it. I tried to feel his bulge but she was already undoing his fly. Then my hand was against his shorts as Terry felt inside and sighed approvingly when she found his cock. I could hear someone behind me and then a hand on my bum. I had lost track of Brian and as the hand went down and under my coat I slightly parted my legs. I could feel him breathing behind me as he brushed his hand softly over my stockings and bare flesh above.

At this point hubby and Brian broke away from us, hubby tucked his very hard cock back in his shorts the best he could and Brian walked round and stood at the side of him. “Are we ready?” Brian asked “Yes” hubby and Terry answered in unison. “Ready for what?” I asked.