Written by bangor

6 Mar 2012

I was walking through my collage the other day when i was being shouted at by 2 young girls and a gay lad 'EXCUSE ME ' they all shouted , when i turned around the lad pointed at a blonde girl and said 'She has something to ask you' i looked at the girl who was blonde bout 5 foot 2 very pretty who said ' Whats a spit roast ' her mates lauged and i smiled and said follow me i will show you , I turned and walked away when i turned around the girl was just behind me and said 'What is it then @ she smiled and i told her its when she takes 2 cocks and laughed and went to walk away,

She grabbed my arm and said i thought you where going to show me i grabbed her arm and pulled her into a near by disabled toilet where we started to kiss. this young girl bout 19 went straight for my cock which grew in seconds ,she took my hand and pushed it to her pussy and ordered my fingers in her wet cunt i obliged and got 3 in quickly as she wanked me .

I slipped off her top and her bra and sucked her huge nipples on a big pair of tits for a little girl easy a size d cup ,I pulled her leggings off and worked my way down she stood next to a wall and hooked her leg over my shoulder as i got stuck in to drinking her juices , She moaned and groaned and withered in pleasure and shouted she was coming next thing i knew her legs gave way from under her as her juices seeped out of her as she slid down the wall into i heap on the floor trying to get her breath back.

I though right little girl my turn i stripped as quick as i could and picked her head up and forced her to take my cock in her mouth she got to her knees quick and wanked me as she got her mouth in to position and took it right to the back of her throat then she took it out again and kept wanking it and then again took it right to the back of her throat , she kept doing it until i was close to shooting my load she then stood up and went over to the toilet and bent over it and over her shoulder said 'fuck me then@ i got behind her and pushed my 7 inchs in full then took it out and teased her with the tip before really going at her hard she screamed for more and more until her legs went again i turned her around sat her on the toilet and puyshed my cock to her mouth she started wanking me and deep throating me until i was just about to come then there was a knock at the door 'Kara are you there' it was her m8 she took my cock out of her mouth pused me out of the way and opened the door and let her m8 in her m8 was 5 foot 10 red hair and quite plump ,her m8 said 'Fuck Kara what you doing ' Kara said help me out just sorting this guy out and winked at me and then at her m8 her m8 walked over to me and looked at my erect cock 'i wish i could Kara but i am well you know' Kara said 'we only have to finish him off love he has had a fuck'her m8 started to suck me and Kara came over so i could kiss her and finger her some more i could not believe my luck then Kara stopped her m8 got ther to wank me staright into Karas mouth while little Kara fingered herself for me to watch it worked a treat and in minutes i shot my goo in Karas face as she swallowed as much as she could. they throw my my clothes and threw me out of the toilet still naked i ran with my clothes to the nearest toilets and got changed .I have not seen her or her m8 since but i sure hope they got more questions .