27 Jan 2019

.........John's hand is sliding along your thigh and as he gets near your pussy he slides it inwards so that his thumb is on the outside and his little finger brushes against your by now soaking pussy, mmm you sigh as he begins to rub his fingers into you, you can barely concentrate on driving as his expert fingers bring you to orgasm all on camera for me to enjoy later! You look down and can see his cock has grown even bigger his jeans are pulled tight over it but you can see it goes halfway down his thigh and is thick and pulsing as he enjoys getting you off.... what am i doing you think but his fingering soon makes you forget any thoughts of stopping this. At the next set of lights you end up between the truck and van again and seeing John fingering you the other 3 lads jaws drop at the sight. You lay back a little and enjoy the moment and suddenly are aware of a second hand massaging your right breast, that can't be John u think, wrong side, you look down and see the second van passengers hand is groping you from the back seat of your car, alright Dave John says as the pair of them grope at you, alright mate he says having fun there? Hell yeah says John, she is dripping mate she wants a good fucking, don't you love? you really surprise yourself as you pant oh yes please, I know a quiet spot up here Dave says and he directs you to a quiet wooded area in the middle of you pull up you notice Dave has pulled your dress down and is massaging both your tits from behind the drivers seat. As the handbrake goes on John leans across you, you can feel his breath on your neck as he reaches down and slides your seat back, Dave shuffles to the side and Johns hand reaches down between your legs and yanks the seat back as far as it will go, Dave has pulled his Jeans and boxers down and has his cock out, it is not as big as Johns but a decent size and pulsing as he brings it toward your mouth......meanwhile John has slid your dress off so you are naked in your car and has buried his head in your pussy and is licking and fingering you his hands running all over you as he does....Dave's cock brushes your lips and you lick the end, you open your mouth slightly and turn your head to the side as he lifts himself up and face fucks you resting his hand on the back of your head as he slides it in and out, you gag slightly as he pushes his full length in.....John flips you over across the centre console so that you are now leaning over your seat sucking Dave sitting behind it and you feel Johns huge cock pushing against your pussy lips stretching you as he enters your soaking pussy from behind...just as well you were so turned on as he must be 12 inches and as thick as a marrow! He grunts as he pushes into you, slowly at first but gradually harder and harder and deeper your pussy stretching over his cock and slurping up every inch as you are fucked at each end by these 2 white van men, now with all this going on there is no holding back you feel your orgasm build as you slurp on Dave's cock and are being fucked hard by John's monster. Dave cums 1st he pours his load into your throat, loads of cum he must not have fucked for ages you think as you lap it up.......tbc