Written by BadBoyA20

19 Jul 2013

In my line of work I'm often out and about, mainly helping clients with their software (no, really, I mean financial software) and possibly hardware too (but I'm not going to pursue any double entendres with that one!).

One afternoon I have an appointment with a new lady client, and although that sort of scenario is intriguing, it's usually in a crowded office and furthermore it's likely that said lady will already have had numerous expressions of interest from her fund manager colleagues. Those red braces can be such a turn-on, it seems - something to do with money.

This afternoon, when I get to the client office, there's just a button to press at the door, and the answering voice is female, very feminine and yet with a hint of "I'm the boss" about it.

"Come up to the fourth floor", I hear, and the buzzer signals that the door is unlocked. With a tingle of excitement - it's nice to flirt with the receptionist, and if she's there when I finish maybe she'd be up for a drink - I head for the lift and obediently get out at the fourth. A couple of moments waiting, then a door opens and a young woman appears, a pretty, green-eyed blonde, I would guess in her late twenties, and dressed in a smart suit that shows off rather more curves than a receptionist's would.

"Sorry to keep you waiting", she says, "but I'm short-staffed today and my receptionist had to leave early. I had a couple of things to clear up but I'm all yours now."

I try - not altogether successfully, I reckon - to suppress a smirk, noticing meanwhile that her glance has quickly run me up and down, lingering perhaps a little indiscreetly at my crotch, which let's be honest is beginning to show evidence of a bulge.

"Do come in", she purrs, and entering the office I notice two things: firstly, the most gorgeous, shapely behind; and secondly, that we're alone. Things are looking up - and given the chance they'd be standing up as well. It's a good thing I didn't opt for boxers.

The introductions completed, I ask her what she does (marketing, as it turns out), what use she wants to make of the software (the double-entendre goes for nothing as professional focus cuts in), and importantly how long she has this afternoon. "I've cleared my desk, take as long as you like", she says with a grin. And with that she removes her jacket, letting me see the curvaceous line of her marvellous breasts, whose nipples are already beginning to swell.

"Training of this kind normally takes about an hour", I answer pointedly.

"Well I have all afternoon - and evening".

Well let's enjoy - I just manage not to say....

In the circumstances it's one of my more professional efforts. It turns out she's very tactile, and when I suggest she takes the mouse, she accepts eagerly. Of course there are times when I have to take over (I manage not to refer to "her mouse"), and the inevitable happens and our hands collide. No protest when I leave my hand there a moment longer than strictly necessary, I note.

My training usually includes lots of eye contact, and this time it's no different, except there's more of that than usual. And it's as hard for me to keep my eyes off of those sexy tits and those inviting nipples as it is for her to keep hers off my bulge. In no time the clock has hurtled round to finishing time, and as I'm concluding the session she asks: "Back to the office now?"

"No, the rest of the day's my own. What about you, finished for the day?"

Her hand moves to my thigh and she smiles; I think of a cat eyeing a dish of cream. "Babe, I think you know I've only just started. Let's go and relax."

She leads me to a door at the other side of the office. It turns out to be a well-appointed meeting room, complete with conference table and a rather large sumptuous leather sofa. She asks for a red wine from the drinks table, and when I turn back to the sofa her skirt seems to have ridden up to mid-thigh; with some show, she adjusts it so it rides higher up (stockings, yum, and a glimpse of sexy flesh), before smoothing it down again.

As we sip our wine, she crosses her legs, allowing a tiny glimpse of stocking top to show below the skirt. My hand is now resting on her knee, and turning sideways I run my fingers upwards to touch the soft bare leg above the stocking top.

She pulls me towards her, first her soft lips caressing mine then her tongue parting my lips. As we kiss roughly, I feel her move on the sofa as her legs part further, inviting me to run my fingers up her soft thigh and over her stockings and suspenders to stroke her soft, wet pussy through little silk panties. By now I am kneeling beside her on the sofa and her hand reaches out to undo my trousers and release my fully erect cock. The feel of her hand sliding the zip up sends a charge through my cock. Skilfully, she undoes the catch and then leans forward to roll back my foreskin and lick the purple knob, covering it sexily with saliva. Then, swivelling as if getting into a sports car, she lifts her legs onto the sofa and lies back. Leaning down, I run my tongue over the moist silk mound of her pussy, making her moan and writhe as I find her clit. She pulls me round to suck my cock, rubbing my shaft and balls while I lick her, and then pulling the black silk out of the way I finger those soft pussy lips, opening them up so I can tongue deeper. I feel her shudder with waves of uncontrollable lust, and she asks me to stop for a moment.

As we kiss passionately again, she grips my tool and masturbates me skilfully while my fingers under her blouse fondle her breasts, the nipples now standing out fully aroused. Unbuttoning her, I kiss those nipples - sometimes roughly, sometimes delicately - through the thin silk of her bra. Then I undo the bra's clasp, letting the cool late afternoon air get to her tits, and another shudder runs through her.

She motions me to stand so she can roll down my trousers and pants, and opens her red lips to suck the end of my swollen cock. As she runs her tongue over my bulb and looks into my eyes, I feel a climax beginning to build. I pull her up to unfasten her skirt, and as she steps out of it I turn her around and make her kneel down on the sofa. Squeezing her ass and stroking the back of her legs, I pull down her panties until they are just below her stocking tops. My cock is now rubbing her pussy between her legs, and she moans softly as I rock backwards and forwards. She reaches between her legs and wanks my cock there, using it like a dildo against her soft, warm cunt. Then she pushes it in, continuing to squeeze my balls and finger her clit as I start to thrust into her. She gasps with every stroke as my invading cock's girth and my balls rub against her clit and open her pussy hole wider each time.

I fuck her slowly now, enjoying every gasp and moan, then as her groans get more urgent, I accelerate the rhythm, then I feel myself starting to come as she lets out a loud sexy groan as a shattering orgasm grips her. I feel my cock pulse as it shoots hot spunk into her pussy, and just as I think I've shot my whole load she pushes me away so she can lie back on the sofa, then gestures me to kneel astride her face so she can suck every last drop of my cum.

As we sip another glass of wine, I caress her sexy tits and she rubs my softening cock. "It looks like you're short-staffed again", I say.

"We'll see how long that lasts", is her minxy reply.