16 Oct 2017

After Audrey had stormed out, Bill mopped up the spilt milk and refilled the coffee cups and had carried them out to Pete and Yvonne, repeating the excuse that Audrey had given them about her needing to change. He’d sat down in the armchair and continued the chat with the two and, as he’d hoped, Yvonne gave him another flash after a minute or two. Almost the second after she’d done so the Living room door opened and Audrey returned. Bill glanced up and his jaw almost hit the floor. Gone was the frumpy lady in the baggy woollen top and the beige slacks and in her place was a lady dressed in a short, clingy, glittery, dark green dress, with a low neckline showing an impressive cleavage.

She smiled at the other three people in the room and sat down in the other armchair. Bill’s astonishment heightened a second later when Audrey slowly and deliberately crossed her legs and gave him a perfect view up her dress and an eyeful of a pair of bright red knickers. Bill recognised the dress as the one their daughter had bought Audrey for Christmas and which Audrey had been appalled by and refused to wear. The knickers too were a present, from Bill for her last birthday and whish she’d also refused to even consider wearing. As Bill gazed, transfixed, at the scarlet strip of cotton, he realised that Pete had a similar, may be better view. He shifted his gaze and saw the smile on Pete’s face which told him that Pete could, indeed, see what he was seeing and that he liked what he was seeing.

“I like your dress, Audrey.” said Yvonne.

“Thanks,” replied Audrey, “it was a Christmas present from my daughter. It was the first thing to hand in the wardrobe.”

“So, the reason we came.” said Pete said, bringing the subject back onto the house. “we were a bit rushed on Saturday and we’d like a look at the bedrooms.”

“Of course.” replied Bill and rose to his feet, Audrey followed him and Yvonne and Pete followed on.

As the ascended the stairs bill leant into Audrey.

“What’s the dress all about?” he asked, in a puzzled tone.

“Well, you wanted me to look a bit more sexy, didn’t you?” she replied.

Bill had to admit that he had down so, although he hadn’t actually expected Audrey to do so and so soon. He decided that shutting up was going to be the best policy. Behind them they could hear Pete and Yvonne giggling and whispering and wondered what they were giggling and whispering about. They reached the top of the stairs and went into the “guest” bedroom, a smallish room which overlooked the rear garden and which had been, used on rare occasions – the last time being three years previously when their daughter and her husband had visited and his car had refused to start.

Bill pointed out the various aspects of the room to Pete and Yvonne, mentioning that, like they had, they’d probably use the room for a spare room, due to its size. After three minutes Pete and Yvonne had seen all there was to see and Bill suggested that they go into the main bedroom. As they all left the room there was a slight squash as Audrey and Pete tried to get through the doorway at the same time. They both laughed and Audrey pushed past Pete. As she passed him, her backside brushed against his crotch and a tingly sensation shot through her as she felt a lump pressing against her buttocks, a large lump!

The two couples crossed the landing to the main bedroom. Almost twice the size of the spare room, it overlooked the small front garden and had a view which encompassed the southern part of the suburb and an expanse of countryside beyond. However, the curtains were drawn as Bill switched on the electric light to reveal a recently refurbished room, a suite of wardrobes lining the far side of the room. A dressing table sat halfway along the nearside wall with a 22-inch flat-screen TV mounted on the wall space between the two windows on the opposite wall. As deep-pile, wine-red carpet covered the floor and the walls were decorated with a pale blue and white Regency stripe patterned wallpaper. A plush king-sized bed with an ornate brass headboard dominated the room.

“As you can see,” Bill informed Pete and Yvonne, “there is a radiator but, as the room is south facing, it tends to get and retain any sunlight and heat, so it’s not often you’ll need it.”

“I like the wardrobes,” said Yvonne, “would they be included?”

“Yes,” Bill assured her, “the new house has them fitted.”

“Nice bed.” noticed Pete, in an impressed tone.

“It is,” Bill agreed, “it’s really comfortable. I’d go as far as to say it’s the best bed I’ve ever slept in. Unfortunately,” he added with a grin, “we will be taking it with us when we move, sorry.”

“It’s very big,” opined Yvonne, “I’ll bet you could fit four people in there, no problem.”

“We’ve never had the occasion to see,” replied Audrey, before adding, “more’s the pity.”

Now where had that come from? Audrey asked herself. It was definitely not the type of thing she’d say, or even think; but there it was, a phrase which made her out to be some sort of degenerate slut – something she was definitely not. Why had she said that? she wondered, why had she come out with a comment that was so unlike her; unless… she wanted something to happen, to make Bill shocked that his boring, sexless wife might not be as boring as he’d always thought.

Bill did look shocked at what his wife had just said, Yvonne looked amused and Pete looked intrigued. he exchanged a glance with his wife and said, as casually as he could,

“Well, if you want to find out if it could take four, Vonnie and I are willing if you two are.”

Yvonne smiled and nuzzled into her husband, seemingly liking the idea. Bill and Audrey exchanged nervous glances, both of them not quite believing that the situation was happening. Bill was in two minds, whilst he was shocked by Audrey’s actions, he was quite turned on by the chance to do something he’d only read about in the porno magazines that were handed around between his friends in the Bowling club and the idea of Audrey actually having sex with another man, a virtual stranger, just made it that bit more spicy. He knew that he certainly wanted to see what Yvonne could do.

“Well, Audrey did say it was a pity you’ve never had a foursome.” Pete’s voice interrupted, even though he was twisting her words. “and she’s gone and changed into a sexy little outfit – love the sexy red knickers, by the way. I’m up for it and I’m sure that Vonnie is too.”

“I’d love it.” Yvonne smiled.

“Well, what do you think, love?” Bill asked his wife.

Audrey’s mind was in a whirl, up until a month or so she’d have been horrified by the mere suggestion of having sex with another man whilst Bill had sex with another woman, up until the previous Friday she’d have never have believed it. But, after hearing Norma’s tale of what Mrs Hobley and Mr Braithwaite had been doing and Norma’s confession that she’d have happily changed places with Mrs Hobley and that she still had regular sex with her husband, Audrey’s attitudes towards sex had undergone a bit if a re-haul. She’d had the day-dream about Mr Braithwaite and struggled to remember the last time she and Bill had made love – a good five months, she reckoned; she’d been drunk, she remembered that. And, she admitted to herself, Pete was quite a good-looking man and the bulge she’d felt when she’d brushed past him had awakened something deep within her, but, at the same time….

“I don’t know.” she said, looking at Bill, but there was definitely a look of longing in her face.

“Look,” reasoned Pete, with a patient smile, “how about we stick with our partners and, if we all feel OK with it, well…”

“OK than.” Audrey said and Bill nodded.

Another smile and a nod from Pete, who then turned to his own wife who took him into her arms and kissed him passionately. Pete responded by sliding his hands down to her bottom and began to squeeze and knead the flesh between his hands. Yvonne reached down with her right hand and stroked her husband’s crotch, before unzipping the flies of his trousers and slipping her hand inside. Pete reached up and unzipped her skirt, sliding it down to show her white suspender belt clipped to the tan stockings she’d spent much of the times downstairs flashing to Bill which framed her lacy white knickers. Pete transferred his hands to his wife’s top, pulling it up. Yvonne, removed her hand and raised her arms to let Pete pull her top over her head, leaving her clad in a half-cup white bra which barely contained her large breasts.

Bill and Audrey stood there for a second, like a pair of shop mannequins, just looking at their guests, before realising that they needed to be doing something too. Both looking quite sheepish and not a little bit nervous, they turned to one another and gave one another a kind of hug, both feeling as nervous as they had done on their wedding night. Bill found the zip on Audrey’s dress and slowly slid it down, whilst Audrey unbuckled Bill’s belt and unbuttoned his trousers. Bill eased the dress down leaving Audrey in the red bra and knickers set she’d put on only half an hour previously. Audrey unbuttoned her husband’s shirt, kissing his bare chest as she eased it off.

Pete had now divested himself of his clothes and had unclipped Yvonne’s bra and she had slipped her knickers down. She let Pete push her down onto the bed and slip his hard penis into her waiting pussy. Arching her body to place her legs on his shoulders, she lay back and let Pete drive into her as hard as he could. Knowing that he was being watched seemed to inspire Pete and he pushed into Yvonne’s pussy harder and deeper than he usually did, showing off a little. Bill and Audrey had now shed the rest of their clothes and had positioned themselves in their customary missionary position. Bill eased his erect penis into Audrey and was surprised at how wet she was. Audrey felt a tingle of excitement as Bill entered her, more than she he usually did, a feeling made more intense by knowing that there was another naked couple within touching distance. Bill also knew that another couple were screwing on their bed and although it excited him, he felt that, judging from the gasps and moans he could hear, they were having a much better time than he and Audrey were.

The truth was that Pete and Yvonne had a more active sex life than their hosts and had sex on a regular basis; both more open-minded than Bill and Audrey and liked to experiment, whereas Bill and Audrey usually had sex in the missionary position, lights off, eyes closed; Bill usually pumped away, not daring to even suggest that they try any other position and Audrey just lay there waiting for Bill to finish. Now it was almost impossible for Bill to keep his mind on pumping away, as he could catch a glimpse of the other two out of the corner of his eye.

On their half of the bed, Yvonne had turned a willing Pete onto his back and had straddled him, lowering herself onto his waiting cock and riding him, her breasts bouncing wildly as she increased her tempo. Bill and Audrey stopped their half-hearted attempt at sex and turned to watch their visitors. Yvonne nodded to Pete and slowed down, Pete turned his head towards Bill and Audrey and smiled.

“What to change partners?” he offered.

Bill nodded and Pete pulled slowly out of Yvonne who gave a sigh of pleasure as he did so.

“Come on, Bill,” she called, “you were excited to get a glimpse of my knickers, let’s see how excited you get when you see what they were covering.”

Pete turned to Audrey and her heart jumped. His cock was bigger than Bill’s by a good three inches and thicker too; her nipples hardened at the sight of it and her pussy moistened in a way it never had before; she could never recall being so excited as she was by this naked man in her bedroom. As Bill walked over to Yvonne, Pete walked towards her, smiling at her reassuringly. He reached out for her and pulled her to him, He leant into her and kissed her lips causing a tingle to spread through her body. HI right hand cupped her left buttock and pressed her to his body. Audrey felt the great thick throbbing cock press against her belly and she knew that, more than anything else, she wanted it inside her.

Bill reached Yvonne, and planted a soft kiss on his lips as he reached her who smiled at him and stood up.

“Do you like my tits, Bill?” she purred and he nodded, unable to keep his eyes off the large pink orbs with their dark pink aureole circling a pair of jutting nipples; true they were sagging a touch but not as much as he would have expected from such large breasts.

“I’m a 42 D cup,” she informed him, still smiling, “I love when Pete plays with them and love it when he sucks my nipples. Do you want to play with my tits, Bill?”

Bill nodded, still slightly stunned by the offer and still not quite believing that this fantastic looking woman was standing, naked, in front of him. He reached out with his right hand and gently cradled Yvonne’s left breast. A second later he squeezed it and reached out for her right breast, and began to massage the warm soft fleshy mounds.

“Ooh, yes!” Yvonne encouraged, “suck my nipples.”

Bill obeyed and let his tongue flick over the plump pink nipple of Yvonne’s right breast, Yvonne gave a little squeak of pleasure and Bill sucked on the nipple to Yvonne’s purr of pleasure and her right hand reached out and found his cock. Bill’s free hand slid up between her legs and received another surprise at finding a shaven pussy.

A few feet away, Audrey and Pete had broken off their kiss; he was now fondling her left buttock with his right hand and had her right breast in his left hand, his thumb rubbing against her nipple. Pete, Audrey remembered, was a builder, a quite successful one with his own firm, but he still liked to get out on the site with the rest of the lads and keep his hand in. He certainly had labourer’s hands, hard, coarse and calloused, not that Audrey minded, liking the feel of them against her soft skin.

“You’ve got a nice pair of tits, Aud. Can I have a suck on them?” he asked and, although slightly startled at the request, Audrey nodded her assent.

Pete clamped his mouth onto Audrey’s left nipple and sucked greedily at it, letting his free and slide down to Audrey’s right hand, which he guided to his still rigid cock. She eagerly took hold of it, marvelling at its thickness.

“Give it a rub.” Pete told her, before returning to his sucking.

per of pleasure tip. Her own experience with masturbating Bill was pretty rudimentary, but she’d eavesdropped enough of Melanie and Courtney’s conversations to have an idea of what she should have been doing better and she’d remembered Melanie’s advice to Courtney about manipulating the glans of a penis with her thumb and doing it at the point where the foreskin was attached. Just as she began to do so, she felt two rough fingers inserted into her pussy and she almost orgasmed on the spot.

Yvonne pulled away from Bill and sat down on the edge of the bed. She parted her legs and smiled at Bill, who smiled back, still not quite able to believe that what was happening was actually happening. He’d had a few girlfriends before he’d met Audrey and he’s been able to get a couple of them to have sex with him; like with Audrey, the sex had been nothing spectacular and a bit hesitant, but he’d felt a small glow of triumph after each “conquest”. None of those girls had been as good-looking as Yvonne and certainly not as sexually bold.

Yvonne beckoned him to her and her slowly plodded over to her, eyes fixed on her glistening shaven pussy. As he came within reach, Yvonne extended her right arm and her right hand closed around his cock. Gently pulling him to her by his member, she leant forward and placed a gentle kiss on the tip, before wrapping her breasts around it. Bill gave a sigh of enjoyment as his throbbing cock was enfolded by the soft, warm mounds of flesh.

“Does Audrey ever give you a titty-fuck, Bill?” Yvonne asked, beginning to rub his cock with her breasts. “Pete loves a good titty-fuck; it’s better in the shower when my tits are nice and soapy and slippery.”

Bill tried not to let his growing urge to come take over and steeled himself; it took all of his self-control not to spurt all over those two beautiful tits which were enveloping his cock. Yvonne noticed the strained look on his face, tried not to smile and reclined fully on the bed, opening her legs a few inches further.

“Fuck me!” she invited. “Stick that cock of yours right up my cunt. I want to be fucked and fucked hard!”

A still stunned Bill just nodded, took his cock in his hand and guided it between the lips of Yvonne’s shaven haven, feeling the muscles draw his cock in as he pushed into the waiting Yvonne. Yvonne gave a whimper of pleasure and drew her legs up, resting her heels on Bill’s shoulders as he pushed deeper into her.

Pete withdrew his fingers from Audrey’s now soaking pussy and released her left nipple from his mouth. He pushed her back onto the bed, cradling the back of her legs in the crook of his arms. He shifted himself so that the tip of his cock was nudging her pussy lips.

“Let’s see how well a snobby, stuck-up cow can fuck, shall we!” he muttered and pushed forward into Audrey’s waiting pussy.

Audrey gave a cry as Pete’s 10” cock burrowed its way into her; part-pain, part-excitement, and part sheer, lustful joy. She had never experienced a feeling like that and a tingle spread through her entire body as the long, thick, veiny, rigid monster stretched her vaginal walls as they had never been stretched before. She’d never felt anything like it since the first time Bill had entered her on their wedding night all those years ago. Just when she thought she’d explode, the invading rod retreated again, but plunged back in again a second later. Audrey wrapped her lags around Pete’s back and grunted as he pushed forward again, filling her pussy with his cock.

Pete began to increase his pace, beginning to enjoy himself; Audrey was a lot tighter than he imagined a married woman to be and it felt almost as though he was fucking a virgin; he looked to his right and smiled as he saw Bill pounding into a willing Yvonne as though his life depended on it. Yvonne was arching her back slightly as she took Bill’s cock, her large tits wobbling like two pink blancmanges at every thrust she took.

“Go on, mate, enjoy it!” Pete thought, happy that Bill was getting to enjoy the very horny Yvonne and getting turned on at the sight of his wife being fucked and the look of pleasure on her face as Bill pumped into her as hard as he could.

“Come on, Audrey,” he said, “turn over.”

Audrey meekly complied; she’d never been keen on the idea of what she’d always considered “improper” sex (anything which wasn’t the missionary position), but now she just wanted that big hard cock inside her again. Once she’d positioned herself as Pete had wanted, he positioned himself behind her and slipped his member inside her again, his left hand on the right side of her waits and his right cupping, then squeezing her left breast.

“Push back, push into me!” he instructed and Audrey obeyed, liking the intense feeling that it caused.

Having settled into a rhythm, Pete once again increased his tempo and Audrey, unable to hold out any longer, experienced an orgasm, the like of which she’d never experienced before. Feeling the wetness, Pete pushed as hard as he could.

“That’s it,” he encouraged, “that’s it, you like my big cock inside your cunt, don’t you?”


“Look at your husband, fucking my randy bitch of a wife.” he said. “He’s loving it, and I know she is, because she’s a fucking dirty cow. She loves cock and she loves fucking and she loved dressing like a tart because she knows men can see her and that makes her so horny. You love it too, don’t you, Audrey? You pretend you don’t, but you do, you’re like my Vonnie, a dirty, horny, randy cock-loving bitch. Say it! say you’re a dirty, horny, cock-loving bitch! Say it!”

“I’m…a… dirty… horny… cock-loving… fucking bitch!” Audrey gasped, her right breast swinging wildly as Pete thrust into her once more.

Bill increased his own thrusting, the sight of his usually prim and proper prude of a wife being so roughly fucked from behind and using language he’d never have imagined her using, was making him feel hornier than he’d ever felt in his life. Yvonne noticed this and started her own chatter,

“Yes, Bill, fuck me, fill me up!” she sighed, pushing onto his cock. “Do you like seeing your wife being fucked by my Pete’s huge cock? She’s enjoying it, isn’t she? My Pete’s a wonderful fucker; all the girls I work with would love him to fuck them and make them scream when they come. Audrey’s really horny, she loves being fucked. Would you like to see me and your Audrey fuck one another? I bet you would. I’ve had sex with another woman a couple of times and I really love it. Would you like to watch Audrey suck on by big tits and watch me lick her cunt while she licks mine? I’ll be you would, I’ll bet that would make you feel so horny, watching me and your wife fuck each other’s brains out.”

Bill could certainly imagine it and the idea pushed him over the edge, he wasn’t able to control himself any further.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” he almost yelped.

“Come!” Yvonne encouraged, clenching so that her pussy tightened around Bill’s cock. “Fill my cunt with your red hot spunk. I want every last drop of it inside me!”

Bill managed a couple more pushes before he came; it had been a long time since he’s managed to come so much and Yvonne’s pussy expertly gripped and squeezed his cock, coaxing him to empty all of his sperm into her pussy. As the last spurt left his cock, Bill felt quite drained of energy, as though he’s just run a marathon. He felt Yvonne’s arms around his neck and her lips on his and he gratefully sank into her embrace.

Just as Bill had been turned on by the sight of Pete and Audrey fucking, so the sight of Bill and Yvonne had given Pete that extra spark of adrenaline he’d needed to increase his pace. Audrey gave a cry as she came to the point of orgasm and a long wailing moan as it arrived, sending a wave of joyful pain through her body. Pete’s own climax followed seconds later and he pumped jet after jet of sperm into and extatically squealing Audrey. He pushed forward again and again, as if to send the jets as far into her as he could, both of his hands mauling her breasts, his thumbs rubbing against the nipples.

With a guttural cry of relief and triumph, Pete released the last spurt of his sperm into Audrey and realised, almost in amusement, that he was perspiring; something he only did in really torrid sessions with Yvonne. He exhaled and felt his cock grow limp, its work done and he withdrew from an almost breathless Audrey.

“That was great, Audrey,” he complimented, “I never would have thought you’d be such a great shag. How did you like Vonnie, Bill?” he asked a now sheepish looking Bill. “Something else, isn’t she?”

“She certainly is.” Bill agreed.

Audrey got to her feet, wondered for a second why her legs didn’t seem to want to work, then wobbled to the dressing table and picked up the box of tissues sitting on it. Plucking three or four tissues from the box, she lobbed it in Yvonne’s direction, who gratefully caught it and plucked a few tissues for herself and began to clean herself up.

Both couples quickly put on the clothes they’d taken off a short while before, Bill and Audrey still slightly embarrassed by what had happened. Once dressed the four made their way downstairs, Pete and Yvonne declining Audrey’s offer of another cup of coffee and explaining that they should be getting back home.

“Well, I think we’ll take the house – at the price you want.” Pete smiled. “What d’you say, Vonnie?”

“Ooh, yes.” Yvonne agreed. “It’s just what we’re looking for. And I’ve got such a good feeling about it.”

“That’s great.” Bill smiled. “It’ll be nice to know that it’s going to a good couple.”

After assuring Bill that he’d be in touch with the estate agent the following morning, Pete shook hands with his host and kissed Audrey with more familiarity than he’d done on his arrival. Yvonne kissed Bill on the lips and did the same to Audrey.

“I hope you’ll both visit, once we move in.” she said. “Pete and I would like to see more of you.”

“We will.” Audrey promised and waved, as they walked to their car and drove off.

Bill closed the door, and turned to Audrey.

“Did that really just happen?” he asked her, not quite believing it had himself.

“Yes,” she smiled, “it did and, do you know, I’m glad it did. I think we’ve become a bit stuck in the mud over the years and that’s sort of woken us up. I never thought I’d enjoy that sort of thing, but I really did.”

“Pete’s big prick was what you enjoyed.” Bill grinned and Audrey blushed.

“Well, that’s true,” she admitted, “but you liked Yvonne’s big boobs and shaven pussy. But I think it was the fact that it was somebody else that made it so exciting.”

“Would you do it again?” he asked.

“Do you know,” she replied, “I rather think that I might.”