Written by wetminky

1 Jun 2011

Saturday Night arrived, and I found myself at the entrance to the Cambridge Arms. My heart was beating like thunder, and my pussy was literally creaming itself at the thought of what might lie ahead. My labia were swollen and slack, as I’d decided to give the cabbie a show on the way over, to say thank you for relieving me the other night, coming over my hand for him on the back seat. I knew how cross it would make the old man that I hadn’t waited, and although I knew it was dirty, I longed to feel the palm of his hand on my buttocks.

As I walked in, I noticed the bar was busier than last time, and again, as I walked to the bar, I could hear muttered expletives and whistles as they all had a good look. There was a woman of about fifty serving, and she eyed me coldly as I stood there. I couldn’t see Gary or the old man, and I wasn’t sure what to say to her!

She made me wait ages, serving pints to the guys next to me as they rubbed up behind me, and pinched my bum. I started to feel very uncomfortable, and then she came over to me, lifting up the bar flap.

“Are you here to work, young lady?” She looked me up and down, taking in my full breasts and rounded hips with an approving expression. I nodded, and she ushered me through a door behind the bar, and up some stairs.

She told me that Gary and his friend were busy with a private party in the lounge bar, and that she had been instructed to clean me up and get me ready, as she had been told that I was a filthy slut.

I blushed deeply when she said this, and said nothing. She reached her hand forward and I felt her soft slim fingers brush against my thigh as she pulled my skirt up, revealing my creamy cuntlips and engorged clitoris. She dragged her fingertips gently across my slit and thrust her soaking hand in my face. “That’s what he was talking about, you dirty girl.”

She took me into the bathroom and put the shower on. Then she undressed me and I got in - the water was only lukewarm and my skin turned instantly to goosebumps. My tits shook as she started to lather my legs, from my ankles up to the tops of my thighs, and she tutted and roughly pulled my legs apart. She rubbed her soapy fingers slowly around my shaved lips, and I knew she could feel my juices as they drooled out of my hole onto her hand. Then she moved round to my buttocks, and soaped them slowly, her face inched from my cunt. As she pressed her fingers into my firm cheeks, and rubbed the suds along my crack and around my bum hole, she told me her name was George, and that she had been trained by the old man many years ago, when she worked on the railways. Apparently my filthy new master had been a train driver and had identified her sluttish tendencies when he caught her licking out a female passenger in the toilets. She told me I was a lucky girl, but very dirty still, and pushed her finger deep in my bum, her eyes watching my pussy as it twitched and pulsated in front of her. The drips from the shower were joining together on her the front of her t-shirt, and I could make out the shape of her large breasts, and see the outline of her long, fat nipples. I was on totally new territory, but she was working my bum so gently with her fingertip, and cooing and blowing on my hard clit, and I didn’t want it to stop.

Abrubtly, she stood upright and briskly washed my upper half, paying lots of attention to my soft, ripe tits and particularly my swollen nipples, as I gasped and moaned at her touch, willing her to take it further.

She switched off the water and I stepped out, standing motionless as she rubbed me with a towel. When I was dry, she positioned me with my legs a foot apart, and bent me over so my hands were on the floor, and both my holes were on full show. She told me that my pussy was still dirty, and smacked me lightly on each cheek before sticking two fingers up my sloppy cunt and then feeding me with my juices. As I sucked on her fingers, she smiled and said “I saw you looking at my boobs, young lady, just now. Right filthy little slut, aren’t you? Would you like to suck my titties, feel them in your mouth?”

I didn’t say anything, but she put the toilet lid down and sat on it. I got up and walked towards her, and she pulled me onto her lap, pushing her tongue into my mouth as she held me tight by the cunt. It felt odd to be kissed by a woman - softer and wetter than a man. My hands crept over her wet top, feeling the rock-hardness of her big nipples, and she put me astride her and pulled the t-shirt over her head. I closed my lips around one of her nipples, and sucked gently, and she groaned. I felt for the first time how sexy it feels to stroke and suck another woman’s breasts, and I grabbed her hand and ground my pussy against it. She withdrew her hand and lifted my face to hers, kissing me again.

Then she told me to lie on the bathroom floor. She removed her jeans and stood above me, spreading the lips of her well-used hairy gash. Then she knelt over me, her cunt right above my face, and rubbed her cream over my chin. Automatically, I started to suck on her wet lips and clitoris, and she started to grind uncontrollably against me, fucking my tongue and telling me I was a good girl. She orgasmed violently, shuddering against my lips, coating me in her cum and suffocating me with her sticky labia, then stood up, dressed and walked out closing the door.

Naked on the floor, I straight away began to rub my aching pussy, but she returned just as I was about to come, and told me to get up. She gave me a black t-shirt saying “BAR STAFF” and a short black skirt, which just covered my bum. No bra, and the fabric of the t-shirt was so thin I might as well have not been wearing it! Then, because the skirt was so short you could see wetness on my thighs, George made me put on some thin white cotton panties. She stroked her finger gently across the material until it was see-through, and my pink puffy lips could be seen though the wet cotton.

Pulling my skirt straight, and stepping back, she said:

“Right, I think you are ready”