Written by Angelcakes

16 Oct 2012

This is all fantasy! We are members on this site and have posted stories before under our own name but as this is fantasy we thought we would keep it up and post under a made up name, hope you enjoy xxxx

We had discussed dogging for some time, first as a fantasy during love making then when driving at night from the theatre or a restaurant. It used to make us horny but hubby wasn’t too sure about it. I could see it from his side. He knows I can get carried away when we play, then he looks after me making sure I am safe and don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying myself. In the confines of a room in a club that’s all well and good but in the open, not so easy. In the late summer when we had a bit of nice weather and the nights started getting darker we decided to go to our favourite club for some fun, it was a mixed night so I knew there would be lots of nice guys (along with some not so nice) there. We don’t do the dress to impress bit, we prefer to get naked so I was quite surprised when hubby suggested I wear my short black dress and boots topped off with my long winter coat! (remember it’s still summer) I did as requested, put my black push up bra on and asked “stockings and suspenders darling and my French knickers?” ”Up to you, but not tights” was the reply. So on went my 6 fastening black suspender belt with a little pink rose bud on the front and laced at the back that always makes me feel sexy and sheer black seamed stockings. I had my nails done that morning, bright red so thought heavy makeup was in order but first, time to make my hair big so upside down with the gel and hairdryer.

cut a long story short two hours later, I looked in the mirror and admired my efforts, not bad even if I say so myself. Hubby was still in the shower at this stage so I waited in the bedroom for his approval, he came in rubbing his hair with his towel “What do you think?” I asked. He stood there with his mouth open and his cock starting to rise, I had my answer which started to make me tingle in my French knickers. “What you wearing darling?” I asked him “my blue shorts you like and my white top” “they won’t let you in the club dressed like that! I know they let you take your clothes off soon as you are through the door but it’s a club rule! No trainers, jeans and no men in shorts!” “We aren’t going to the club” he said from very deep down in his stomach. My hairs started to stand on end as he walked towards me, he put his hands inside my coat and wrapped his arms round my waist. His mouth moved closer to mine and he looked deep into my eyes. He whispered huskily “we are going to.......” then gently kissed me on the lips; I opened my mouth so our tongues could meet but he pulled his head back and said “well, let’s just see.”

My mouth went dry and my heart started to pound, he drew me closer to him and gently kissed my neck, breathing in heavily through his nose “you look and smell good enough to eat darling” I could feel his cock, rigid against the light fabric of me dress, I put my hand down and stroked it softly, he let out a moan before releasing his grip from my waist and pulling away with a knowing smile on his face.

“You not going to give me a clue?” I asked “come on darling, cant you work it out? If you can’t, don’t worry, you will love it, honest” I could not work it out but I was sure whatever he had planned I would not have a problem with, he knows what I like but still manages to surprise me. It didn’t take him two hours to get ready, more like two minutes and he was picking up his keys and ushering me out of the bedroom. I picked my boots up and sat on the bottom step to pull them on (not sexy I know) they are long and tight and need to be eased on before being zipped up. Once on I stood up and admired the way they make my legs look. The heel is not too big, about 80mm but it is metal and tapers to the finest of points. The toe is pointed and turns up slightly. The boot it’s self is a very dull black leather and splays out from just below the knee to the lower thigh. “Sexy goth” I said under my breath “damn sexy goth”

We walked to the car and I started opening the passenger door “ho no, not there” hubby said and opened the back door for me. I looked at him puzzled but didn’t say anything. I started to get in only to notice the back seat was down and our cushions from the spare bedroom and our travel rug had been spread out in the back (we have an estate).

At this point the penny dropped “Are we going dogging sweetheart?” I asked, he just smiled and said “in” very masterfully. Nice surprise as it was, I pointed out to him that I had not spent two hours getting ready just to look like a crumpled mess when we got to where he was taking me. I suggested I ride in the front with him till we got close and then I could get in the back. He agreed (MEN!!!!!!)

It was dusk when we hit the main road, a dual carriageway full of trucks, to say i was horny by now was an understatement. My knickers were more than a little damp. As the car warmed up I took my coat off, the waft of leather hit my senses and I felt naughty. I let one strap from my dress fall from my shoulder and put my hand on hubby’s lap. “darling, do you mind if I make myself a little game up?” He just smiled back, he knew what I meant. He pulled level with one of the trucks, I looked up at the driver and smiled. He smiled back and blew me a kiss “nice man” I said and removed the other strap from my shoulder. Hubby had to pull back at this point and let a car past. “wait a second” I said and pulled my dress up a little to show off my suspenders and stocking tops “ok” I said and hubby pulled alongside again. It was almost dark by this point but the trucker could still see in and was flicking his eyes from the road to my body as we drove together in the gloom. Before too long we came to a hill and the truck slowed down. Hubby looked at me” did you enjoy that?” for the first time I put my fingers between my legs and felt how wet I had become, I offered them to him and he licked them “does that answer your question?” I asked. “mmmm yes” he replied.

“Not far now, I will find somewhere to pull over” My heart started pounding again and I put my hand between my legs again and rubbed my swollen clit, it felt electric. We pulled into a pub car park, I turned the interior light on just to check (it was dark, didn’t need to bother but you know you have to0 before stepping out, adjusting my dress and putting my coat on. Hubby got out and opened the tailgate of the car, I walked towards him, kissed him and felt the bulge in his shorts. I lingered a little longer but didn’t undo his fly before stooping down and getting in. Although hubby had taken some time in making it as comfy as he could, it wasn’t, I put one of the cushions under my hip and laid sideways in the back of the car, laying as he pulled away I was struck by the different perspective on the world I had, only seeing tree tops and street lights. In no time at all we pulled onto a bumpy road, we must be here I thought. Sure enough within seconds we reversed a little and stopped. We hadn’t said much so far, hubby goes very quiet when nervous so I knew it was a big thing for him too. He opened the door got out and said “wait there” in a commanding voice. At this point it is fair to say I did not feel sexy, on my own, uncomfortable in the boot of a car. I seemed to be there for ages but probably only a couple of minutes when I heard voices and they were getting closer. I could pick hubby’s voice out, he was chatting to maybe 2 or 3 others but I could not make out what was being said. As they got closer i could hear gravel being crushed under foot and the chat went away. Then the footsteps stopped. I was wired! My eyes wide open, panting from the mouth. I didn’t know what to expect, I lay very still petrified but so turned on. I could feel my heart beat in my fingers. “wait there” I heard hubby say to the others and one set of footsteps made its way to the car. The door opened “you okay?” he whispered “they don’t know your there, we can just leave!” I panted “ye” I didn’t know if ye meant I was ok or i wanted to leave, I was trembling, I could feel my bottom lip going. “its for you babes, I love you so much, you will enjoy yourself, promise” The only thing that stopped me bursting into tears was the fact I had spent hours on my makeup, otherwise i would have sobbed for England. “Just getting my Jacket” he shouted back to the assembled body of god knows who. “Don’t take all night Chris” one of them said. “CHRIS” I thought “they know my husband!” At this point my mind was all over the place, “What the fuck is going on?” I thought to myself. “what’s the big surprise Chris?” I heard a woman say. Now I am wired, confused, scared and I have to admit horny as hell.

I heard the glove box open and the clank of our cuffs, I had no idea they were in there “come here” he commanded to someone and a set of lighter footsteps approached the car. This is the big surprise Terry, left hand out” then the noise of one of the cuffs on a wrist “this way” who was my husband talking to? Who made him so dominant? I could hear the footsteps approach the back of the car, my heart was in my mouth. No, No I thought, please don’t open the door, please. But the door opened, the interior light made it difficult to see properly “In” I heard my hubby say and with that, a woman appeared at the back of the car. Tall slim with red hair falling across her face, dressed in a PVC dress only just covering her knickers, nothing on her legs and very high shiny black strappy shoes that tied up her calves. With a bit of a struggle she got in the car at the side of me, hubby reached in and took my right wrist and cuffed it to the other woman’s left wrist and saying nothing shut the car door. “Where we going?” she said to me, I didn’t say anything but “you Terry?” “yes” she said in an excited voice “your Viv aren’t you? Nice to meet you at last” I was all over the place by now “WHAT DO YOU MEAN AT LAST, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?”

End of Part One! If you enjoyed part one, let us know and we will post part two soon.