Written by JimmyA166

24 Nov 2010

I had a pain in my right testicle and for some time I had put off seeing the Doctor.

I knew that she would think I was time wasting as she had done when I had seen her over a throat complaint a couple of months before.

The Doctor was mid 50's and quite blunt with her time but she was funnily quite sexy and seemed to wear shortish skirts that were just above the knee and visible through the buttoned jacket she wore. Anyway I thought I had to have it checked and so booked an appointment for the following morning. Managed to get a 10.50, last of surgery appointment.

I arrived early and had made sure that was clean and well trimmed and I ad even shaved my testicles and ball sack to make sure everything was presentable! At 2 minutes to 11, the door opened to the waiting room and Doctor Barr stood and barked my name before turning back to her room. I followed like a school boy but on reaching her room she greeted me with a very welcoming smile and she sat down on her chair, crossing her stocking clad legs and briefly giving me a glimpse of her thigh.

Since I had seen her last she had had her hair cut shorter and looked younger and sexier or was it just me fantasising again?

Anyway, she asked me what seemed to be the problem and I described my symptoms; a painful right testicle that gave me shooting pains under my body towards my anus and a pain sometimes when pissing or ejaculating. I must have gone a bit red when describing the problems as she told me not to be worried or embarrassed!

She simply said, please remove your trousers and pants and climb on to my couch while I wash my hands. With that my sweaty hands undid my belt and I climbed out of my trousers and as I removed my pants she glanced over her should at me, almost checking me out.

I climbed on to the couch and she asked me to pull my t-shirt up to my chest. At this point I was stark bollock naked from the nipples down and she was heading my way. Staring at my groin she said that she had warmed her hands with warm water and that she would try not to make me jump. She then touched me for the first time, moving my cock out of the way so she could reach my balls, please part your legs she said and she began t massage my balls in her right hand. There didnt appear to be any lumps she said, quite timely as my cock began to twitch and stiffen! With that she laid her left hand across my cock to hold it down and then continued to play with my balls.

hurt she said as she squeezed me, no not really....does this hurt as she pulled and tugged my balls back and forth? yes a bit more uncomfortable than hurt....Wow my cock had grown to full size and she smiled as she looked at it. Your a big boy she said, how often do you masturbate? I replied once every couple of days to which she looked astounded. You need to be working this every day she said and explained about emptying my balls regularly. At that point she put her fingers in to the area below my balls on route to my anus and stuck her fingers in to the point that I arched my back off the table forcing my cock into her hand and away from my body. She looked at it again, mm she said you seem very aroused. Did you say it hurts on ejaculation? I did and with that she said that she wanted to see and feel the pain it caused.

SHe wanked me with both hands, only pausing to swap them round on my very hard cock....she bent over and licked the tip of my bright purple head and before i knew it was coming in to her face, there was no pain just convulsion after convulsion of cum. She licked and licked and I struggled to stop myself from shouting loudly.

WOW, that is the hardest I have ever been and there was enough cum to fill a large wooden spoon.

She laughed and said in a very calm voice, I think we fixed the problem! I think you might have had a blockage in your right testicle as was proved by the amount you just came!!! WOW......

She helped me clean up and then asked me to get dressed. She then said, I would like you to book another appointment for this time next week but promise me that you will masturbate daily til then and then we can see next week if you are still in pain!

I couldn't believe that this was pretty much an order and therefore OH YES I would be back and I would still be in pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!