Written by ANALALAN

5 Jul 2009

The party was set a Tarts and Vicars Theme, where men dress as Tarts and woman as Vicars, Its was Lindas idea it was her 40th.Been single i asked how do get the gear to dress up in , she said to come around to her and Daves and she will sort me out, she had an old skirt and top i could use, but i would need to get my own underwear , she said she would buy it for me, so i picked black panties and tights. on the day she did all my make up and a few of the other lads too, We got to the grapes and everyone looked great. Piggy looked like one of those Ladys! out of that advert on tv.It was a great night, beer and wine and food. Piggy and i left together and still stopped off for a takeaway,before he asked if i wanted to stop off at his for a coffee before i went home.We sat talking about the fishing trip, so i had an idea what he wanted.He asked if i wanted a drink ,i asked for a water,he gave me the glass of water and i put it on the floor next to my feet, we carried on talking and i moved my foot knocking over the glass of water.He looked at me and said that \"i was lucky it was only water\".\"Yes sorry \" i said back ,you will be he said and came over and sat down next to me and pulled me over his knee,you naughty girl he said and started to spank my bum, i was laughing at this, he said so i thought it was funny and lifted up the skirt and slaped my bum though the tights and panties, without warning he then pulled down the tights and panties and spanked my now bare bum , i could feel myself getting hard, and i could feel his cock digging into me, he stroked and spanked my bum , before running his finger into my crack and finding my hole, i pushed back and he got the message and pushed i finger into me.He pulled me up and told me to bend over the arm of the chair, i did walking with a bare bum and with the tights and panties around my knees. I bent over and offered him my bum , he moved behind me and i felt his bellend touch my hole, and he pushed , i buried my head into the chair till the pain was over and he was up my bum, he moved his hands around and held onto my stuffed bra and started to fuck my ring, saying that i was i tart and stared to pound away deeper and faster, i reach under and started to wank my cock . he pounded away for a long while it seemed to go on for ages, but i was loving it, he let out a load moan and fell onto my back and i knew he was filling my bum with spunk , he reached under me , took my hand away and wanked my cock , shooting down the side of his chair. He pulled out and slapped my bum, he reached down and pulled up my underwear saying we dont want a leakage. i stood up and told him i had cum down the side of his chair, dont worry he said he will clean up.He thanked me for a great night as i left to go to the taxi rank, I got there and most of the others were still waiting and asked where i had been, told them i had been to piggys, they laughted and asked if it was i girl on girl thing, IF ONLY THEY KNEW , told them that we talked about the fishing trip and when the time was right we would have another one, which upset all the WAGS,i got back to Lindas, and got changed into my jeans and rugby top, but keeping the underwear on, when i got home , i lowered my black panties and looked inside , i was amazed about how much dried spunk there was in there which was Piggys.I was soon hard and wrapped the panties around my cock while bent over looking into the mirror and my bum, and soon off loaded my second load of the night, and put them in the wash basket, i know i will wear them again..