29 Jan 2019

During the last few months, while in bed with my wife Joanne, she had been telling me about a guy at her work called Gary, it started out her telling me how she fancied him, but progressed to how much she wanted to fuck him, she knew this was a fantasy of mine, we had talked about it so many times. She told me how she flirted with him in the office, how he touched her arse when at the photocopier. When she told me these details it got me so horny and our love making turned into rampant orgasmic sex.

One night, about a week before her works Christmas party, we had just got into bed; I was up for some ‘extra curricular activity’. I started to touch her, kiss her, but in a flourish of dominance, she grabbed my head, looked me in the eye and said

“This week is going to be different for you, this week your dream will come true, but first you must serve me, there will be no pleasure for you this week, no sex, you will not masturbate but you will make sure that you are attentive to my needs, NOW USE YOUR TONGUE”

And with that she pushed my face down into her pussy, she was so wet, her pussy glistened with her moisture, her scent was strong, she had clearly not showered that evening after work, she knew how I loved the strong musky scent of her. I spent the next 15 minutes pleasuring her as she told me what was going to happen in the next week.

Each morning I was to wake her by getting between her legs and giving her oral relief before she rose, I would then serve as her toilet for her morning pee, I would kneel at the edge of the bed, while she perched on the edge and peed, She instructed me that I would have to catch as much as I could with my mouth in order to protect the carpet. We would then shower together, something that again she knew I loved, lathering her up with soap, and tending to her as she showered. She said that this was so that she could keep an eye on me, so that I did not play with myself during my shower.

The evenings after we both arrived back home from work would be spent in much the same way, before tea I was to pleasure her, while she sat watching TV in the living room, when she had, had enough I was to go and prepare tea and serve it to her. The evenings would be spent in different kinds of dirty and kinky activities. She told me how she wanted to tie me, to the bed and sit on my face while I gave her oral pleasure, every time she wanted to pee, she would be doing it over some part of my body.

She told me that the grand finale would come on Friday evening; she said that she was going to fulfil one of her greatest desires and fantasies. After the Christmas party she was going to be with Gary. They had a hotel room booked already and all the arrangements were in place, so it was too late to back out now.

She also told me that I was going to have to keep a diary, writing a report of each day for the next week up until the grand finale

All the time she was telling me this, I was so hard, sexually frustrated, I finally made her orgasm over my face; satisfied she pushed my face away. She said:

“By the way… Gary knows all about our little arrangement”

With that she turned over switched off the light and went to sleep. I lay there wide awake, shocked about what had just transpired, horny as hell, frustrated but also excited by the prospect of actually living out the fantasy that had been with me for so long.

In the morning, I woke and quickly remembering my instructions, I gently parted Joanne’s long, slender, sleeping legs and positioned myself so that I could eat her pussy; soon she started to moan, and put her hand on the back of my head, pushing me further into her pussy, growling at me to eat her harder. She lights up her morning cigarette and sucks in the first long drag, holding it in her lungs for a while before blowing it out over my face as I give her pleasure.

After she came I knelt on the floor and waited, the humiliation of sitting and offering myself as her toilet was overpowering and an erotic chill ran up my spine. She sat on the edge of the bed above my face, parted her legs and opened her pussy lips and started to pee. The first jet splashed over my face, I moved myself, to try and catch as much as I could. When I had a mouth full I battled with myself to drink it down and opened my mouth again to get the final jets of Joanne’s morning pee.

”Clean me” she instructed

I reached down and picked up a towel and was about to clean her with it when she said,

“No with your tongue”

So I moved towards her and licked her clean.

After that she dressed for work, I noticed that she was wearing her best sexiest lingerie, a shorter than normal skirt and a rather translucent blouse, I was again getting hard, thinking about how she was going to work to titillate and tease the man who would soon be giving her the fucking of her life.

As she left for work, she grabbed me and gave me a long hard passionate kiss;

“I love you babe” She said as she walked out of the door.

The following four days progressed in much the same manner, each day she would come home and describe what she and Gary had done that day; his advances were getting more intimate.

When Friday came, our morning activities were much the same, although she was much more turned on and horny. She would not be coming home that evening but would be going straight to the party. I would not see her until Saturday morning.

When she left I felt I was shaking, knowing that this was it, the time had come, and there was no turning back now. I was now running late so I rapidly got ready for work and dashed out. At work I could not concentrate, I was constantly thinking about my wife, dancing with Gary, grinding her hips into him, putting on a show for her colleagues, then going off together at the end of the evening to fulfil her greatest fantasy.

At lunch time she called me and we chatted, she told me that her knickers were soaked she was so horny, she was sure that others in the office could smell her scent. She asked how I was feeling, I told her the truth, horny as hell! Well you would be after a week of teasing and denial from your sexy wife. She told me to expect a call at around midnight and to leave my phone on next to the bed. She reminded me that I was not to play with myself at any point no matter how tempted I was.

That afternoon was perhaps the longest Friday afternoon I have ever experienced, it dragged on, but finally it was time to go home. At home I made myself tea and settled down in front of the TV, trying to forget about what might be happening at the party.

At about 11:30 am I made my way to the bedroom, and there resting on my pillow was an envelope, on the front was simply written Enjoy!

I opened the envelope and pulled out the contents, what it contained shocked me for a moment, 3 pictures, and the first two clearly showing my wife with a rather large cock in her mouth. She was sucking for all she was worth and obviously enjoying herself, the third was a picture of her pretty face splattered with cum. I could not believe it, she had done even more than she told me, and she has kept the whole sordid details to herself ready for this evening. I looked again at the pictures and saw that the date on the photo was from the previous Friday, was it then that they decided upon this plan to cuckold me and to live out her fantasy? Was this the first time she had given him a blow job? Did it end there or did they go further? All these questions rushed into my mind all at once.

Along with the pictures was a letter, it was from Joanne.


I hope you liked the pictures, Gary’s cock is so big and his cum tastes so good, I bet you would love to have a taste. Don’t worry, you will be tasting and seeing more of it soon enough but first there is something I want you to do.

I want you to place the pictures on the bed, kneel and masturbate until you are hard, and then keep masturbating slowly for 10 minutes, you must not cum. You will think about what I am doing with Gary and imagine how horny we both are. When 10 minutes is up, no more no less, go to my draw and select yourself a set of my panties, and one of my sexy nighty’s and put it on, you will sleep like that tonight to remind you that you are under my control.

Love you



When I read the letter my heart skipped a beat and I was left in a fluster, I knew that I would do as she asked, proving to me that I was indeed under her control.

I stripped and laid out the photos on the bed, and then knelt, I did not need to make myself hard as I already was rock hard, slowly I began to masturbate, stroking myself up and down, the sensation was thrilling and it was all I could do to concentrate on not cumming as I looked at the pictures and imagined what it would be like to watch Joanne with Gary.

After 10 minutes was up I went to her draw and sunk my hand into the soft lacy fabric of her lingerie draw, I picked out a white pair of panties and a white nighty and put them on, the sensation of the panties over my still rock hard cock was thrilling. Each movement I made the soft silky fabric rubbed across the head of my dick.

I got into bed just as my phone rang, it was Joanne, my hand was shaking as I answered the phone.

“Hi honey”

She was a little tipsy from the wine at the party

“Did you like you little surprise? She said

“Yes very much, you look so sexy”

“Have you been a good boy and done as you were told”

“Yes I have”

“Good, well we have had a great time here; Gary has been getting me so hot, dancing with me, there isn’t an inch of my body his hands have not felt”

“oh gosh” is all I can moan

“We are heading back to the hotel now, Gary says he is going to give me the night of my life, so got to go, I have a date with a stud” She said

“Bye honey, please be careful” I said

“Bye Sweet husband”

With hat she hung up the phone and I was left alone again in bed. That night I tossed and turned. Most of the night was spent with the biggest erection I have ever had, I must say that I did touch myself more than once, but I was true to my word and I did not cum. I had very little sleep wondering and fantasising about what Joanne and Gary were up to in that hotel room. All I could do was wait until the morning when Joanne would be back to tell me all the details.

After a couple of hours sleep I woke early, getting up, I realised that I enjoyed the feeling of the panties and nighty so decided to simply pull on a dressing gown to cover myself and go downstairs for a coffee and breakfast. After breakfast I lounged around, waiting for Joanne to call or arrive back home, but the morning came and went.

It was early afternoon before I heard her key in the door, I jumped up, realising I was still dressed in her nighty, but it was too late now. She walked into the room, looking a little dishevelled but still stunning she stood there with a beaming grin from ear to ear. I jumped up and went over to her and we grabbed each other in a strong passionate embrace, kissing without saying a word for a good 5 minutes.

Finally we stopped to take a breath and she said,

“Come upstairs with me, Gary has a present for you”

Again my heart flipped, could this really mean what I thought it might?

I followed behind her upstairs, I realised then how short her skirt was, I could see the crease of where her legs met her arse, I slowed a little so I cold get a look right up her skirt, I could see her panties, a wet patch right against her pussy.

When we got to the bedroom she told me to take off the gown, and as I did so she burst out laughing,

“So you enjoyed being dressed up did you?”

I looked at the ground, humiliated I said

“Yes if feels good against my skin”

“Good boy, oh erm… Good Girl” She said

Utterly humiliated I said,

”Thank you”

She instructed me to sit on the bed and as I did so she started to strip, not in an undressing sort of way, but in an erotic strip tease sort of way, soon she was down to her lingerie, she looked great!

She came over to me; still stood she bent over putting one hand on each knee, keeping her legs straight gave her the perfect angle to be face to face with me. She looked into my eyes, which were flirting from her gaze to her cleavage which was thrust in front of me, I was trying so hard to meet her gaze, but the angle that she was at gave me the perfect view of her breasts.

”We fucked all night long, then more this morning, I lost count how many times I came, how many loads of Garys cum I swallowed and how many are in my pussy. He left two huge loads there this morning, I feel really sticky and messy down there. So I need a good cleaning out.”

With that she pushed me back onto the bed and crawled up on top of me, she was now astride and before she moved further she stopped and we kissed, my heavy breathing was only matched by hers, after a while she broke away and moved up my body so her crotch was over my face. With that she pulled her panties aside and I got the first glimpse of the sticky mess that was her pussy, it was clear she had been fucked long and hard, Gary’s cock had stretched her pussy which now gaped and dripped his cum, mixed with her juices over my face.

Slowly she brought herself down onto my mouth and I tentatively stuck out my tongue for my first taste of cream pie and oh my what a taste combined with the submissiveness and my horny state I was in heaven. I was soon burying my face as deep as I could into her pussy.

“open wide” she hissed as she clenched and bore down with her vaginal muscles and a huge glob of sperm slipped out of her pussy and into my mouth, slipping down my throat was in heaven, I almost came on the spot. I eagerly started to lick again and yet more cum spilled out of her pussy, I could not believe that one man could produce all this in one night of passion, she mush have had such a great time.

As I licked and sucked Joanne came over my face bringing yet more of Garys cum down for me to suck up, after a good half an hour of licking and sucking and several more orgasms form Joanne we collapsed in each others arms.

Stroking my hair she said

“Did you enjoy that honey?”

“Oh my yes, I love you so much, I feel my life is now complete”

“Well…” she said “we are not quite finished yet, are you still horny?”

“Horny and frustrated I said, please may I be allowed to cum now? I so much want to fuck you”

“My pussy is sore honey” She said

“But you may wank yourself off over my tits”

That was the only invitation I needed, I straddled her and started to stroke, within moments I was cumming shooting thick jets or cum across her tits, and as I did so she said,

“We are going to have a visitor tonight, you will be fulfilling one of my fantasies, Gary will be visiting for a dinner ate with me, you will be serving us and if you please us you will be allowed to watch while we make out”

I looked at her; I knew then that she had experienced something that she wanted to repeat. Tonight was going to be something altogether new for us.

“Clean up the mess you have made” she instructed.

While I was licking her tits clean she explained that Gary would be staying over night and that I would be in the spare bedroom. She told me that our morning ritual would become a permanent feature of our relationship, and whenever she felt like it in the evenings I would serve her with my mouth. She told me that Gary wanted to spend most if not all weekends with my wife, while I would spend them cuckolded and frustrated.

It seemed that she was enjoying her new found confidence, she had started to take control, make the demands that I so hoped she would. I was for sure a happy man.

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