11 Oct 2018

It was the sort of dreary autumn day that depressed everyone, grey skies, ceaseless drizzle, and a cold wind. I was sat at a window in a coffee shop watching as people glumly went about their business.

Then it seemed as if the shoppers faded into the background when I saw you. you were heading towards the coffee shop, a smile on your beautiful face, You walked confidently and elegantly. You were wearing a stylish red knee length coat, red high heels, and black stockings. Your slender frame would shame cat walk models. I couldn't take my eyes of you.

I watched as you went to the counter, and placed your order. I couldn't make your voice out, but was transfixed by the way you had made your face up, highlighting those wonderful cheekbones, and so expressive eyes.

All too soon you order arrived, and you made for the door. As you exited you turned and gave me a enigmatic smile, then left. I swear there was an extra sway to you hips to show off you're shapely derriere

I resolved to be in place for the same time tomorrow......

Apologies there is no sex, however this piece was inspired by a certain lady on this site.