Written by Angelcakes

14 Nov 2012

Terry pulled me back to my full height and again squeezed my hand, she leant in to me and whispered “show time” then kissed me on my neck. She ushered me round the back of our car, opened the boot and sat me down, we were still joined by the cuffs and they were starting to hurt a little, she brushed my hair away from my face with her free hand kissed me gently on the lips. I did not respond, i am not into “girls” but that did not put Terry off and she kissed me again and placed her free hand on my breasts lightly. I don’t know why but this time I parted my lips slightly and that was all the invitation she needed. Before I knew it I could feel her tongue on mine, my eyes were closed and I was snogging another girl and it was great. I put my spare hand in her bare thigh and stroked it gently; it was so soft and tender. She moved our chained hands up and broke our kiss. She placed her hand on her breast and rubbed it seductively. I got the hint and took over with my own hand. It was so erotic, so tender so.....well! wonderful. I was lost in the passion, Terry smelt and felt gorgeous and tasted every bit as good, I tried to push my hand under the top of her PVC top and managed to free her breast, she cupped the back of my head and pulled it forward. My tongue searched for her nipple, when It found it I could not believe how big and hard it was. I enveloped it with my lips and sucked ever so lightly before opening my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. Terry sighed and kissed the top of my head. I felt her free hand on my thigh gradually hitching my dress up. I was so turned on, my head was buzzing and I wanted her to go further. I had no knickers on and I parted my legs as an invitation to her. As she moved her hand up I was aware I wanted this to happen, I wanted her to find my clit. She parted my lips with her fingers and found my clit with her index finger. I was hit by an instant orgasm as she circled her finger expertly over my clit. “ho, Ho, HO MY GOD!” I could not think straight, my head was bent and had left Terry’s nipple, I was flushed and gasping for air. I can’t write down the noise I was making, the words don’t exist. I can’t write down the feeling that was washing over me, as those words don’t exist either.

Terry squatted down in front of my, kissed my thighs and then moved her head between my legs. She buried her tongue in me and started to suck my clit and flick it with her tongue. Soon as she started another wave of pleasure hit me “OWWWWWW, OWWW FUCK!!!!!!” I cried, I was struggling to breath. Another wave of pleasure started to wash over me, this time I bucked and my elbows gave way so I was laying top half in the car, my wrist sore where the cuff was as Terry’s arm did not move in synchronisation, but i didn’t care, this in its self felt wonderful. Terry was not finished, she moved her free hand and whilst still sucking and flicking my clit with her mouth and tongue, gently slipped a finger into my hole. It went straight in, I was so wet and horny, the movement of her finger set me off again and my back arched so my whole weight was on my bum and the back of my head.

Terry broke off “Good girl” she said, I opened my eyes, she had a dirty smile on her face, licking her lips in an exaggerated way. As my eyes focused I could make out several bodies, all males and all except hubby and Brian had their cocks in their hands and were either wanking slowly or tucking there cocks away obviously having enjoyed what they were watching a little too much. When I look back at the sight in front of me I think I should have been shocked, but I wasn’t, I was filled with lust. Hubby and Brian were the closest to Terry and I and as I sat up straight in the back of the car Hubby took one step forward and kissed me on the lips “you okay?” he asked “God yes!” I replied with a voice I hardly recognised as my own as I ran my hand over the front of his shorts and smiled at him. He stepped to one side, I slid along the boot a little and Terry sat down beside me. Brian was holding her free hand and chatting to her, she wasn’t listening though and she started to smile at one of the guys in front of us “hi!” she said cheekily as she slightly parted her legs. The guy walked forward quite gingerly, she let go of Brians hand and reached out and took the guys cock in her hand. I can’t tell you anything about the guy, only that his cock was hard, very hard and Terry’s hand looked fab sliding up and down it. I looked at Hubby, he smiled and I looked a shortish guy with close cropped hair and his trousers halfway down his thighs and said “HI” as cheekily as Terry had done. He wasn’t walking towards me gingerly but bounded up to me and started wanking just inches away from my face. Well what can a girl do in such a situation “mmm, want me to do that for you?” I asked. He dropped his hand to his side and I cupped the base of his cock lightly and slid my open hand up to the tip before closing my hand and sliding it down again. I tilted my head to one side and looked him in the eye. I didn’t know how long he had been there or how long he had been wanking but I got the feeling he wasn’t going to last long, his thick set cock was starting to twitch in my hand and he started to thrust his hips and grunt. I quickened my action and squeezed the shaft of his cock making sure I pulled the foreskin right back on the downward stroke “give it to me!” I pleaded to him “give it to me please” with that he held his breath for a second then “ARGGGGGG” as he came. His first spurt leaping clear of his cock and landing in my bare thigh and stocking tops. The warmth of it took me by surprise as it sloped onto my skin and then ran down slightly. His second was not quite as strong and it hit my hand and ran through my fingers and lubricated his cock as I slowed my hand and eased my grip. A couple more ousings and I felt his hardness going; I released his cock and licked my sticky fingers as I looked into hubby’s eyes. I looked over at Terry she was now sucking a different guy, not sure what happened to the other guy but I was sure this one was not the same, her head and hand was going at quite a speed and the guy had hold of her head, not forcing her head on his cock but more as if he would fall over if he didn’t. I watched for a short time then with my chained hand reached up and stroked his balls. He let out a few expletives and forced his cock as far into Terry’s mouth as he could. She slowed down but kept her lips tightly clamped around his cock not wanting to waste a single drop of his cum. She eventually parted from his cock and a sweet small sucking noise followed as she let go of his very tip. She had her mouth closed, with a smile on her face she looked up at the man and opened her lips slightly and allowed a small amount of his juice to escape from the corner of her mouth. I moved my head towards her and as she turned to face me I planted a kiss on her mouth, she let a little more cum escape and I started to lick it from her soft skin.

By this stage there were only 2 guys left in front of us. One was about 50, slim and quite tall, I think he had greying hair but not sure due to the light. He was fully dressed but would on occasion tweak his cock through his well fitted jeans. The other was younger, probably early 20’s and looking a bit nervous. He did have his cock out of his fly but it wasn’t hard. I had made my choice “Hi” I said the older guy looked back at me “hello” he said cheerily but made no attempt to move nearer. “Darling” I said to Hubby “Can you take these fucking cuffs off me now?” “No” was his stern reply. “Fine, shall we go home then?” I asked him (bribery works well on hubby hehe) in no time he was scrambling for the key. He unlocked Terry first and as the cuff fell from her wrist she rubbed it and flexed her fingers. I stood up and held my hand out, fumble fumble click, it was off. I did the same as Terry had done without thinking. I then composed myself and walked slowly towards the older guy, I made to walk past him but ran a trailing hand over the front of his jeans, I lingered a little so I could feel his bulge, mmmmm, I thought but casually moved my hand away. I stopped walking and turned so he was side on to me. He started to undo his button fly but I put my hand up to stop him, he turned to face me. I undid his belt and then slowly started to un button him. As the last button was free I gradually tugged at his jeans till they started moving on their own. I put my fingers on the top of his boxers and again just eased them down till they stopped moving. The waist band had hit his cock so I pulled them forward and down, slowly revealing his manhood. Oow very impressive Long and slim and turning upwards. I took it in my now free hand and started to stroke it. I had no idea what Terry was doing but I could hear her groaning behind me, she had obviously encouraged the younger guy to play with her and by the sound he knew what he was doing. I wanted to taste this guys beautiful cock so I knelt down in front of him and started to suck him, slowly but with purpose, god he was nice, warm and just a hint of pre-cum but I wanted more. I let him fall from my mouth and I turned to hubby “Did you?” was all I had to say and before I knew it the guy was being handed a condom.

I hitch my dress up again and turn back towards the car. The sight that greeted me confirmed my suspicions, Terry was on all fours in the back of our car and her young friend was banging away at her as if there was no tomorrow. I walked towards the car and knelt at the side of Terry, I looked over at her and was in ore of her fuck face. I felt a cold hand on my bum, then a finger trying to find my hole, as it did the squelching noise sounded amazing, then the tip of a penis, cold at first in its sheath stopped for a second before plunging into me, It took my breath away and I was lost as first one then another wave of ecstasy washed over my whole body, making my legs shake and my arms buckle, then another which almost blacked my out. I can only imagine the noise I was making then in the mayhem of it all I heard him say, “God, i am going to” I didn’t let him finish his sentence but rammed my arse back on his cock before moving off him, turning round and whipping the condom off, I started to wank him for all I was worth and pulled at his nipples with my other hand, “SHIT” he said as first one gush then another hit my face, a pause then another in my hair before I swallowed his cock in my mouth and sucked every last drop of cum from him. We slowed and I let his cock fall from my mouth, he let out a sigh, lifted my head and kissed my cum covered cheek before dressing and disappearing into the night. Terry had watched this, her young guy had cum and gone without me noticing. We sat together in the boot of the car with Chris and Brian watching us and hugged. I turned to Hubby, he took me by the hands and helped me to my feet and said “See, told you you would enjoy it!” I did, every bit of it, his cum covered wife had been surprised again!