15 Mar 2017

Last Friday evening was my husband Paul’s school reunion at a nearby hotel but I didn’t want to go and listen to all the boring schoolboy stuff and have all the girls from his class eying me up and down. So I stayed in to have a quiet pamper session on my own. 8 o’clock came and off he went all excited in a taxi, I started with my indulgence. First I put a slightly darker shade of red in my hair and got in the bath with a bomb and some nice oils. Then I shaved my legs and pussy. There is nothing quite as nice to feel than my freshly shaved pubic mound, so I played with it for a bit. I dried myself off, put some lacy g strings on, my satin dressing gown ,went in the lounge ,sat on the settee with my feet on the matching foot rest and settled down with a bottle of vodka and some coke to watch a rom-com and eat some choccy. Half a bottle of vodka and a pound of chocolate later I was feeling a bit tipsy so I tidied up a little and was just going up the stairs to bed to wait for Paul to come home and sort my cunt out, when the doorbell rang. I t startled me a bit cos Paul had his key and wasn’t expecting anyone else. I opened the door to find an older greying gentleman stood there. “Hello, are you Penny?” he asked “yes why?” I said cautiously. “I’m Pauls teacher john from school and I have him in the taxi, he’s very drunk and I got the short straw to take him home, I hope I haven’t worried you at all”. I said “of course not”. He went back to the cab and returned to the doorstep with my very drunk and almost unconscious hubby. “ you’d better bring him in ” I said. I was a bit peeved as I had expected a good seeing to from him but hey ho I had sort of expected him to be a bit drunk. I asked him to help me get Paul upstairs and into bed and after a lot of staggering, Paul’s drunken ramblings ,giggling and fumbling we managed to get Paul on our bed. When I bent down to undo his shirt the belt on my red satin dressing gown came undone so I pretended not to notice and carried on taking off his shirt, shoes and socks , rolled him over and put the duvet on him. By this time Paul was fast asleep. I stood up facing John and noticed my gown was open ,giggled and said oops, quickly opened it and wrapped it round and refastened the belt. By the look on his face I was sure he had seen my knickers and probably my nipples which were now very hard and brushing against the satin making me feel very rude that I’d flashed him.

We made our way down stairs and I offered him a drink to which he said “tea please” he went in the lounge and I made him and me a tea in the kitchen .I took it in to find him sat on a chair so I sat on the settee. I said “once again thank you for helping me with Paul, I couldn’t have done it on my own”. John said “not at all, it is me who should be thanking you for showing me your knickers and tits” I was a bit shocked by this comment but not wishing for the complements to stop. I said that he was easily pleased as I only have small tits and seeing knickers was no worse than seeing me in a bikini . Starting to feel that feeling of rudeness I opened my legs to bare my pants to him saying “see ,nothing but material to look at” I stayed like that for a few seconds watching the lust on his face and knowing he could see my Pussy lips sticking out the sides. He said “oh wow that looks lovely. I wish I could see more” I felt very dirty now so got hold of my pussy and squeezed it hard to relieve my own lusty feelings. I said “ hey ,I’ve shown my knickers ,what about showing yours?” It didn’t take a second for him to get up and stand right in front of me in between my open legs, he undid his belt and zip and let his trousers drop. He was no more than 2 foot away from my face. I said that he must have liked my knickers a lot as I could easily see his nob in his pants was hard and twitching , which made me sigh and I felt my pussy dribble a bit. He surely noticed I was getting hot for him, he said “you can feel it if you like” I didn’t need a second invite. I reached forward and felt his cock through his pants with my right hand ,I gently squeezed it to make it twitch and gently stroked along the length of it, cupping his balls with my free hand. I felt in control and loving it .men can be easily led I thought but this thought didn’t last long as he stood back a little causing my hands to leave his cock. He quickly got to his knees, placed his hands on my thighs and without saying anything bent over and landed his mouth right on my knickered pussy. I was a bit shocked so I pushed his face away from my aching pussy ,looked at his face then pulled his face back hard onto my cunt. I was in ecstasy, i could feel his mouth chewing at my clitty through my knickers and one of his fingers was tracing the crack of my lips . I laid back and let him do it to me, it was so fucking good but I wanted more. I gently moved his face off ,and pulled my now sopping knickers to one side allowing him to use his tongue and fingers on my flesh . He opened up my lips to have a good look, he told me my pussy was nice and smooth and now he wants to taste my juices. His dirty talk made me groan like a slut , I knew he could do what he liked with me, I didn’t care anymore so I pulled his face back to my fanny and laid back on the settee and abandoned myself to him. He started flicking my clit with his tongue ,then sucked it into his mouth and kept repeating it, still teasing my lips with his fingers. I knew I was on the edge when he suddenly let one of his fat thumbs enter my virgina. I squealed with whorish delight as he found my G spot and stroked it with skill. I couldn’t contain myself any more . My pussy swelled and tightened and I felt the rush of my orgasm travel from high inside right down to his thumb and tongue and I exploded onto his mouth with my salty cum spray. I was moaning like anything but he didn’t stop and wave after wave of my orgasm flooded into his mouth, on his face ,down his chest and on the settee. When he’d had enough of that he sat back onto his knees and looked at my swollen red dripping cunt. I must’ve looked like a right slut (hopefully)because that is how I felt. I laid back with my pussy bared to him for a minute or so to get my breath back .I was feeling a bit guilty as no one has sucked my pussy except for Paul since we were married and said I should go and check on him and hopefully calm myself down. I stood up and did my dressing gown up and went upstairs. Paul was snoring away, oblivious to what his little slutty wife was up to 10ft beneath him with his ex teacher. These thoughts just made me feel dirtier and wanting more. After all I hadn’t even seen Johns dick yet.

I went back downstairs trembling with lust as I felt my now cold cum on my legs from my wet dressing gown. I walked into the lounge to find John sat on the settee now with his pants off and his good size circumcised erection in his hands. I stood in front of him and slowly undid my belt, reached up and pushed my silky dressing gown off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Showing him my whole naked body . Moved slowly to him I straddled his legs and sat on his lap with my pussy inches from his cock. I moved his hands and took his shaft in both hands and slowly wanked up and down feeling him twitch under my hands. His heavy breathing and groaning made me know he was under my control which I Find very arousing . I leant forward so my body was close to his cock and kissed him. I could sense his arousal as his breath was hard ,erratic and he returned my kiss with his probing tongue (I knew how good that was already) .Now it was the turn for my neglected tits, I stopped kissing him and raised my right tit to his face and watched him take my aching nipple into his mouth . Omg this was so good and he was playing with my other small tit, gently pinching and squeezing it ,then changing tits and working on them . While he did this I could feel his cock twitching against my pussy so I moved into a position that I could rub his cock on my clitty and slit . He grabbed my arse and pulled me towards him every time I put his helmet near my hole. I found it very hard to resist anymore so once when he pulled me I let his knob end go an inch or so into me. He groaned and pulled me harder. I held his shaft and let his nob enter me further and further until I had to move my hand and let him push it all the way. I couldn’t believe I was letting a stranger fuck me with my husband sleeping upstairs (what a slut). I leant forward again and moved my hips so my fanny could ride up and down his shaft . We were snogging and grunting at each other as I got faster and harder, grinding my pussy onto his hard cock. It felt so good , I could feel my cunt tighten around his cock until I started to cum again and I gushed over his cock and balls. His cock was sliding in and out and I could hear slurping noises . He put his arms round me and thrust harder into me. His cock went into spasm and with a loud grunt I felt his hot spunk erupt into my aching pussy ,I grabbed his balls and squirmed onto him, milking every last drop. We stayed holding each other until he went soft , then I stood up let some of his spunk dribble out of my cunt onto his cock and down my legs. I felt a bit of a mess so wiped myself, put my panties and dressing gown back. John got dressed phoned a cab and we chatted till his ride came . Kissed me and left. I sat for a while thinking of what I’d let happen to me. Then went to bed. I got quietly in beside Paul and thought about the spunk still dripping out of my used pussy. Now, I know being a slut is really turning me on but I don’t just want to be a slut, I want to be Paul’s slut. How do I get him to let me tease and fuck(perhaps) strangers with him thinking it’s all his idea? I look forward to your suggestions. Xxx