Written by C-002068

18 Jun 2018

Date: 27th August 2012

Location: Amazon rainforest

It has now been 4 months since we arrived, our search for the cure to many a disease is going well, my colleagues believe that they have found the cure for cancer - as yet to be proven until we return.

We know that we are not the only people to venture this deep into the rainforest, 2 weeks ago while exploring some old ruins, I found a satchel containing an old leather bound book (someone’s journal) and some very old collection vials. The last entry in the journal is dates January 1845 and talks about members of the party disappearing overnight. Searches of the local area prove inconclusive and the local guides are getting very uneasy.

The journal suddenly stops mid sentence.

Date: 30th August 2012

I found evidence that there is a tribe in the vicinity. There are fresh footprints in the undergrowth around our camp.

Date: 2nd September 2012

Peters went to fetch some fresh water from the nearby stream and never returned. We searched for hours but only found the water bottles and nothing else. Could the same be happening again that the old journal described?

We have radioed for help, but they said it will take about a week to reach us, the canopy is too dense to send a helicopter.

Date: 15th October 2012

It has now been 2 weeks since I was taken while in the old ruins. Peters is with me, but is far too exhausted to talk, he just has a strange smile constantly on his face!

I was captured by what looked like a hunting party made up entirely of women.

Late entry:

Peters came round an hour or so ago and muttered something about being take every 2 days to what he thought was a temple, then I was not able to understand his mutterings - something about a ritual involving several women.

Date: I think it’s still October

They came and took me to the temple the other day, today is the first day that I have had the strength to write. If anyone else finds this, they need to know that the tales of a lost tribe of Amazonian warriors, made entirely of women is true.

The first day of the ritual I was made to make love to up to a dozen women, every couple of hours I had to fuck and cum inside one woman. I was then fed a mixture of vegetables and made to drink something that tasted vile but within minutes my erection was back larger than before and I was made to fuck another woman. This continued for the next 48 hours non-stop. It seems that Peters and I are to be the sperm donors for most of the female population. I could think of worst ways to go, but being fucked to death if not one of them!

Date: Who knows!

I’m not sure how long I’ve been here, poor Peters has run out of energy and refuses to drink any more of the liquid they keep giving us. Not sure what is going to happen to him if he doesn’t cooperate.

Date: ??????

I have managed to find one of the women who can speak English, she said she learnt it from another man they captured a couple of years ago, he lasted over a year.

She said that when they capture a man, he must mate with every woman to ensure that there is a good chance that she produces a child - apparently there is several hundred women!!!!

I have convinced her to speak to the elders, I have said that if they allow me to mate with 2 or 3 women every other day, that way I will live longer and can help maintain the tribe.

Peter’s didn’t last long.


The elders agreed.

I have just finished with my first week of ‘shifts’, I think the two women were twins, unless one cheated and had a second go. I spent a couple of hours with her, we fucked in every position and in every orifice - twice.

She loved it when she was on her back with her legs over my shoulders and I came deeply inside her.

I’ve started to get the women names after I fuck them. So far I’ve had Abby, Ace, Amanda, Alice, Amy and Ann.

I’ve been shown tomorrow’s woman - all very tanned, slim to muscular build with fantastic tits. None of the women here have any qualms about being naked all day.

I think I have died and gone to heaven! Or I could have died and gone to hell - If I heard someone say ‘fucking hell, I’d say ‘I hope so, I can’t play the harp!’.

So I think it must have come true!!

Date: Given up trying to keep track.

Now on the ‘C’s’ in the names, and I’ve noticed that many of the A’s heavily pregnant and some of the B’s are starting to show!

What a job - hope I can reach retirement age!