Written by Agents66

6 Jan 2014

From him to her.

It was the night before your 40th birthday and your good friend Annabelle asked to come round and have a drink with you to celebrate.

You both settled down on your sofa with a bottle of wine or two and some soft music and chatted away for what seemed hours on end. It struck you how beautiful she was as you retained eye contact while she talked to you, your thoughts miles away form her words. Annabelle was wearing a little black number and it struck you how 'dolled up' she looked for a night round a friends.

The evening flew past with conversation and giggles and smiles.

At 10.30 there was a knock at the door. You sat up surprised, "Who ever could that be at this time of night".

You answered the door and there were three burly firemen. You were completely taken aback. 'Evening madam, we had a report of an incident here and we have come to see if everything is OK'

'Yes no problems at all, not sure what you mean' you replied, a little slurred form the wine.

'Do you mind if we come in and take a look anyway?' the first one asked'

'MMM no makes yourselves at home you giggled'

The three came in, all strapping 6 footers and dressed in helmets, black overalls, boots, the full works.

As they closed the door, the third one produced a ghetto blaster which started playing 'You can leave your hat on ....'

Annabelle started to laugh and you knew you'd been had.

'Happy birthday from all the girls' she cried out', doubled up with the thought of what was going to come.

You bit your lip as the second fireman brought a chair out from your dining room and sat you in it.

Self consciously you felt your shortish skirt ride up your thighs as you sat down.

He took your hands and produced two silken ties, tying your arms behind you to the chair.

They turned the music up and all stood in front of you, slowly swaying to the music. You were watching them like a hawk as they started to undress.

They removed their helmets and slowly undid their jacket buttons to reveal their muscular chests two hairy and one smooth.

In one foul swoop they tore off the trousers to reveal just a tiny 'well packed' posing pouch.

As your fantasy unfolded before your eyes, you felt your pussy juice starting to seep down the side of your thong, you were so wet.

Suddenly, fireman one ripped open your blouse and your heaving breasts were there for all to see within the confines of your black bra.

This soon came off to to release your large swaying breasts. You didn't know which was more exciting. Showing them to three horny men or the fact that Annabelle was in the room enjoying the view.

Fireman two then pulled down his pouch to reveal a very stiff and very large cock. He moved it towards your mouth and you shut your eyes and tasted the pre-cum as you licked around the head.

The music was still pumping and the wine had gone to your head but you felt as horny as fuck.

He thrust his cock into your mouth and you took in as much as you could.

A few ins and outs and he poured baby oil over your tits and rubbed his manhood between them. There was nothing you could do as you were completely restrained.

When you opened your eyes the other firemen were also naked and sporting large hard ons. They oiled them up and rubbed them over your face so you had three cocks to play with but frustratingly, the situation was out of your control as your hands were tied.

Fireman three reached down and rubbed his hands up your thighs, undoing your skirt as he did so.

You never knew that strippergrams went this far!

You looked over at Annabelle and noticed she was squirming in her seat at such a horny scene.

Fireman three caressed your pussy lips through your sodden panties before pushing them to one side and sinking three fingers easily inside your soaking wet cunt.

You let out a cry with the release and he fingered your erect clit.

Off came your panties and your legs were pushed wide part revealing your gaping hole to all 4 people.

Fireman One then lent down and slid his massive tool into your dripping hole, thrusting in and out with the music.

You said to Fireman two, 'I want your cock in my mouth again pleeease' and you got exactly that. The two men in time with each other and the music as they pounded you hard. You reached orgasm in no time as fireman three sucked on your nipples alternately.

The three kept swapping positions until one by one they came. The first shooting his warm cum deep inside you until you felt it hit the walls of your pussy. The second fired his sticky load down your throat and the third splashed copious amounts of cum all over your breasts.

Leaving you there they took a Polaroid photo for you, naked, violated wet, horny and spent. They left the photo on the table, read a short birthday poem out, dressed and left.

The room fell silent. Oh .... my .... god ... you exclaimed!

Annabelle asked 'so did you enjoy that then Sarah'?

Oh did I! You replied.

She got up from the sofa, you still tied up, let her dress fall to the floor, removed her black silky bra and panties and kissed you hard on the mouth.

'I know you have always wanted me Sarah, now let me clean you up before you take me to bed'

She knelt down and licked the still warm spunk from your tits, your nipples responding to her touch.

She moved further down your body, your eyes on her breasts as they hung between your legs and she lapped at the love juice and cum in our pussy. Finally she got up, released your arms and snogged you hard, her tongue swirling around your mouth.

You reached out and felt her dripping pussy, your fingers sliding in easily.

Come on she said, let's get you cleaned up properly and go upstairs'.

She led you silent up the stairs. You followed, thinking how much I was going to enjoy your phone call in the morning, when I asked 'SO, how was your evening'.