Written by 1969ang

12 Jul 2018

My name is Sam, I have been married to Ben for 18 years, At first we would be the most loving couple out there , but before too long life got in the way !

Along came children and the sex seemed to stop .

Ben would come to bed at night and before too long he would either fall asleep or ask for a hug( which was his way of saying he wanted to fuck me) he would get his way and cum almost straight away! Then roll over and fall fast asleep! But what about me!...,,.

I would wait till he was asleep and play with my now bulging clit, I hadn’t cum !

I would slowly lower my hand over my large breasts pulling at my nipples as I worked my way down to my very wet pussy, I fingered myself as I thought erotic thoughts and dreamed to be brave enough to carry out my dreams.....

But then one night I joined an online group and got chatting to this young man . He was very charming and sounded very sexy, his name was Steve.

After a few chats we arranged to meet up fora chat over lunch, I was so nervous I could feel my pussy getting wet at the thought of meet with him!

Steve was tall dark and very handsome when he smiled it took my breath away , We chatted for an hour before he asked if I wanted to go for a drive in his car, I agreed .

Before too long we kissed I could feel and see his cock grow I knew I wanted more! We drove to his flat and kissed all the way to his room.

Steve slowly undressed me then lay me on the bed as he took off his clothes , my nipples were as hard as rock! And my pussy dripping with antisapation, his hand slowly cupped my wet pussy and his long fingers teased that clit as he sucked hard on my nipples , he then lay on top of me and we had the most amazing sex I had ever had over and over again I was not only cumin but I was gushing! He went down licking all of my love juice.

Eventually I noticed the time! My meeting with Steve had to end ! But what do you think should I cum back for MORE!! X