Written by Tease me

14 Apr 2010

I am sat tied to a chair naked, you are fully clothed in long skirt boots and blouse.

Your teasing me

You walk towards me, with that wicked look on your face, circling me, pulling my head back to kiss me, a slight brush of your hand over my cock twitch, you teasing bitch.

Walking away from me, you stop, legs akimbo, with your back to me teasingly lifting your skirt up past knee length boots revealing stockings but no panties, the look over your shoulder all, you bend over skirt hitched legs open, running your hands up your boots over the stockings to your pussy teasing yourself , your so horny, your lips are glistening a finger goes inside, you taste yourself, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’ing as you lick your pussy juices from your finger, 2 fingers this time, but your walking towards me now, pussy on your fingers, you run them over my top lip, leaving the smell of you under my nose, before you brush them over my cock, making it twitch again, you lick your fingers again..

Circling me again, asking me what I want.

You loosen 2 buttons from your blouse, showing your cleavage.

Sitting opposite me now, still dressed, you slip your right hand the band of the skirt, to your pussy, I can see only the look on your face, your mouth all, your eyes stareing at me, you tease and stroke your clit, tits heaving , heavy breathing I can only imagine your fingers exploring your pussy, as you build up your breathing getting heavier soft moans coming from your lips, back arching as I imagine you finger fucking yourself, but it is only a tease, you stop yourself.

Standing up, walking towards me inches from me, you turn and bend over , legs open, skirt raised, boots and stocking tops to reveal your pussy, you spread your lips open inches from me, you fucking whore.i can almost taste you, the smell of you , so close, this time you slip your fingers inside, but you don’t lick them, I do, forcing them into my mouth. You smile knowing your power over me

“ do you want it” you ask

“ yes please” I reply

“ close your eyes” you say

Slowly you ease your legs to straddle me, forcing my head back, kissing my neck, you lower yourself onto my cock, kissing on the lips, hard, no movement, cock inside you kissing, my cock is twitching, your muscles contracting over me, you stand up, BITCH.

On your knees, you lower your mouth over my cock, flicking a tongue over the knob, tasting yourself on me, stroking my balls, running your finger to my ass, taking me deep, slowly at first getting faster , a hand reaches into your skirt, rubbing your clit as you suck, your moaning as you suck me, but you stop me from coming, you want cum in your pussy, standing up you lower yourself onto me, ripping open your blouse, cleavage forced into my face, this time you gyrate your pussy on me, writhing with me deep inside you, kissing you start to fuck me, we kiss continuousely as you fuck me, deep passionate tongues, throbbing cock inside you, faster and faster you fuck me , moaning we kiss more, I thrusting myself deep inside you harder and faster until we both cum, still kissing still writhing cum slowly running over my balls., forcing my head back, you plant a kiss on my forehead as you walk away, to only tease me more taking your skirt off, bending over revealing your pussy, cum glistening from you, teasingly you push 3 fingers inside to take our mixture and suck it from your fingers.

My cock is covered in our cum.

You sit down opposite me, legs crossed, teasing your nipples under your bra, crossing and uncrossing your legs, you teasing bitch, I want to fuck you so hard.

You lean over the back of the sofa, boots stockings, blouse is still on, your ass in full view, legs open, teasing bitch. You look over your shoulder , I am gone !!!!! the ropes on the floor, before you turn around, I force your head down, now its my turn !!!!.

Pushing you down onto the sofa, on your back legs open, pussy on show, my tongue starts to lick our juices , letting my tongue run down from your lips to your ass, probing teasing , a stray finger teasing you ass, before I slip 2 fingers inside your pussy and fuck you as I lick your clit, almost to the point of cumming, i stop, turning you over, doggy, slipping easily inside you, I start to fuck, hard reaching around you grab my balls as I fuck.

“ you fucking whore, you will pay for your teasing ways, I am going to fuck you and shoot my cum down your throat”

Pulling your hair as we fuck, sweating , faster and faster until I am ready, quickly you turn around, on your knees to take my cum down your throat, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm we kiss with my cum in your mouth swapping and teasing, you mount me, slowly this time we fuck kissing with my cum in our mouths, slowly fucking and kissing, stroking faces, looking into your eyes as you cum