Written by Naughty_chap

23 Oct 2007

The door bell rings. My fiancee answers it. You smile at her, introducing yourself as being from the Inland Revenue. The smart dark suit, tight white blouse and briefcase convince her. She shows you through to the production office.

Flustered by your appearance and my unquenchable desire to hold you and kiss you I stumble and clatter about, pulling my accounts out, making the whole scene as real as possible. I ask her to make drinks. She asks what you'd like, jokingly you say something stiff, before accepting a cup of coffee. My fiancee leaves the room. You walk over to me as soon as she has gone and grab hold of my cocl through my trousers - "Get rid of her", you hiss. "I want this cock in my throat soon" A noise in the hallway alerts us to her presence you step away, and smiling at her you take the drink from her. I explain to her that it is going to be a formal inspection of the books, and is going to take sometime. She explains she has to go into work for a few hours. She calls me into the hall to ask for my reassurance that everything will be fine. I assure her that I won't 'do anything' with the tax inspector. You're listening near the door, you rub your tingling pussy, knowing that it is a lie. Knowing that we will be locked into a deep passionate kiss before she has even left the driveway.

As I the front door waving her off, you unzip the your trousers and slip your hands into panties. Your fingers stroke along the already damp lips of your pussy. You push a finger into yourself, stirring your passion. I close the front door and come back into the office, you turn to face me, your hand still in your pants, your fing still deep in you wet sex. You walk over to me, grinning. You kiss me on the lips, your spare hand runs down my chest, across my stomach, down my leg then between them. You cup my balls and rapidly raising erection. You break our kiss and slipping your finger out of your pussy, you place it my mouth for me to taste. You feel my cock twitch involuentarily at the sweet flavour in my mouth. You tug at my zip, freeing my now rock hard cock and start to wank me slowly.

"She is a silly bitch, leaving you alone with me", you whisper. I unbutton your blouse until your tits, held beautifully by your bra are onn view. I start you pull your trousers down but you stop me. "I want to suck you and fuck you in every room of her house", you say to me as you remove your slacks. I gasp at the sight of your hold up stockings. "You can kiss me just above them, but nowhere else", your hand pushes gently on my shoulder, forcing me to my knees. I rub my face on the soft warmth of your thighs, relishing the scent of your skin and the close warmth of your sex. I begin kissing you legs along the line of your stockings, but you stop me as I get close to your pussy. You pull me up by the hair."Get your clothes off, now", you snarl, wanking my cock almost too hard. Within seconds I'm naked. "Good", you say, "Now show me where she normally sits in the evening." I lead you to the living room, all the time you're wanking my cock as we walk along. I point to her chair. You pull you panties down then sitting in her chair you open your legs and finger yourself deeply. "Stick your cock in my mouth" you order. I step forward and placing one foot on the arm of the chair, I bring my throbbing man hood to your lips. You look up at me, kiss the tip then swallow the length of my cock. Furiously you bob your head on my cock, swirling your tounge around tip, making me feel your teeth on the top and underside. You raise you head, "Fuck me here" you snap. I need no further instructions. Your pussy is sopping wet and easily accomodates my cock. I pound into you, deep and hard, our mouths locked in a passionate and sensuous kiss. I feel you hand son my shoulders, you push me away slightly. "Where does she sit to eat?". Reluctantly I remove my cock from you, it glistens with your excitement. I lead you to the dining room.

You walk around the table, I show where she sits for a family meal. You sit on the table at her place. "Eat me", you snarl. I sit down and open your thighs, your pussy glistens invitingly at me. I spread your pussy wide, licking all along the lips and then focusing on your erect and pulsing clit. "Next time you have a meal with her, all you'll be able to think asbout is the taste of my pussy, and my bare ass at her place", you say, relishing the insults you are heaping on my fiancee. I keep working on your pussy with my mouth and fingers until you cum loudly. You raise yourself up, smiling at me. "Swap places", you say and get off the table. You sit in her seat, your bare ass and wet pussy where she normally sits and eats her meals as you begin to suck my cock, wanking it and wiping it on your face. You lick and suck my balls, wanking my cock at the side of your face. Again you bob your head furiously on my cock, causing me to take a sharp intake of breath. I warn you that you're going to make me cum. You stop and slap my cock. "Not yet, you unfaithful little shit", you hiss. You take hold of me my cock and start leading me around the house, down the hall towards the stairs. "Show me your bedroom." I tell you where it is and still pullling me by my erection, you lead me to the bed that I share with my fiancee.

In the room you look around briefly, rubbing your pussy as you do so. "Is this her side of the bed?" you ask. I nod mutely. "Good", you say, and kneel on the edge exposing your pussy and ass to me. "Get your cock in me now", you snap. I step up behind you and push the length of my cock into you, ny hands grab at you hips and I start to slowly fuck you deeply. From your jacket pocket your mobile rings. You slip me out of your pussy, turn around and hold your finger to you lips. Your husband is calling you. I grin as you answer. You tell him that you're fine that you're just out doing a little shopping and that you shouldn't be long. All the time your hand is wrapped around my cock, slowly pulling the foreskin backwards and forwards. You rub the tip on you face as you continue talking to him. I slip my hand into your bra and lightly pinch a nipple, it causes you to gasp slightly. I smile as you try to invent a reason to explain the gasp to your husband. I can hear him seeking your reassurances of fidelity as I bend down and slip two fingers in you. As you hang up you take my cock back into your mouth, you bite it slightly. "That's for tweaking my nipple you shit", you say. You swivel around into my fiancees place in the bed. "Fill me with your cum, right here", you order, your legs an open invitation. I bury myself to the hilt in your throbbing and sopping pussy. Soon I am holding your arms down, fucking you deeper and harder than I have done. You moan as you cum again, you orgasm pushes me over the edge and as you hit the second peak of yours, I explode in your pussy. My hot sperm fills your womb completely, some oozes out around my cock as my rhythm slows. We look each other deeply in the eyes. "Always remember me here, full of you cum where your finacee sleeps", you say, and kiss me. After a few moments you push me off. "Reality beckons", you say as you walk back to my office. I can see my cum leaking from you as you stand, it runs down to your stocking tops and spreads as you walk along.

Back in the office you pick up your trousers. I fetch your knickers from the living room. As I pick them up I notice a small damp patch on my fiancees chair. I chuckle. You call to me to hurry. I run back to the office you're standing there, my cum drying on your stockings and thighs, matting your pubic hair. "I can't go back to my husband like this, you'd better clean it up", you tell me and then sit in my chair. You place one leg on my desk and the other you drape over the arm. "Come on, hurry up", you snarl. I drop to my knees and begin to lick and suck my cum from you. I slurp at the mixture of our juices, swallowing some but keeping most in my mouth to feed to you. When you're all clean, you pull me up by my hair, and stick your tongue in my mouth. Our tongues strok against ech other, stirring the mixture of our infidelity in our mouths, sealing our loyalty to each other, mocking our partners. You swallow what you have in your mouth, I do the same. We then dress, and looking as smart as when you arrived, you leave. You climb into your car, blowing me a kiss and reverse out of the drive. As you straighten up and drive off my fiancee returns. She waves at you. You lift you hand in recognition, the sunlight flashes on your wedding ring and you drive off back to your family. I turn and dash to the toilet quickly washing my face and brushing my teeth.

My fiancee calls nervously through the bathroom door. She asks me if everything was alright with the tax inspector. I laugh and say that "Tax can be taxing" and say that I'm going for a rest. I lay on the damp patch in the bed, and miss you intensely.