Written by 1969Ang

16 Jul 2018

As I reached out my hand I thought of many reasons why this was a mistake, but one reason to go for it!

The taxi arrived outside and all 3 of us got inside .steve sat between Beth and i with his hands on our knees slowly moving his hands up discretely knowing the cab driver could see.

Shortly we had arrived and Steve paid the cab driver and gave him a wink! The driver then said enjoy your night you lucky bast#*d!

We entered the top floor flat and sat on the large bed in front of the windows showing the night sky , Steve kissed Beth and placed his hand on my breast tweeting my rock hard nipples his cock growing harder and Beth undone his zip to let his very thick hard cock go free ,Beth stopped kissing him and took my hand and placed it to his cock as she did she then sweeping her long red hairover her neck moved towards me and kissed me gently on the lips. My pussy was throbbing with excitement and before to long our toungs were intwind Steve moaning with delight, yes girls I know you are wanting more! All three of us lay on the bed hands exploring our bodies Beth and I kissed and licked Steve down to his nipples biting them as he moaned for more his cock now a good 9 inches Beth climbing on top slowly taking all of him inside her very wet cunt Steve begged me to sit on his face, he licked my wet pussy as I frantically kissed Beth the feeling was out of this world I shuddered with excitement as my pussy juices flowed all over Steve’s face!

We all came at the same time screaming with excitement we fell on either side of Steve exusted from what we had just done!

I just knew that wasn’t going to be the last of the night!