Written by sensualscenes

12 Jul 2014

It all started when a new girl joined the firm and was assigned to my team. Her name was Joyce, thick dark hair, quite pretty, olive skin , large breasts and an equally large rear. She had been with us about a week when one of the other girls, Pat , asked me what I thought of Joyce. I answered very nice, wonderful tits but the arse is too big for me. I could joke like that with Pat because she was openly lesbian, had a wicked sense of humour and we knew each other outside of work as well. About an hour later Joyce came over to me and said " so you think my arse is too big to fuck ? Well my boyfriend likes it like that ". I replied that was not exactly what I had said and that I had also been complimentary.

I knew Pat was up to her tricks.

Pat was an exceptional woman. She was in a long term relationship with a well known TV and film actress, she had bought a hull of a narrowboat, moored on the Thames over near Windsor. Pat was doing it up, turning it into a houseboat. Sometimes she asks me to help as I am no slouch at DIY.

We had arranged to spend the weekend working on the boat. Her girlfriend was away filming. I had suggested that we go there straight from work Friday and sleep on board so as to be able have two full days. The boat already has a finished kitchen, bathroom and toilet, electricity and water. I was going to bring an inflatable mattress and two sleeping bags.

We stopped off at a supermarket, bought everything we would need , and got to the boat around 8.30pm. After putting our groceries away we walked up to a riverside pub about 20 minutes away, had a small meal and a couple of glasses of wine. As we walked back to the boat we were both yawning . Early night for an early start.

If Pat were not gay I would really fancy her. She has a boyish build, small boobs, short cropped hair .

I woke early, Pat was still fast asleep. I showered and got dressed, then took tea and toast in to Pat, waking her as I did so. She was chuffed to be given breakfast in bed.

I got started working on the panelling in what would be the living area of the boat. Not long later Pat was also up and working.

We worked until the light started to fade, only stopping for a couple of quick tea breaks. We were both hungry and exhausted, so a quick shower and then we settled down to eat out on the deck. A simple meal, bread and cheese, cold meat and pickle, and plenty of chilled white wine. It was wonderful sitting there as the sun set, peaceful and picturesque. I could see Pat was done for, so I left her there with the last of the wine while I put the food away. When I came back she was deep in thought. I asked what she was thinking about. She replied " I wish I was normal. I wish I was married and had kids like a normal woman " . I asked if she had ever been with a bloke. She said "yes, once, he hurt me " . And then to my utter surprise she said " please, take me to bed , make love to me " . I told her I did not have any condoms, but she replied " I'm all right " .

We went through to where the mattress was laid on the floor, I undressed her as gently but quickly as I could, then stripped off myself. Seeing her naked body for the first time made me very horny. I pulled her down onto the mattress and started kissing her and stroking her tits. Then her nipples, tiny pale buttons. I slid my hand between her legs and felt the silky bush. Then my fingers found her slit which was already wet. I started to move my head down towards it but she pulled me back. " Not that, I get too much of that already " . I realised she was pulling my cock towards her pussy. I let her take control, she guided my cock into her slit. Very gently I pushed in, a little at a time as if I was deflowering a virgin. She was tight and small, but I went in. Somehow I knew she wanted it to be slow and tender, so that is what I did. I was trying to think of some music that would give me a rhythm to keep. It is very hard work for a bloke to be gentle. Pat was emitting little groans of pleasure with every stroke. I knew she was building up to an orgasm as she started lifting her legs off the mattress, then up in the air. her fingernails were digging into my back. With a loud groan she started bucking and her pussy flooded with juice. I did not change rhythm, I pushed harder and deeper into her loosening pussy and kept going . A minute or two later she had her second orgasm, much stronger than the first. This time she was pushing her hips back at me on every stroke as I shot my spunk into her . Sadly my cock did not stay hard, I would have loved to carry on. She pushed me off her, then rolled onto her side. I put my arms around her, cupping a boob in each hand, and we both dozed off. A while later I woke up, my cock was hard again but Pat was sleeping. I easily lifted her leg so I could ease my cock into her pussy and I gently had her again until I shot another load. The next morning when I woke we were in the same position, Pat had not moved an inch.

I left her sleeping as I showered, dressed and made breakfast. Again I took her a cup of tea and toast,and woke her. She acted as if nothing had happened last night, our relationship was the same as ever. I went to crack on with the work and she joined me quite soon after. Pat did not say a word about us having made love. We stopped for a snack around 2pm . The weather was very hot and the river was busy with pleasure boats so we went inside where it was cool. We had finished eating , I was lying down resting my back , my eyes closed. I felt Pat's hand go onto my cock, then she started opening the buttons of my trousers and her hand slid into my pants. She pulled my trousers and pants down so my cock was exposed. She told me to keep my eyes closed, I heard a rustling then felt her across me. She had my hard cock in her hand as I realised she was astride me and guiding me into her pussy. She was sitting on me her hands on my chest and she was rocking back and forth, letting out little moans as she moved. I was so surprised and so turned on I was trying everything to stop myself cumming. Just then Pat let out a cry and ground herself hard onto me. Her pussy flooded over me which triggered me into a huge release of spunk. After a couple of minutes Pat got off me, put my now softening cock into her mouth , sucked it up and down once or twice, then ran off towards the toilet with her hand between her legs. I pulled my pants up, zipped my trousers and went back to work.

Again Pat did not say a word about it, like it never happened. We worked until 7pm then loaded up the car, locked up the boat and drove back to town. I dropped Pat off at her place, she did not invite me in , just said see you tomorrow.

But the story did not end there.

The next part involves Joyce's boyfriend , whom she calls Dobbs . It turns out that Dobbs is a childhood friend of Pat, and that Dobbs' mother had fostered Pat . The story gets complicated, so it is time for a break. Part 2 will follow.