Written by Plimboy

7 Nov 2007

Charles, who was a shy young man at the best of times, sat half way along the table. The chair opposite him was empty - his guest was coming straight from France and appeared to have been delayed.

Against the backdrop of happy conversation the waiters hurried to and fro. Diagonally opposite Charles sat Dudley Beale, the office bore - Dudley\'s wife was next to Charles, she was an attractive woman but reputed to have only married for money - well no one would marry Dudley for love. After the meal, Dudley was due to give a speech, for the present he contented himself with chiding Charles.

\"Well old boy, it doesn\'t look like your friend is coming after all\". A smirk spread across his face.

Charles blushed, he was 21 now and had never had a woman, he was very self conscious and felt that everyone knew his problem. He had not seen Odette for a few years, she had been a childhood friend, but they had continued to exchange letters. Charles handled problems like the onslaught from Beale by losing himself in his memories. He was never popular as a child, but with Odette it had been different, she would come to stay with her aunt next door each Summer to improve her English, he recalled her as a forward and noisy young girl - her winsome looks and boisterous play, always scampering about in her little white plimsolls. But she was always gentle with him and one day his mother would not let him out to play with the other children - this was in spite of Odette saying that she would look after him, even though he was 3 years older than her!

Dudley Beale, with the smirk still on his face, kept leering at Charles who looked down at his meal - then suddenly a new voice emerged:

\"Arr Cherie, I am so sorry to be late.\" Odette was here in front of him, a broad and appealing smile greeted Charles - he could hardly speak she was beautiful.

The meal continued - Beale became even more annoying - but as Charles became more and more angry he felt Odette\'s foot against his manhood - her active bare toes soon aroused him - she gave him a cheeky and re-assuring smile.

Then Odette said, \"I think that I\'ve dropped something.\"

She lulled away her chair and crawled under the table - hidden from view she unzipped Charles\'s trousers and took his swollen cock in her mouth - he came very quickly. Odette extracted herself from under the table, but not before leaning on Beale\'s knee and making a whispered remark to his amusement. Shortly he was called to make his speech and as the lights fell on Dudley Beale, there were ripples of laughter from the audience - he had a fresh spunk stain on the front of his trousers.

Respectfully submitted - Plimboy